DuckTales Opening (1080p HD)

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ShadowTailsFanLives : So, apparently, TheFineBros is sending people here. ..... HOORAY, I'M POPULAR (not really, but OK)!

trevorlane : New intro brought me here

CrimsonNineTail : Alan Young 1919-2016. Thank you, for "solving mysteries and rewriting history." RIP

kap1618 : Its a shame Donald has the most developed personality, family, friendships, and practically everything else and still gets second billing to mickey.

MewStor : RiP Alan

Jeffrey Williams : best childhood song and tv show on toon disney of my life

AxalX7 : Miss the old cartoon style. Now adays the cartoons are too 3D

Alisson Menezes : it's okay the brazilian version is better

Dustin Simpson : omg the kids reactions were hilarious... but no seriously im 26 and i totally would watch duck tales still lol :P

PortalXDRayGun : I miss Ducktales

Hao Ng : Smosh bring me here to compare it

Zorlock : Being like "WAOW new intro is Freaking awesome", then coming back to the old one "WAOOOOOOOOW Old intro is still much more freaking awesome !!!! "

Ms. Liz Universe : Nice HD you got here. XD

Antonio Fagà : D-D-D-Danger

Doggish : "Recomended By Disney Enterprises" XD

BASStion : Life is like a hurricane


Ctrl z : Only on Disney Channel

rubentobin : Nice. It looks like you're going to hit the views lottery.

Aaron Teitlebaum : First, what's the point of presenting standard definition video in 1080 HD, and second, why did you change the aspect ratio from the original?

techweenie1 : loved this show when I was a kid in the late 80s.

jessica moskun : The finebros will send many people here.

7b7Ben : The Nostalgia Critic brought me here. 😎

KawaiPandaKun : D-d-d-danger It's my favorit part :'D

Alexandre Callegaro : The same singer of Tekken 5 intro. Incredible, is not it?

John Brown : TheFineBros sent me here, yet this video only has 648 views???


Darrin Adams : continue it! Life is like a hurricane!

Aivaras Tamošiūnas : TheFineBros. :)

Zedonathin : Nostalgia Critic anyone?

Elmy : whos here thats NOT from finebros but from nostalgia (or the intro idk)

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BlueLighting Kid 11 : This Show is Freaking Awesome

ShadowTailsFanLives : Same here. I was like, 6 the last time I watched this. xD A friend of mine got me Volume 1 of this series on DVD as a Graduation Gift this year, so I've been trying to catch up on the awesomeness (and, of course, I got the opening from said DVD, using some software a YT friend found for me. xD).

ShadowTailsFanLives : Same. xD

ShadowTailsFanLives : You should, dude. :3 Though, IDK where to watch them online, since YouTube doesn't have the episodes on here at all. :/ Though, I'm thinking about uploading the episodes on my (new, but inactive) media channel, so if I do upload them, I'll let ya know. :3 Anyways, I know right? xD I have to try & contain myself from humming it all the time.

ShadowTailsFanLives : Exactly, which is why I uploaded my copy I ripped. xD

ShadowTailsFanLives : OK, I'll see if I can find them. There are websites all over the internet that usually host cartoons that are free-to-watch. xD Well, I can honestly say that's true. xD I've been humming it non-stop all day! xD

ShadowTailsFanLives : Indeed. xD Though, it still looks a tad grainy, but that may have something to do with the fact that this cartoon is from the late 80's. :P

GOKU KETCHUM : i played the new theme song and had the old theme song muted

Dominus Icarus : congrats bro, let's see if you hit many views

SonicFan140 : OMG it's so beautiful! @_@

SonicFan140 : Yeah, probably. It looks better than other people's uploads of it, though.

Yoshi Yoshi! : 0:36 *T H E R E ' S A S T R A N G E R O U T T O F I N D Y O U*

burningmatch09.exe : Some nice examples of "Fudd Flags" in this video! Loved the show, still love the song! Thanks for uploading!

Sean Broderick : Looks original

tanyamanson78 : this is fecking amazing

Tuxedo Mask23 : Good taste in cartoons brought me here!

Edward Arnold : D'oh!

fighterbrony : life is like a hurricane here in, gainesville