Stephen Hawking Tribute - One Race, One Planet | MONSTER BOX

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Sven Wagner : Another astounding video. Thanks Monster Box

Liem ngo thanh : I Cried :(

Seventh -Heaven : An epic tribute. You should be proud.

Brady P : This is just amazing

TheCrazedButt Stabber : These words are the best words ive heard in my life

Nguyễn Hải Nguyên : One day he'll become a part of black hole in the center of our galaxy and it will release hawking radiation to infinity and beyond. Everything is relative. The death is'nt an exception.

Ludwig The holy dick : Bye...

Nhan Hoang : Around 2:00 to 2:10, I think the background music is too loud that I can not easily hear Stephen's voice, hope you consider fixing that ^^

nguyenthithanhha nguyenthithanhha : Tiếc thương con người đặc biệt tài giỏi và nghị lực

Sir. : requiescant in pace

Hưng Lê : <3

Huy Đặng Đình : 😭

thanh thương nguyễn : <3