Black Jokes (Stand Up Comedy)

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Luckyy : Why do white people have so much pets? Cause they can't own people any more

007 T-5 : Black comedians talk about white people and never get in trouble. I'm far from prejudice but fair is fair!

Twsuf1 : how did the white girl know she was having a black baby ... when she pulled out her tampon all the cotton was already picked.

sharran vishvanath : Why don't black people like going for free cruises? Because they aren't falling for that one again

xOmqZep : Why are black people so good at basketball Cuz they can shoot steal and run

LordChicken : i painted my computer black to make in run faster but now it doesnt work

Sean Bettison : A woman took a black man out into the alley of a nightclub, started kissing him ,sliding her hand down towards his pants,breathed heavily in his ear and then whispered " show me if it's true what they say about black men" he stabbed her and stole her purse.

Magmalistic _68 : A poem Roses are red white people are cool But if you mess with them... They shoot up the school

Ray S Lindsey : I hate hockey why because all you see is white dudes with a stick hitting a black puck, but I love bowling, you have a black ball knocking all the red necks down!!!!!

skydo frog : How many Cops does it take to throw a Black Man down the stairs? None! He fell!

Forrest Gump : What do Black kids get for Christmas? Your bike.

Sebastian Venegas : What's the difference between a black man and a dog? The dog is loyal

Joey Harper : What's the same between a black person and a tornado? It only takes one to ruin a neighborhood.

gale ebersole : Once you go black. We dont want you back.

mrmashedpotato : Here's a black joke. "Black civilization"

Forrest Gump : Why do Blacks stink? So blind people can hate them too

mat4328 : Not a big fan of black jokes, i have black blood. On my front bumper.

Cloutt_ y : What do u call a bunch of white guys sitting on the bench. The nba

John Mason : My favorite black joke is Barrack Obama.

John Cincy : what's the difference between Bigfoot and a hard working Blackman?? Bigfoot has been seen before.

Babi Boy : Why is stevey wonder always smiling? He doesnt know his black

stefan Hahn : A black & a white guy were arguing as to the colour of Jesus, until the white guy noticed, in the Bible, he said I am that, what I am, if he was black, he would have said, I is what I is!.

The Pale Emperor : So many salty Black people lol

mabood1212 : "Once you go black you're a single mother" lmao!!! 75% of black kids born out of wedlock - amazing societal statistic and great comedy too!

John Connors 111 : When I was a boy everyone told jokes on everyone whites jokes black jokes irish jokes polish jokes. Jewish jokes italian jokes Everyone Laughed. Those were the Good Old Days PEACE And LOVE Jc.

John Taylor : What do you call a barn full of slaves? .........antique farm equipment

R.O.B. UNiQUE : Why do black's wear wide brim hats? So pigeons don't shit on there lips.

Louis Payan : Why are black people so tall??? Cuz their knee Grows 😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅

W.J. Kelly : Black baby says, "Mother." Black husband says to black wife: "Did you hear dat, dahlin', our lil' baby jus' said half a woid!"

R8R 4LIFE : NFL changing the color of the footballs from brown to green wanna know why Ever seen a black man drop a water melon

Forrest Gump : What does every pregnant Black woman in America that gets an abortion receive? $300 from crime stoppers.

K. Dalton : oldy but a goody, you want to see real Mass confusion? Go to the hood on Father's Day

heyhipp : What did the Mexican say when his home work flew out the window.... ? Essay where you going

Jake : I’m loving the black salt in these comments 😂

Mike Greg : a black man saw his shadow on the floor and thought it was a mirror

LEGO Harry Potter : Guys i hate these black jokes. I have a black person in my family tree and he's still hanging their

Mr. Archer : What's long and hard on a black man? . The third grade.

Ryan Wellens : What's black and screams? Stevie Wonder answering the iron.

bigtx77 : all the dislikes are from easily triggered snowflakes

NowA NevA : What's the only difference between a black man and a picnic table ? The picnic table can support a family !

Alleyup1994USA : Whats long, black and smelly? Welfare que

TRU MAN : How do we know Santa Claus is white? Cause if he were black we wouldn't get our presents till the 28th or 29th.

JOE knows : I'm not racist bc I own 5 colored tvs

Black Women Are NOT Attractive! : What's the greatest black video game of all time? APE ESCAPE!

Larry Schroeder : Only thing missing at the million man march? A mile of chain and a auctioneer.

andy waltrip : What do you call a black man with no arms? Trustworthy!

Cy Brunel : I saw a black woman with her 3 young childrens walkin' down da street da oda day and she was kickin' an empty can o' pok 'n' beans so I aks her " Yo, whatcha doin' ? " she replied " We be movin' ".

s hitposter : Reminds me of the time I purchased a black inflatable sex doll.......I blew it up and it mugged me.

Michael Wood : I don't think this is funny. I guess I don't have any dark humor

TrailName Evan : Once you go black You have bad credit