Black Jokes (Stand Up Comedy)
Black Jokes

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Skippy Simon tells some racial jokes. If you already know you are sensitive, I suggest waiting for tomorrows comic. Enjoy... Click here to SUBSCRIBE to our channel: Like us on: Follow us on: Visit our official website: Also check out our other network channels -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Getting Older Suprises (Stand Up Comedy)" ➨ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-


sharran vishvanath : What does Nike and the KKK have in common? They both make black guys run faster

Dayla gakuba : Why can't Americans play chess? They are missing 2 towers

oka : This comment section is actually pretty decent:P you see racist comments towards white & black folks and only few people getting triggered, well done.

Johnny Rojas : The jokes are ok at best those people are laughing way to hard

Hobbes Goblin : AND THEN... Actual racist people began commenting

Magmalistic _68 : A poem Roses are red white people are cool But if you mess with them... They shoot up the school

Phillip Upton : A black man goes to his doctor. He tells his doctor, every time I have sex with a white woman my eyes sting and swell up. His doctor tells him you might be allergic to the pepper spray

kass minto : What do you call a bunch of white guys sitting on a bench? THE NBA

sharran vishvanath : Why don't black people like going for free cruises? Because they aren't falling for that one again

Observation Point : He will go far... All the way to certain failure.

Dalena : Tiki torch whiteboy

Y A : who tells jokes what are u 1080s ...

Manifesting Destiny : He could have angled this way : "my black friend is so cool, sometimes he says cool shtt like...." instead of, at the base of each racial joke, he is intending to be offensive. Hmm, 2012... Six years later, I hope our comics know that they don't have to be offensive to be the best.

John Connors 111 : When I was a boy everyone told jokes on everyone whites jokes black jokes irish jokes polish jokes. Jewish jokes italian jokes Everyone Laughed. Those were the Good Old Days PEACE And LOVE Jc.

Aliyah ‘ : Why can't white people jump? Inbreeding weakens the knees

Travis Jones : If his jokes was actually funny or original I wouldn't be offended but he's jus a fat corn ball who steals jokes

Ricardo Campbell : You need white jokes along with black jokes. The sun gives you Ray's. Are you trying to catch Ray's from the sun or sun block it? . Is that exzema, chicken pox., Or you're a walking talking heat rash?

Nieceyyy y : OH HELL NAW

Ixvnnn __ : What’s the scariest thing about a white man in jail ??????? You know he did it 😂😂😂😂😂

Jah Eli : Lmao y’all still doing this?

bruce 82 : lol tht guy was good but why ppl Makin jokes in the comments ijs

Savage Taino_SFFS : Once you go black you end up in a wheel chair 😉🍆

Aaron Taylor : We gotta laugh!!im biracial and I can admit that black jokes are the best... What do u call a Blackman with one arm? A

Richard Warren : The Pope, Jerry Falwell and Jessie Jackson wanted to have a peace conference so they rowed a small boat out to the middle of a lake leaving the press on shore. Suddenly the boat starts to sink. Jerry Falwell says "I can't go down like this" and jumps in and starts to swim. About half way to shore, he goes under. Drowns. The Pope says "look Jessie, nothing personal but I'm outta here bro". Man that little Pope hat was cutting through the water, when all of a sudden, he went under. Drowns. Jessie says to himself, "well ain't but one thing left to do". Jessie gets out of the boat, walks to the shore and briefs the reporters on what happened to the others. The next day all of the headlines in the papers read "JESSIE JACKSON CAN'T SWIM".

LordChicken : i painted my computer black to make in run faster but now it doesnt work

President Cater : "I'm a big game hunter" I'm stealing that one

Thomas casidy : A polish guy locked his keys in the car. We had to get a hangar to get his family out.

Mike Dodd : Unless you being malicious laughing at each other is how to get along all races

Nickey Morris : What do you call Chris Pratt after a big buffet The Guy On STAGE

gninja92 : 0:45 is the best part

Drink me : How do you beat up a japanese person? You drop the bomb twice for them to give up.

zoinks lmao : the jokes aren't laughed at because "haha racism is funny", they're laughed at because "haha racism is taboo and bad"

Eli Cohen : Some people need to lighten up. I’ve no objection to 4x2 humour.

phreek hood : So corny. Recycled jokes from the 70s & 80s

yee yee : eh wasnt offensive but wasnt funny either

Boggob : *You can joke about race as long as it palatable.*

John : He was puffing that good weed.

Firegab : This isn't funny at all. He didn't even drop the N word once.

Gary J : how you make a pollock go crazy... put him in a circle room and tell him find a corner...

Albert Leblanc : Whats the best work for Black people on Nesquick Company? Collectin cacao in Kenya

Nightmare Tycoon : How he got laughs, I will never understand

Aneudi Hidalgo : 🤣🤣

David Boggs : Why are black people killing themselves with the highest rate of crime in the united states and continue to be violent and primitive with no jobs and blaming everyone for everything they never did to them. Cause they're lazy and primitive and it's easy to blame someone else.

Mike Dlc : BRUH ..the GG ALLIN cap gutter punk rock hard......LOL ( you like that? you like that ?)

Quincy Hines : Racial jokes GOTTA be A1

Wolfman : No punch-line needed!!! 🤣...Their already jokes!!

Michael Manning : I love the GG allin hat.

Bubble Boo : Where do white kids go when they want to play?? to the trailer park

Dustin Smucker : I love the GG Allen hat!!