The Most Satisfying Video In The World

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HashTagHeelGFX : The fact that this video ends at exactly 5:00 adds to the satisfaction.

OuscarX! : Im sure that 15k dislike is for the tree

Steven Llanas : I only come here for the music

Commander Derpinator™ : Thus began an annoying ass trend in videos claiming its the most satisfying video in the world

Legendmckay : This is the one that started it all

MrTLexify : What point in my lowly life has made me end up watching this video.

ᴀ sᴀᴅʙᴏɪ. : Screw all the other satisfying videos. This is the best.

HBN Infotech - Tutorials : 3D printers are really astonishing. Now I think there is nothing impossible

creamy meme : 1:27 The fact it that it just moves perfectly to the music is pure fap material

infinity : Puts satisfying in the title *Gets 17 million views*

mrsaintsgodzilla21 : The only thing this video is missing is a perfect dump hitting the toilet without any water splashing the persons ass

Tschira : 0:21 This made me:😡😬😠😠😬😡

old dog : ahhhh is a satisfying without a song of Alan Walker! this is wonderful!

Comcat : 16 million views I was in the first million, so proud

Thisis Fkinannoyin : Im just here for the music

Kevin Amarillo : The best fap I've ever experienced.

Madison Richards : At 4:32 I went “ I wish I could do that” but I would break all my Bones as soon as I touch the bike 😂😇😂

Diamond21 : I thought I was high while I was watching this.

Dracnea : This is the original and the most satisfying of the "most satisfying videos" that people make. All of the others just cant compare in clip or musical content/feel.

IceandFire GD : 5 minutes of your life was put into good use.

NemRaps : Which vid is the least satisfying? I vote the egg yolk separation

Reyaan Ali : The tree part was very sad. It can never be a satisfying thing to see another harmless life dying for our satisfaction.

Joe Budden’s Forehead Veins : s a t i s f i e d

Adrian Adrian : The most satisfying part was the lack of click bate

pingui : In this vídeo i met macintosh + 😍

Skazzer : Was anyone else satisfied about the length of the video?😂

Peppa pig : The music Ahh so relaxing

Chris Hansen : How come macintosh 420 is playing I'm confused

JohnnyCagePro : vaporware makes this video +1000% satisfying

s p a r t a n : It’s weird coming back to this as this is the video that first introduced me to vaporwave.

Toast 2 : *VAPOR WAVE*

Michael Streich : This is the new Porn.

Kyle TL : How is this satisfying??

bestgamer 23538 : 0:32 I thought it was pepperoni like if you did you

Artzie Music : The Most Aesthetic Video In The World

Camera Crazy : Digg: our website is dead now. *video goes viral* Digg: WOOO WERE RICH, ROLLING IN MONEY! TAKE THAT TWITTER!

Melchior de Lafond : It may seem weird but since I saw this video for the first time, I watch it every year. I just feel like the music and the video make a great match.

Chariot Du Nord : macintosh plus

Helen H : The music at the start made me laugh 'cause memes but then the guy started singing and I was like 😶😶😶😶😶

A Guy Called Pi : This is how I found out about vaporwave.

AGU! : No oddly satisfying video is done without a little bit of VAPORWAVE

rqcheeri : I can't believe this was posted one year ago. It feels like it was just yesterday when this was posted. I remember when I first watched this when it came out and I was so satisfied. So many more oddly satisfying videos have been posted

Kingzi Kingz : I watch this whenever i'm feeling down

Alex Le : Well, this is probably the most confused erection I've ever had.

Gabe Newell : Waporwave? Are you serious?

Pinky Varan : This was my first most satisfying video I watched

Blimblam : This is the video that got me into vaporwave and future funk

Ana Sofía Ponce : this video is the reason i discovered vaporwave

crrapi : Longest 5 minutes of my life

CombraStudios : This video started both vaporwave and satisfying clips for me