Learn to Backflip in 1 Month || Max's Monthly Challenge

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Max Hertan : Has anyone else tried to learn a backflip? How did you go? Thank you to everyone who watches and subscribes <3 :)

Mapex : You should do an update when you finally land a perfect one. It looks like you're pretty close.

The Random Duo : These videos are really good

Achw3l : You're awesome Max!! Please let us know when you land a perfect backflip :)

Zachary Lao : The abs😂😂 it gets better

The Real Evan G : U need more subs

gackmasta202 : No reason for the meme gifs I think.

Ash4makeup : Good job! Your brain must be scrambled eggs now but welldone :)

Matt Davidson : great channel, I'm looking forward to more Monthly Challenges.

Alexander Rose : Well done Max... To the front page!

Андрей Окунев : Жаль нет русских субтитров

7,363,128 views : I love these!!

Annie Lynn : great vid!

Marko Razanj : Nice

JTProductions3 : Max you should do a collab with @bucketlistboys seriously

Yayacaeta : I started to watch your chanel with the skateboard video but damn bro u are awesome I hope you keep grinding because you deserve to be successful

xChillphil : Heck yes. Love this series

Joe S : Congrats dude. Really like the idea of a new thing a month! Keep it up

Luis Carrillo : Anyone know the song that starts at 4:50?

Anderson Romero : Hello, I got to your channel through the video you contributed on Practical Psychology, and I really like how you explain what you're focusing on, how you divided each chunk of the skill and how you're trying to overcome that phase. Great content! It would be great if you shared with us how many time you spent learning a skill, on total and daily. I also want to know, how do you choose what you're going to learn next?

Петя Квасников : That's awesome! Thank you for your videos and have a good luck with your next challenges!

Rhona Jacob : 1. Learn German 2. Learn chess

Jonathan Nguyen : Golf! Can you learn to break 100 in a month?

Tobi Krick : I'm a new subscriber. AMAZING channel idea that you've got. I'm really inspired. I love to learn new stuff all the time, but I sometimes felt bad because of it. Not doing ONE thing better rather than learning new stuff all the time. You are motivation me. I'll incorporate more learning into my videos as well.

bhop_master 132 : Yoo been to that exact bonds before let's rock it Straya Melbourne

DANVASTIC : Too scary to do that OMG

Sankat Dwaar : you inspire me a lot ... right now I don't have these aid material like trampoline ... but I promised myself seeing you that I will make it one day ......👍👍 thanks max 👍👍👍👍👌👌


Tigo649 : You deserve way more than 3k subs.

Saryn Glass : I'm gonna try this, I've never been motivated to backflip but it seems exciting and rewarding. :)

gurudayal singh pal : It was a good backflip video

Will Cockrill : I love this channel it is amazing u can do anything I think your an amazing guy and I wish I was like u

addee P : Looks like fun

213phattown : Step 1: Be rich

Yeet Fam Dab No Chill Savage Bruh Squad Goals : that's not flat ground tho. it's bouncy material

youngsaaron : Why did you post this on Reddit?

SilkSatin Paradise : Every backflip I have ever seen at a graduation ceremony ends badly.

Abhishek Reuben : Wow