'Get off your phone!!'

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Melkor : Somebody buy these guys a pint.

Joe Daniels : more of this please lads

Amazon Prime : 🤣🤣 I hate People on their phones they deserved it

Flaming _ Alyssa : XD IM DEAD WTF

weneedtodosomething : These guys are twats of the road... But the mobile users are dangerous


ARMY 14 : Isn’t he on his phone ? 😂

Roofstone : Throwing garbage was unnecessary and could be risky, much more funny just startling them when they are at a standstill.

Ryan Cox : I was onboard with this until they started littering & assaulting people/property. Clearly sophomoric douches.

fro3054 : if its fake then... KYS if its real then... KYS

Don'tYouHateItWhen... : "Not cool dude, just because they're texting and driving doesn't give you the right to throw bananas at their cars." dangerousdave: Ok, I'll use a train horn next time. *Gets more complaints*

Peter Lohnes : Lets see, which is more dangerous, assaulting people or using a phone at a stop sign...hmmm

The Australian Boy : Its what they deserve

Daniel Olivares III : Pull that stuff in East LA. See if you're laughing

Joseph Adamic : This is so funny

James Smith : classic

Godmiljaardedju : I totally agree that you don't finger your phone when driving. Completely! But throw something at my car when I'm inside, better still; throw something IN my car when I'm inside and I'll park one of my front tires up your arse! You're welcome! ;-)

Alfred Bedolla : Yes driving around filming on your phone to make a point about not being on the phone 👌. But HEY it's ok cause it's for education

Buzzy Trombone : Looks like 365 people were texting while driving and they're offended by this video.

MrRiggyRiggs : I hope you get shot.

usernamenotinvaild : your doing the lords work

UnknownUzer : Who's Junkin Media and why do they own everyone's videos now?

Tony Music : Why isn't an iPhone charger... ...called Apple Juice?

The Horry Sheet Show : LoL ... Epic.... not quite as epic as the videos I do that prove Earth is not a ball in spinning space.. but epic funny nonetheless.

Joshua Bosman : The heroes we need but don't deserve

RedKatanaPlayz : How to enforce the law Correctly

Bence Iván Gerőly : The Best video in you tube

Zave Playz : Good one, lads!

Jonathan Cardenas : this needs more views

diego87HUN : They deserve it. This is even milder than it deserves. Funny!

aztecr7 : That last one

才恩 : They were using their phone on stop signs, and the one at 0:32 was unnecessary bcs he was just calling tf

Wren : Most of the comments below are people without a sense of humour. Be warned.

Random reviews : Continue this

Jrhalo 2828 : Make more videos

Sportan : please don´t stop making those videos!!! You made my day!!!

WiglyWorm : You were fine until you started throwing shit at people. Don't throw shit at people. Humanity is better than that.

Vamatx : I mean it's not a bad idea, I just don't think the guy who was talking on the phone deserved it since he still had his eyes on the road.... That and I can see a reflection of you holding a banana and recording at the same time.. I like the idea of making fun of people that text and drive, but I mean it's not bad to text at a stop light or talking on the phone while looking at the road (I think so)

Evan Ciapura : This is too much for me omg

Robert Dragon : I wish you'd come to Chicago and try that. I would turn your funeral into a party.

Livinghighandwise : Right.. So we have two azzholes driving around while using their phone to take video of themselves yelling and throwing stuff at people who are on their phones. Let's hope these guys get what's coming to them.

James Pelletier : lmao epic. thanks reddit!

rob slover : awesome.

Nice Dogo : I think these guys are brain dead

Stevean2 : inb4 one or more of thoose people were getting an emergancy call from the hospital saying a family member has been admitted or died and these arseholes interrupted them for being stopped on a road and talking on a phone.

madmullet1990 : Awesome

Brugata Media : Wow Dave, that was some nice vigilante justice mate! Props to you for making the roads safer. I'm a rep at Brugata Media, and we'd like to make you a *monetary* offer on this clip. If this interests you, please email us at licensing@brugatamedia(dot)com Cheers mate, have a blessed day!

The Sound From Nowhere : *Not all heros wear capes...*

MailOnline Video : Hi I work for MailOnline. Can we use your video with a credit to you? Many thanks Jeremy

FancyHat : I was with You until You started throwing trash. I encourage You to not continue that type of behavior. Yes, I agree that people should NOT Text and drive, But this isn't a way to solve it. You're not thinking of the consequences. Well, lets look at the possibilities. This could result in You going to Prison for up to three years and a fine of 10,000 dollars.