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Nate's Film Tutorials : Epileptic combat

The reality you fear : I saw this and was like *" WTF is this stupid add doing in my feed!?"* Then I saw it was from Auralnauts. Now I am here buying defensive wear.

SanelyRed : These dubbed commercials by Auralnauts are the best. If commercials were actually like this I may actually buy their products.

General Phasma : Man how did they get Duke Dirtfarmer to narrate this? Auralnauts got some big production value.

Northborn Swordsman : Hell yes, another dystopian commercial! My only complaint is that the more of these you guys do, the more I want a full-bore satirical SciFi movie in this ridiculous, wonderful universe you're creating.

Matthew Hagerty : I'll support the resistance any day

TomServoDoctor42 : I admit that when a resistance raid liberated my sector's laser mine, I got hopeful. But it soon became apparent that this resistance had some serious planning problems. On my first patrol through the wastes, I was given a salad spinner, a slap on the back, and the warning "watch out for the tiger phantoms." In the first half of the year, people got their own birthday parties, but in the middle of the third quarter, they just lumped all the remaining birthdays into one party, and I don't even like coconut cake. They kept bringing in motivational speakers and warriors from the future to speak at resistance-wide seminars, but everyone knew that the seminars cost more to run than it would cost to just fix the problems we were all complaining about. Oh, and the team building exercises were absolute garbage. No Brett, setting up a dissonance spike in the cyber-synaptic field of a BD-H4ND13 Murderbot is not "just like football."


TheKiss : Yesss we're back in the Brett Favre Cinematic Universe

Lauri Härsilä : That BEAT! I'm done.

Grim2 : Plot twist: This isn't a spoof.

Gabriel Lezama : The one person dislikes this prefer socks over patriotism.

Gradius : The humour in these videos is even more self-aware than Skynet.

Not Alpharius : >allows you to see through illusions >shows you american spirit hmm...

Dan Gorgone : I have a question about my Tac Visor. I was driving along, pulled down the visor, and a nearby billboard simply read: OBEY. Obey who? Then the next billboard said: CONSUME. Does this mean consume food, because I do that all the time, or maybe consume more processed meats, because honestly I'm trying to cut down on those. Thanks, love the product.

Shawn L : Give me your money! I said give me your f$?&ing Money!! Lol 😂 you guys are too much

The reality you fear : This needs to be a movie bro. Better than 90% of what Hollywood puts out. Better than Terminator Genesys


J Truts : Kill 25 rats, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY! Is it a coincidence that birthday atTACk includes the word TAC??? I don't think so, the resistance is trying to communicate with us.

Thomas Smart : perimeter defense knights!

Nikolai P. Culp : Just woke up and saw Auralnauts released a video. This day just got 400x better

GuildOfCalamity : I thought Bret promised to never be a bad boy again?

Chad Pfister : Are you a patriot or not?!

Offlineable : OMG that music is AMAZING!! Where can I find/buy this specific song?!? Can I use it in non-monetized projects?!? Will it provide the love my parents couldn't?!?


SilverSlugVideos : You guys should advertise your Tru Wood products for the Resistance. Also a great way to reprise that sick Tru Wood jingle. Farve Actual, OUT.

Mr. Gentlezombie : I want the rest of the sock commercial.

The VGC : Sooooo i had paused the video at 0:13 to respond to a text, and the buffer logo threw me off, so i kept hitting spacebar to get the video to play, but i didnt know that it was intentionally apart of the video...I am ashamed

Fez : Would the Tac Shade's fit over my Zoomies ? Totally not a Spy btw. Asking for a friend.

pkillboredom : The plastique line really got me

Lank Asif : Sending cash *immediately* !!!!

SanelyRed : I want this song so freaking bad, need it so I have something to listen to in the laser mines.

Admiral Krunch : Take my $20 now!

Joe Cribben : Lol you can’t stop it, NOTHING CAN STOP IT. Sounds like creepio has stepped away from runes and likes tactical lighters now.

Clint Mack : Have fun in the Laser mines!

Zero Cool : I'll buy whatever you want as long as it spares my family and I a life sentence of hard labor in the lazer mines.

Cliffynator : Shut up and take my money!!!

Crepar : Yes, another infomercial parody! I waited a long time for another one like this and it has surpassed my expectations (like any Auralnauts' infomercial videos really)! But how well Tac-tools will fare against somebody who is fully outfitted with Zoomies, Copper Body System and Dynamic Virtual Viewer (maybe along with approval of technomancer Flo Rida and BEAMZ orbital systems)? It is a quite good question I think. Anyway, thanks for continuing these parodies, Auralnauts!

Black Ice : finally a flashlight I can also use a blunt object, never before have innovation reach its zenith

Dirty Rivers : It's the A M E R I C A N S P I R I T bro

Chris Benson : Don't show this to Alex Jones.

Csősz Máté : The footage was so dumb, first I thought you borrowed a tank, and managed to shoot a whole spoof film. Then I realized you edited and dubbed the video, but the production was this dumb originally. Like they made the commercial for you to make fun of it. Astounding work Auralnauts! I want to smash my keyboard to show my affection +!%/

nytholozepth wyrm : that zoom in on the guy crying was perfect!

Offlineable : 3:54 the electricity wasn't correctly tracked to the lighter?

Meta Nexus : B-but I thought John Connor was the enemy...? And now you tell me we're fighting aliens?! My family was running a branch of the Laser Mines! We were told we were saving Humanity by infusing it with superior Copper and enhancing it with Zoomies and arming it with valuable lasers! Was it all just alien lies? I...I don't know what to believe anymore....

jackuul : Absolutely amazing. Considering Brett Favre was my childhood hero up and until the... Minnesota Misadventure... this was... eye opening. Thank you for making us aware of the conspiracy! I have bought 50. 10/10 as always guys!

VRJosh : Hey Auralnauts, at 3:57 was that your editing that left the electrical arc in mid air or was that from the original advertisement?

Harrad Rush : "the tac light survives even if you don't" This is the best selling point I've ever seen!

Jordan De Knikker : I made lenses out of the Tac Visor and saw the Bacon Dimension for what it truly is...

Drew O'Pry : That tactical flashlight is actually pretty dope