Adolf Hitler - No Regrets
When Adolf Hitler released an album

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Kabegami The Great : TRANSLATION -There haven't been heard of him in many decades, but he lives in our memories and has now returned and haven't forgotten a thing. -Adolf Hitler 'no regrets' brand new CD that contains twenty songs with this amazing singer. -Get your copy in time, 'no regrets' the new CD from the heart hugger Adolf Hitler, betrays no one.

3 Voices and Beatur : sjitt hvað hann er ógéðslega fyndinn.

Pétur Rafnsson : not much has been heard from him the last decades but he lives in our memory and has now returned and not forgotten anything. Adolf hitler no regrets brand new cd wich contains 20 songs from this fantastic singer

Jon Sigurdur Petursson : haha this is my mayor, awesome :D

Agnar Tyrfingsson : HAHAHAHAH

Maksapihvi : the hell.

Killerfisk : lmao

pooguy100 : wut

Bash Wetliar : funny, so arty. so controversial, such an art. I'm astonished, sheer brilliance. You should be gassed for this, while some SS guys smash your children at trees, like in good old times. Oh irony. Fock you