How to Shoot an Anvil 200 Feet in the Air

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Cristiano Bisignano : such strange hobbies Santa has during rest of the year

chrisspearpoint : "women ask me why i do this"

TheAGCteam : World Champion Anvil Shooter.. Best title ever.

Matthew Howell : This is the most dwarven thing Ive ever witnessed.

mindsaglowin : I think it's funny that he put on safety glasses. As if that will protect him.

Matthew Glenn : I came to see an anvil fired into the air. I was not disappointed. Well done sir.

4 gauge : This video infomercial has been brought to you by the ACME corporation,a ROADRUNNER company...BEEP,BEEP!!.(safety umbrella not included with purchase sold separately,other accessories also sold separately)

Sean Blake : The first four letters of the description are "Gay Wilkinson enjoys blowing"

Sir Shlexy : Best sounding explosion ive heard in a loooong time

gabbercharles : thank you 'murica, i always wanted to know how to shoot anvils 200 feet in the air

The Great Steve : " I shot an anvil in the air,. It fell to earth, I know not where."

Meegus Snalk : Somewhere a blacksmith is weeping.

Zachary Nixon : To me, the most amazing thing about this is that there's a world championship for this.

Ken Graves : Hey, if you guys have so many anvils you can afford to blow them up (yeah, I know - they're not exactly blown up) then maybe you could spare me one. I NEED an anvil!

adam a : its very hard to find women who are amused by things like this, i used to build bombs and rockets and make flash powder and my gf use to always ask why i did it and if tell her because its fun :0) i dont think ive ever met a girl who is tomboyish enough to like this kinda stuff, maybe shooting a gun but thats about as far as it goes, the only person ive seen that seems to like this stuff is the chick off mythbusters

Daniel Räbiger : Could someone please do this with an aerodynamic gopro mount that keeps the camera pointed downwards during the flight?

Samuel Newsome : Dang. I wish one of those would land in my yard. I need one

Kirkklan : "Why do I do it? Because I can/It's fun!"

richardoky : Anvils are expensive, I would have the wife catch it so that it wouldn't get scratched up.

Mr Catman : This is a shame to destroy an anvil after it survived the WW2 anvil genocide.

SuperJourneyer : I think that is a lot more fun than shooting an animal.

Ruhiel : Imagine that landing on your head... That won't be pretty

Immerteal : 1:31 PING!

NeuralNetProcessor : How does one become a "champion" anvil shooter? It certainly doesn't look like there's a lot of skill involved.

Butcher B : For those who can't get their heads around this; "Blowing the Anvil" is an old tradition, usually done on certain holidays very much like fireworks. Keep in mind, a quality, well used anvil is going to be much harder than most anything it lands on (like crowds of children j/k ;) so the anvil rarely get more than scratched. That being said, I certainly wouldn't do this with my working polished anvil.

fla playa : Wow 20,000 Ft/Lbs of energy! That's a lot!

Randy Sharp : Keep maching holes in the bottoms of them that makes the good ones worth more.

Chris England : God I love this shit :-)

worn out : it's all about the powder packing. That makes him a champion.

ReabowRotors : skip to 1:30

Gill Bates : SEND THIS TO ETHO !!!!!

Malaboi : This is a sport?

Donald Clark : Why not 😊

rafasc94 : no "Hold my beer while i try to catch it"? disapointed

Matt Oneal : the thing that struck me the most amazing was the sentence "world champion anvil shooter"

ron l : Is this Ed Avila?

Jay Jay : One step short of a Darwin award

trinix777 : Amazing, it's true that men have a greater sense of fascination.

sketch6995 : well......I guess everyone needs a hobby.

alex : Murica baby

swissbianco : negative. to do this with what helped develop human tools of all sorts. 

Nerevar22g : The man named Gay and there is a guy dressed in pink next to him

Antoine : Dan Bilzerian, in an older version.

nicholas bain : teehee his name is 'Gay'

N U T T : what a gay name

Idiocracy1984 : Those poor anvils. 

Venzz : who names their kid Gay.

somanayr : I think that's anvil cruelty

Billy Hill : the confederates did this against the union during the civil war...didnt y all know that?is a tradition where I'm from!!!!

M. Kultra : Wtf? I wanted to see it lodged!