Vic Mensa DESTROYS Freestyle w/ Bootleg Kev & Hed over Uzi & Pharrell's "Neon Guts" Instrumental

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Lyrical Myracle : Vic flow well on this shit. His freestyles always cold

Capital Productions : Vic stay snapping 🔥

Chandasouk : Neon Guts is such a tough instrumental

Moose G. : heys kids this is called rapping

Jiong Tansey : The flow was just so natural

Axtion Pat : Vic gotta be one of the best freestylers ever

Amin Saadatmand-Manshadi : Too bad his songs aren’t as good as his freestyles

Yung Angel : music is really my mans getaway, fam be tense af on regular,until he start expressing his art,he is happy,musician at best.we are here

Tre Narcisse : Sheesh

The Last Brexit : For some reason I just feel him shaving off the hair was him saying 'sorry guys, I can't have the same haircut because I've evolved again' to the new age rappers. Looking like Kanye 2008 shit. Unreal! 🔥🔥🔥

BLVCK Kaviar : Put respect on VIC name my g🔥

Alex : holy shit vic that was amazing.

imaketwerkmusic : every pause l just pictured a neon hair rapper saying YEA lol

Chris : He went Jay Z on the beat

Nick Mintz : Vic Mensa always stay with bars.

Ogrhajeal Felix : I don't know which was harder him or the beat🔥🔥🔥

Fernando Gomez : Perfect beat for Vic it was meant to be it’s so good , his last album still slept on smh

vi c : Vic the most underrated rapper in the game

Lavish BaStard : “I don’t wear Bape after Nigo..” Thanks Vic!

Miguel Cuevas : Not many guys better than Vic at this freestyle shit

Cooper Carr : Vic been having fire freestyles

Lu-Is H. : Bruh this was hard

D Ablo : how much longer can they keep sleeping on Vic

Charles Slum : This around the nicest i ever heard from bro. can't front on this

shotzrangout : Chicago let's get it 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Uncle Drew : Vic's a monster

That Nigga Ned Stark : "Left my ex (X-Men), Magneto" FLAMES

The SNEAKER PLUG : Soulja boy Neon Glock ....🔥🔥

ANT GUAPO : Vic one of the hardest

Willie Cowyin : Bass line just made me want a box Chevy

akaFwhatyouheard : Vic been growing as an MC over these last few years

Al Nicholson : All neon bars

Chef Sweaty : This man rapped "despacito"

Momentum Wins : Mensa dope spitter

Trey Allen : Vic is your quintessential childhood friend that can rap bars randomly with a swell beat .

210 Music Plug : Dislikes Came From Treyway 😂 This Flames 💨

T Y : Shawty get wetter than Puerto Rico

James Nasset : Vic been doin push ups.

Desmond DeJesus : im in tokyo but she tryna bangkok wowww

Dshiz : You can clown on him all you want but the dude has talent, some of the most in the game, he just markets himself poorly

Christaen Strauch : Mensa!

Zabieru McCloud : That was one of the HOTTEST freestyles in the last 7 years.

Xavier Xerxes : He mentioned the holy DESPACITO

Lenext Owens : Pure flames for you lames 🔥 ⛽

Darryle Moore II : This man looks more and more like Kanye the more Vic freestyles I watch with him dreadless

wataloopus : Vic Diesel in full effect

go debby : His Flow Nice Doe And He Good Wit The Wordplay On A Smooth Beat

Khalid Mohammed : Neon Guts when she deepthroat 🔥🔥

Brandon Cooper : This freestyle is tough 😙💨🔥

Jay Rich : Left my x(professor) magneto 🔥🔥🔥