Stephen Hawking Tribute - One Race, One Planet | MONSTER BOX

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Sven Wagner : Another astounding video. Thanks Monster Box

Liem ngo thanh : I Cried :(

Seventh -Heaven : An epic tribute. You should be proud.

Brady P : This is just amazing

Nguyễn Hải Nguyên : One day he'll become a part of black hole in the center of our galaxy and it will release hawking radiation to infinity and beyond. Everything is relative. The death is'nt an exception.

TheCrazedButt Stabber : These words are the best words ive heard in my life

Ludwig The holy dick : Bye...

Nhan Hoang : Around 2:00 to 2:10, I think the background music is too loud that I can not easily hear Stephen's voice, hope you consider fixing that ^^

Sir. : requiescant in pace

nguyenthithanhha nguyenthithanhha : Tiếc thương con người đặc biệt tài giỏi và nghị lực

thanh thương nguyễn : <3

Huy Đặng Đình : 😭

Hưng Lê : <3