Shark tooth Hunting in Marion, South Carolina

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fr0z3nfury009 : great video! this is very awesome! and the scenery is great! and very informative! :) great work! :D

Steve Harris : Good stuff Ray I never seen anyone hunt shark teeth like that.!!!)))

Steve Ross : Ray, this is so cool. You are bringing back some great memories. When I was living in the Dallas, Fort Worth area in my much younger days, I did a lot of fossil hunting. Mainly Cretaceous limestone formations in the area with lots of Ammonite and Echinoderms, Sea Urchins, starfish. I have always been fascinated by the fossil records and geology of the local areas where I live. Thanks for doing this. It is a lot of fun to watch. Seems like our interests are not confine to just music. Very cool my friend.

Brenick Andrew : Hey ray, what will ur next vid be about

Peter Mueller Tunes : Wow! great video! very interesting to me, best wishes, Pete,

Foreversinging5 : So great to see a new vid from you Ray! Wow, such interesting facts my dear friend! Liked :D Have a wonderful weekend!

Wilson M Samuel : Very interesting! Cheers

Ernest Kwok : Nice and interesting vid, thanks Ray, have a wonderful weekend 😊

Ever Inward : Cool Ray, nice fossil finds!

Steve Harris : This looks interesting to me I am subbing your channel!!!)))

enormously small : One of these days you're going to find a tooth with the whole shark attached. Sure hope so. Good video, Ray!

Teddles Peddles : Should've went up n down the canal banks, better luck there. 🦂

Johnny Mak : good stuff ray -- you seem quite experienced at identifying fossil parts being able to spot a vertebra so easily~

Occence Media : nice video, keep it up. checkout my new video.

Brenick Andrew : Hey ray, what will ur next vid be about

Erin Elizabeth Barker : How fun :-) We live on a mountain where we have found lots of interesting fossils and artifacts. Amazing the things you find if you just look.

JimmyFungus : I prefer hunting fossils rather than hunting real dinosaurs or sharks. It's much calmer and more serene.

Mike Terry : Awesome video, Ray! I'm in Mt Pleasant, SC!

patrizia piccirilli : Wonderful video, my friend. I really liked it! :))))) 👍17

Nienke Visser : nice! would that i could find stuff like that on a corn field in the netherlands

Mamsell Proust Vintage Studio : Very interesting and informative video! Thank you for sharing this

John D Robinson electronic drums : a very informative video, friend!

macky@piano♪♪(まっきぃ) : Very interesting.Nice movie!:)

max washington songs : Interesting video, Ray! Enjoyed it :))