Learn to Backflip in 1 Month || Max's Monthly Challenge

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Max Hertan : Has anyone else tried to learn a backflip? How did you go? Thank you to everyone who watches and subscribes <3 :)

Mapex : You should do an update when you finally land a perfect one. It looks like you're pretty close.

The Random Duo : These videos are really good

Achw3l : You're awesome Max!! Please let us know when you land a perfect backflip :)

Alexander Rose : Well done Max... To the front page!

JTProductions3 : Max you should do a collab with @bucketlistboys seriously

Ash4makeup : Good job! Your brain must be scrambled eggs now but welldone :)

gackmasta202 : No reason for the meme gifs I think.

Андрей Окунев : Жаль нет русских субтитров

Annie Lynn : great vid!

Marko Razanj : Nice

Paul Conlon : great vid - nice to see the full 'journey' ...some youtubers would have us believe that these things come easily with little learning effort or apprehension - not so in my experience. How many sessions did you do in the 30 days - daily or weekly practice?

xChillphil : Heck yes. Love this series

Joe S : Congrats dude. Really like the idea of a new thing a month! Keep it up

Luis Carrillo : Anyone know the song that starts at 4:50?

Петя Квасников : That's awesome! Thank you for your videos and have a good luck with your next challenges!

Matt Davidson : great channel, I'm looking forward to more Monthly Challenges.

hello : I love these!!

Jonathan Nguyen : Golf! Can you learn to break 100 in a month?

gurudayal singh pal : It was a good backflip video

SilkSatin Paradise : Every backflip I have ever seen at a graduation ceremony ends badly.

Yeet Fam Dab No Chill Savage Bruh Squad Goals : that's not flat ground tho. it's bouncy material

youngsaaron : Why did you post this on Reddit?

Team Nex0 : Tip,open your hips