Free Starbucks Coffee - Reparations

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Lor Tovar : I'm over-taxed by the government, I demand government housing, food stamps and money

HannahOnyx : I’ve been to this mall! I’ve also been served by those two barista’s! They both are incredibly nice and caring even before this video was made!

sarysa : FYI, this is parody, though the barista's reactions were real. The man posted a follow-up video explaining his motivations.

taserthis1984 : This guy was just on Laura Ingraham! He is sick and tired of liberals portraying black Americans as weak victims and exploiting them to advance their political agenda. In other words, this was the greatest troll stunt of all time!

Darryl Childers : That wasn't cool, two wrongs will never make a right....

Winston Smith : Just looking for a handout...This hurts regular people just trying to do the right thing. Don't like Starbucks? Don't shop there. If you are popular and tell your friends to do the same, you could really change something there. But just showing up, using the word "reparations" for coffee shows how much more this brother has to learn.

Mister Miller : Troll level: over 9000

videotest71 : This guy is a comedian, seriously he really is. ‘Great Costumer Service,’ hilarious! It’s the wimpy gimpy white liberal man that brought us to this.

Kieselstain : boycott starbucks.

Michael Basile : I hope they guy who did this sees this. He should get two friends, one white one black. Go to the same Starbucks, make sure Amanda isn't working so she won't get in trouble. Have the white man walk in and a few seconds later have the black man "talking on his phone" just outside the Starbucks. Have the white man say he's getting his black friend his reparation coffee. When they refuse, have the black friend come in and be all like 'Dude! Why didn't you get my reparation coffee? Didn't you tell them it was for a black man?". Just to see what happens.

Dan Bujor : Go to a black bro with that impertinent face and attitude see if you get hired

Curtis Rupp : BTW I'm a veteran I fought for this country I'm entitled to free everything said by No veteran ever you get something because you earn it.

Jacob Black : This is true who Starbucks will be bankruped in no time flat if thay ceap this up.

S955US84 : Starbucks new policies will make it a haven for the homeless and the paying customers will quickly drift away. Ever been to Seattle or San Francisco where the street people are welcomed everywhere? It's a dangerous, dirty mess.

N. Joanne Mathis : I am Cherokee and demand free EVERYTHING.

Earl : It always take one uneducated fool to make us all look bad as a race.

Diane V : The Amanda employee seems nice. But gullible. I hope she didn't get in trouble for falling for this scam. I understand that the "comedian" gave the coffee to a black kid. I wouldn't give a kid coffee. But the least the comedian couldve done was paid for it afterwards. Then let the gullible Starbucks employee know that it was a joke. This scam is a crime on video. SMH!

SalemCounty WhiteRabbit : Starbuck's is Anti-White, remember there Race Together campaign. I along with BUGSTERS around the Country protested with signs and flyers and talking to customers and staff. I talked to a jewish man and a lovely lady as Colin Flarety calls them.

SoooGood1975 : This man was making a statement AGAINST liberalistic crap. He was showing how you can go into Starbucks spouting liberalistic bull and how they wil cow tow. He was on the news. He is a conservative.

david : Hahaha - genius. There is no limit to the depth of racial guilt - and stupidity.


Tobin Gallawa : I took that whole episode to be a joke, and it is sofa king hilarious.

Android User : Gotta love the fake white guilt. "I'm not racist, sir!!"

KasseyDee : I'm more surprised that you guys give coffee to your kids.

Phillip Harrod : That was awesome. They just rolled right over. Thanks for exposing this foolishness. God bless you bro.

Generation Noise : what a joke . I cant tell if this dudes serious or playing a joke.

S955US84 : The kid he hands the "free" coffee off to at the end is actually his own son.

theeliterumbero : This is too funny !

Rodżer Dżakson Czerwonobrody : Thanks for this edit ! I needed this.

Joe Nuxhall : LMBO! Great job...Starcucks

B B : my new hero

metalox88 : I love this

Vitiman X : wait, what?

PJ S : hahahahahahahaha

Flynn’s Garage : Lmfao

Mr V : OMG

Nick R : 😂


Lydia Dugan : Is this a form of extortion? That poor waitress was damned if she gave him the free coffee and damned if she didn’t. Suppose every black person does this?

Robert Clarke : This guy is great

Lor Tovar : My hero!!! He is awesome.

Michael Greening : Legend

Justin Reid : This girl seems so stupid

Miguk Moonpark : It's just a social experiment to prove how black lives matter is ridiculous because it uses race all the time to get free stuff.

Dan Bujor : If you dont beg, you rob or steal, all for imaginary reasons. This is what most of blacks do ANYWHERE they are. IQ less than 80 in us, and less than 60 in africa.

Michael Nobibux : What, only black people get free coffee?? THAT IS RACIST!!!!!

theBaron0530 : Hotep Jesus is a total piss! What's sad is how stupid and naive Amanda and the other employees are.

Jo Nelson : This is an absolutely disgusting human being. Getting something for absolutely nothing simply based on the color of your skin. Bet you I can't go get a free coffee I'm White. So is that considered black privilege? And don't even try to give me that white privilege crap I bet you everything I got in my pocket that I grew up in worse shape than most regardless of color. You think you can demand something for nothing because two bums or hold up in a Starbucks not buying and refusing to leave? That means you'll get something for free? This entire world it's absolutely pathetic and it's people like this disgusting human being right here exploiting a situation that has nothing to do with him for his own benefit. Little bitch.

A clear path to follow : black people....