'Get off your phone!!'

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Melkor : Somebody buy these guys a pint.

Joe Daniels : more of this please lads

Peter Lohnes : Lets see, which is more dangerous, assaulting people or using a phone at a stop sign...hmmm

Alfred Bedolla : Yes driving around filming on your phone to make a point about not being on the phone 👌. But HEY it's ok cause it's for education

xbox fam : 🤣🤣 I hate People on their phones they deserved it


fro3054 : if its fake then... KYS if its real then... KYS

Mayhay Girrlll : Isn’t he on his phone ? 😂

Rivlien : Throwing garbage was unnecessary and could be risky, much more funny just startling them when they are at a standstill.

Ryan Cox : I was onboard with this until they started littering & assaulting people/property. Clearly sophomoric douches.

MisterAxeMan : "YEAH FUCK THOSE GUYS THAT ARE ON THEIR PHONE A DRIVING!" Continues to record while driving

Don'tYouHateItWhen... : "Not cool dude, just because they're texting and driving doesn't give you the right to throw bananas at their cars." dangerousdave: Ok, I'll use a train horn next time. *Gets more complaints*

The Australian Boy : Its what they deserve

Daniel Olivares III : Pull that stuff in East LA. See if you're laughing

James Smith : classic

Godmiljaardedju : I totally agree that you don't finger your phone when driving. Completely! But throw something at my car when I'm inside, better still; throw something IN my car when I'm inside and I'll park one of my front tires up your arse! You're welcome! ;-)

Trolls4daLols : Fake, gay and staged.

MrRiggyRiggs : I hope you get shot.

usernamenotinvaild : your doing the lords work

UnknownUzer : Who's Junkin Media and why do they own everyone's videos now?

Tony Music : Why isn't an iPhone charger... ...called Apple Juice?

The Horry Sheet Show : LoL ... Epic.... not quite as epic as the videos I do that prove Earth is not a ball in spinning space.. but epic funny nonetheless.

aztecr7 : That last one

Buzzy Trombone : Looks like 365 people were texting while driving and they're offended by this video.

Frogz zzz : I think these guys are brain dead

Vamatx : I mean it's not a bad idea, I just don't think the guy who was talking on the phone deserved it since he still had his eyes on the road.... That and I can see a reflection of you holding a banana and recording at the same time.. I like the idea of making fun of people that text and drive, but I mean it's not bad to text at a stop light or talking on the phone while looking at the road (I think so)

RedKatanaPlayz : How to enforce the law Correctly

Prixon Priz : Somebody give this guy a Bugatti

Geraldo Viana : *_O O O E E E E E H_*

Geraldo Viana : Why all those dislikes? I hate that when there's somebody in the middle of the street with using their phones. And while they do this shit, there are a bunch of people busy to go to the work (for instance) Well deserved, bring more of those videos!

SSSniper -TRAP : That was fucking brilliant

Zave Playz : Good one, lads!

Inactive Channel : *Not all heros wear capes...*

Evan Ciapura : This is too much for me omg

Wren : Most of the comments below are people without a sense of humour. Be warned.

Stevean2 : inb4 one or more of thoose people were getting an emergancy call from the hospital saying a family member has been admitted or died and these arseholes interrupted them for being stopped on a road and talking on a phone.

Joseph Adamic : This is so funny

Random reviews : Continue this

Jrhalo 2828 : Make more videos

AndyDoesMCPE - Gaming : He deserves 10,000 subs

Jonathan Cardenas : this needs more views

FlamingAlyssa 2017 : XD IM DEAD WTF

FancyHat : I was with You until You started throwing trash. I encourage You to not continue that type of behavior. Yes, I agree that people should NOT Text and drive, But this isn't a way to solve it. You're not thinking of the consequences. Well, lets look at the possibilities. This could result in You going to Prison for up to three years and a fine of 10,000 dollars.

diego87HUN : They deserve it. This is even milder than it deserves. Funny!

rob slover : awesome.

madmullet1990 : Awesome

Orbán Viktor Egy faszfej : Retarded fuckheads with phones

Sportan : please don´t stop making those videos!!! You made my day!!!

Robert Dragon : I wish you'd come to Chicago and try that. I would turn your funeral into a party.

hanaippon : Very good!! BANANAS FOR THE MONKEYS!!!