DuckTales Opening (1080p HD)

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kap1618 : Its a shame Donald has the most developed personality, family, friendships, and practically everything else and still gets second billing to mickey.

CrimsonNineTail : Alan Young 1919-2016. Thank you, for "solving mysteries and rewriting history." RIP

Jeffrey Williams : best childhood song and tv show on toon disney of my life

trevorlane : New intro brought me here

AxalX7 : Miss the old cartoon style. Now adays the cartoons are too 3D

KawaiPandaKun : D-d-d-danger It's my favorit part :'D

ShadowTailsFanLives : So, apparently, TheFineBros is sending people here. ..... HOORAY, I'M POPULAR (not really, but OK)!

Dustin Simpson : omg the kids reactions were hilarious... but no seriously im 26 and i totally would watch duck tales still lol :P

Antonio Fagà : D-D-D-Danger

MewStor : RiP Alan

Ctrl z : Only on Disney Channel

Alexandre Callegaro : The same singer of Tekken 5 intro. Incredible, is not it?

Alisson Menezes : it's okay the brazilian version is better

El Mirdal : whos here thats NOT from finebros but from nostalgia (or the intro idk)

Zedonathin : Nostalgia Critic anyone?

Hao Ng : Smosh bring me here to compare it

7b7Ben : The Nostalgia Critic brought me here. 😎

PortalXDRayGun : I miss Ducktales

Zorlock : Being like "WAOW new intro is Freaking awesome", then coming back to the old one "WAOOOOOOOOW Old intro is still much more freaking awesome !!!! "

Ms. Liz Universe : Nice HD you got here. XD

John Brown : TheFineBros sent me here, yet this video only has 648 views???

techweenie1 : loved this show when I was a kid in the late 80s.

Gabriel Mercado : Reboot all you want. But you still can’t beat the classics.

Darrin Adams : continue it! Life is like a hurricane!

BASStion : Life is like a hurricane


Doggish : "Recomended By Disney Enterprises" XD

rubentobin : Nice. It looks like you're going to hit the views lottery.

Aaron Teitlebaum : First, what's the point of presenting standard definition video in 1080 HD, and second, why did you change the aspect ratio from the original?

jessica moskun : The finebros will send many people here.

Delirios de Fonsla : Muchas aventuras Hay en PatoLandia Con los chicos malos Y tambien los buenos Habra misterios Historias reales Patos Uh Uh Grandes aventuras Con los patos Uh Uh Patoaventuras las llamamos Grandes peligros a sortearlos Perseguidores a esquivarlos Esto y mas podras gozar Con patos uh uh Patoaventuras por montones Uh Uh Patoaventuras por montones Uh Uh Todo lo veran aqui con patos Uh uh Uh Uh Uh uh Uh uh

EvAn Ze Geek VA : R.I.P Alan Young

Yatangaki : Cucktales! Woohoohoo!

gothsoda : DUCKTALES UWU

NoxNeo LP : einfach klasse der song

tegan schookgaming : This was not in my childhood... BECAUSE I AM A CHILD

Ziv Bartal : !you are grrrrrrrounded

Edward Arnold : D'oh!

GOKU KETCHUM : i played the new theme song and had the old theme song muted

tegan schookgaming : But my mom sayed that I cant get youtube

Young Dagger Yume : I’m too young


tegan schookgaming : Well I was suppose to get youtube kids

Quitting Chsnnel : This Show is Freaking Awesome

daniel fife : I had a dream that I beat the shit out of Glomgold and if I did what would he do? he has no powers or strength. surprised I find him to be the meanest villain in the series?

thesnare100 : Some of these clips aren't in any episode of the original series, the shark with webby kissing it (with her helmet on??) the dollars with scrooge in space, and well, at least the tiger hugging the boys I don't remember.

Sasuke Uchiha : I don't dislike the new opening, but personally, this is better for me

Jorge Bolsomito : top

Setthetoneonem Official : Childhood 😩

Benny Moonwalker : classic