Black Jokes (Stand Up Comedy)

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LordChicken : i painted my computer black to make in run faster but now it doesnt work

Luckyy : Why do white people have so much pets? Cause they can't own people any more

LEGO Harry Potter : Guys i hate these black jokes. I have a black person in my family tree and he's still hanging their

xOmqZep : Why are black people so good at basketball Cuz they can shoot steal and run

Ryan Crain : A poem Roses are red white people are cool But if you mess with them... They shoot up the school

Forrest Gump : What do Black kids get for Christmas? Your bike.

Sebastian Venegas : What's the difference between a black man and a dog? The dog is loyal

007 T-5 : Black comedians talk about white people and never get in trouble. I'm far from prejudice but fair is fair!

mrmashedpotato : Here's a black joke. "Black civilization"

Jason : what's the difference between a black man and a large pizza? a large pizza can feed a family

Twsuf1 : how did the white girl know she was having a black baby ... when she pulled out her tampon all the cotton was already picked.

Robert F. : Whats the worst thing you can call a black man that begins with the letter N and ends with the letter R? Neighbor

TheSassy Curry : I saw a black guy riding a bike yesterday, I thought it was mine until I went to my garage and saw it chained up....begging for food.

John Mason : My favorite black joke is Barrack Obama.

sharran vishvanath : Why don't black people like going for free cruises? Because they aren't falling for that one again

mat4328 : Not a big fan of black jokes, i have black blood. On my front bumper.

Amber Crooks : what's the difference between Bigfoot and a hard working Blackman?? Bigfoot has been seen before.

Mak Tek : "once you go black, you're a single mother" come on, that was funny XD

Babi Boy : Why is stevey wonder always smiling? He doesnt know his black

C M : why don't sharks attack black people?? because they think they're whale terds

Cy Brunel : I saw a black woman with her 3 young childrens walkin' down da street da oda day and she was kickin' an empty can o' pok 'n' beans so I aks her " Yo, whatcha doin' ? " she replied " We be movin' ".

gale ebersole : Once you go black. We dont want you back.

# Hashtag : What happens when you scare the shit out of a black guy? * There's nothing left but lips and sneakers.

skydo frog : How many Cops does it take to throw a Black Man down the stairs? None! He fell!

kyre richardson : Here's one. Why are redneck murder cases the hardest to solve? Because all the DNA is the same and there are no dental records.

Wreck : What do you call a black abortion clinic? Crime stoppers!

wownelfwarrior247 : I bet if the camera turns to the crowd see them in all white sheets

John Taylor : What do you call a barn full of slaves? .........antique farm equipment

Forrest Gump : Why do Blacks stink? So blind people can hate them too

W.J. Kelly : Black baby says, "Mother." Black husband says to black wife: "Did you hear dat, dahlin', our lil' baby jus' said half a woid!"

K. Dalton : oldy but a goody, you want to see real Mass confusion? Go to the hood on Father's Day

XxSnipez4dayzxX Hello : what do fences and white people have in common They both get jumped

James Edwards : What's the similarity between mr. Clean and a 357 Magnum? They both put a shine on the floor...

Ryan Wellens : What's black and screams? Stevie Wonder answering the iron.

Giovanni Gonzalez : I'm offensive and I find this black

Forrest Gump : What is the difference between a disaster and a catastrophe? – It is a disaster if a ship with Blacks sink. – It is a catastrophe if they have learned how to swim.

Black Women Are NOT Attractive! : What's the greatest black video game of all time? APE ESCAPE!

stefan Hahn : A black & a white guy were arguing as to the colour of Jesus, until the white guy noticed, in the Bible, he said I am that, what I am, if he was black, he would have said, I is what I is!.

NowA NevA : What's the only difference between a black man and a picnic table ? The picnic table can support a family !

Aaron Warren : You know your white when.._ You get your drugs from a pharmacy!!

Larry Schroeder : Only thing missing at the million man march? A mile of chain and a auctioneer.

MTX157 : What's the difference between a black man and cancer? The cancer gets jobs.

sionled : im black and I approve this message lol

Jake : I’m loving the black salt in these comments 😂

Captain Flameheart : That's sad that black people get offended by this yet white jokes are everywhere

sirroxalot : If you took a Mexican girl's virginity she must have been ten. Those people are practically born pregnant.

R.O.B. UNiQUE : Why do black's wear wide brim hats? So pigeons don't shit on there lips.

i skeet in your mouth : Why are white people so good at hunting Because they know how shoot *up schools* and aim *at innocent children*

philip joseph : I'm black and I really enjoyed this. Man

vincygarifuna : I guess this was at the KKK comedy club.