Boy, 2, Murdered In Little Village

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Homer Simon : Nuke mexico

D Rose : Build that wall high trump

Kim Cooks : The innocent killed by the devil! Sick SOB! Off with his head!!

Kirby7601 : I cant believe my friend’s brother was killed by his step-father

Nerd Ball : Dam we are worse, then Mexican. When a baby gets a head cut off.

INCOG NITO : Cases of "Mental Illness" are increasing. People wonder why I stop 10 ft. behind the car in front of me. Nothing to do with ethnicity.

Rose Lynn : Evil is increasing wow in Atlanta today a supposed "father" who him or the women breeder didn't have costudy the grandmother did yet they came to her house today while the grandma and mother left the five yr old with the suppose to be father he killed the five yr old in a disturbing manner now I see this wow

Viva La Migra : Can't wait until we take back Little Village just like we did our Pilsen neighborhood.

Fatima Medina : HOW can this ever happens!!!! GODDDD THIS IS JUST HORRIBLE. A toddler can’t defend himself he’s an innocent soul who didn’t deserve to die.... rest in piece innocent baby you are now safe in GODS GARDEN