Movie Car: Custom Mutt Cutts Van from Dumb and Dumber

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In this video I transform a Hot Wheels Super Van into the Mutt Cutts Van from Dumb and Dumber Starbond CA Glue link... Diecast Resurrection Channel Toy Polloi Channel My PO Box... PO Box 1964 Red Oak Tx 75154 My email...


Andres Licari : Hey, could you please make the 1972 Ford gran Torino from the Clint Eastwood movie? That would be great

Toy Polloi : Thanks for the shout out! You did an amazing job on this. The end result looks fantastic. And I like your description of my channel being criminally undersubscribed. Shout outs like this really help me out.

Carlos José : Sweet tooth from twisted metal pls

Bushcraft North of 60 : Would love to see you do a Jurassic Park Explorer, but good luck finding a correct model to start with.

Andrew Dobosz : Can you do the van from Cheech n' Chong? That would be "dope" 😅

Keenan A : Mattel has released a 1977 enconoline but it looks similar

Diecast 1/64 and More : This van is SO freaking cool!! SERIOUSLY amazing work you did!!

Penny Miller : Imma dude in my wife's tablet, I'm gonna go out and buy a hot wheels so I can have a mutt cutt! Very cool!

Vladimir Putin : Should have traded the van for a minibike"straight up" 😂

Sweeney Dunston : My favorite custom from you yet! 😎 I love it!

*ermizzu* UwU : i was just watching some dogs

Hannah Fife : I love this! I would love to see a Jurassic Park Jeep!

Matchbox Garage : This is such an amazing idea. You would never know it was a Transit

Steven Gagnon : That is awesome!! Perfect job. You hands down won this challenge

GodKingOsiris : Just when I thought your content couldn't possibly be any staler you go and do something like this... ... .. . AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!

metroid man 190 : I look at the thumbnail and dropped a like

SteelRaptor24 : Also, have you considered creating a tampo of your logo to put on your cars?

Tim 57 : Nice🙂 You are definitely correct about Toy Pollio being underrated. He does amazing work and deserves so many more subscribers.

Adameisonariamisisin Kaminsguy : You should do the 1958 Plymouth Fury Christine and make it look all burnt from after it was on fire.

SteelRaptor24 : I was watching some really great YT videos on spectra chrome paint and wondered how well it would work on bare bodies you might be having trouble with in regards to oxidation, if you haven't yet I'd recommend checking out the videos, the paint is amazing and it makes everything look as if it was chrome plated.

DiecastNZ : I think you won this one in my opinion! I would love to see more of these challenges between you two. Great job!

ironrhino25 : i really like this custom as its a car that Mattel would never print, as the movie has a lot of adult humor and not to mention the simulated hair which would be torture to a machine to mess with, your idea to use the grass as the hair was really smart and looked good on the final product.

Dustin Prokosh : Cheech & Chong’s van made of cannabis from “Up in Smoke” for a future build. Think about it

Craig Duncan : It'd be really cool to see you doing something like airfix. Taking a spitfire and adding battle damage, or a mad max aeroplane. Though I know that doesn't correlate with your channels name...

unnamed715 : MOCK (yeah!) ING (yeah!) BIRD (yeah!) Yeah! (yeah!)

Wes_The_Hunter : Oh my gooooooooooooooooood Thats Incredible !

Adam Sohl : Wow thats really cool, especially the static grass such a great idea. The best movie car i ever seen!

Marcus Schwartz : Shaggin waggin. You should make the truck from kill bill

Necrodead : Just when I think you can't do anything dumber... YOU GO AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!

JUAN PABLO ARENA : Econoline or Transit??

Ross Mennie : You’re so serious and professional while you’re making it! How can you keep a straight face?

Tijan Bah : lol I can't believe they made that walmrt ad into a real thing

Mihai Sorohan : "I didn't spend a lot of time modeling everything to it's final shape, instead I just went for a ruff shape" I see what you did there :D

Ghostrider71 F-14 : Absolutely awesome. I only wish you could have duplicated the lifting leg option in the movie. Hilarious.

Jay P : "Sir! You can park here!" "Its okay! I'm a limo driver!"

pauly7218 : I just watched Resurections video - I'm sad to say I've called it a tie! Two of the most amazing cars I've seen done! No way to split a hair that fine!

Пластилиновый Герой : 😆👍👍👍

Nancy Massi : So glad you did this! Great job! It's a hoot. "Footlong, footlong...who got the footlong?"

UH UH : Or just put hot glue around and then put dog hair lol

Gen ED88 : Love your work and it would be amazing if you can do the Ecto-1 from the Real Ghostbusters 👻 👻

PAKTRA PRODUCTIONS : What is the most beautiful work of art I've laid eyes on since I I saw Monet paint the Mona Lisa. DaVinci just took credit for it, since he was the only one there.

Brian Popilek : Pullover! No, it's a cardigan but thanks for noticing! Great video!

Colin Nixon : I would like to see you two face off on more projects. In my opinion you two are the best on YouTube.

Robert Flores : Gave the dog a hair cut! 😆 with the 2D things you were taking about hurt my brain as well! Lol

GaRoger's Customs : This is a great idea for a custom. I know you sort of questioned your choice of vans but I think you picked a very good one. And using static grass on a custom is truly thinking outside the box. Really nice job. Triple-stamped it, no quitsies, no erasies.

Bo Smith : Watched both of the videos. You win. The other guy may be more of a car guy, but you are definitely the better toy/model guy. Kudos.

David Diaz : wowww, you are amazing!!! pure talent!!! i love it!! David from Argentina

paulo cardal : i wanna the motocicle

GrandmasDay32 : Awesome! Great work. I was going to do a 1/24 scale with shaggy felt. They used Carpet for the real van.