How to Deal with Cold Callers!

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IHACKER316 : Holy shit this was BRILLIANT from start to finish

Frank Stahl : Alex from Vacuum Save disliked this video

Robert Wignall : that was hilarious hahaha im surprised that guy lasted so long on the phone hahaha

Billy DaBossman : brilliant

Hector Veasey : Neg you legend. I'm crying ahahah

T4_ 5ive : lol so funny

TheFartingHippo : Nice one nej 😂

Sneeky_King : Brilliant! Please do more of these prank calls!

djdjew : MORE, Neg! Please! Do one of the Microsoft scammers. I know you'd do a wicked job on them.

Themollified : Neg I've been a fan since the big man rodeo....just wanted to say that I've been plagued by nuisance calls for the past week....and this technique works like a frikin charm......thankyou so much!!

Stan : Ahahah do more calls

Spicy Griffin : The nags head? Where abouts are you from? Might be close to my hometown

Andy Anderson : Total legend keep up the good work...... whooop whoooop PMSL

DTM : His outro is the same as the prank reviewers intro lol

smegessmith : wow.... see the orb flying out

Makron5 : They need to bring back misfit stunt crew

rose gardner : love negs videos to bits

PeteyTheRipper : This is tooo funny omds

Ozzy Zee : That. Was. Class.

Robert Mcgowan : yes neg

Darren LUFC Armstrong : PMSL

ryan prescott : i have that phone .....🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻👁🗨👁🗨👁🗨👁🗨👁🗨👁🗨👁🗨👁🗨👁🗨