Interview: Catatonic Schizophrenic

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HairyToes : poor guy i feel so sorry for him :(

Jaque Glassé : Are you sure this wasn't the beta testing program for Zucc 1.0

Joshua Taylor : He seems a little off but the man didn't shoot up the place.

Johnny5sWorld : Now I see who Sheldon from Big Bang found his character...

hertzer2000 : Sheldon Cooper's one not annoying family member.

Al Cervix : Mental health is a tough one

Jaque Glassé : The initial aesthetic with grainy footage, off pastel colors and some ominous shadow figure along with the lo-fi sound makes this kinda creepy

Kris Williams : To be honest, this is one of the saddest things I have seen. Makes my heart ache to think of what he has suffered through.

Layne Staley : I hope he went on to become a good piano player.

The_ Joker : Repeat after me as fast as you can, To sit in solemn silence in a dull, dark dock, In a pestilential prison, with a life-long lock, Awaiting the sensation of a short, sharp shock, From a cheap and chippy chopper on a big black block! To sit in solemn silence in a dull, dark dock, In a pestilential prison, with a life-long lock, Awaiting the sensation of a short, sharp shock, From a cheap and chippy chopper on a big black block! A dull, dark dock, a life-long lock, A short, sharp shock, a big black block! To sit in solemn silence in a pestilential prison, And awaiting the sensation From a cheap and chippy chopper on a big black block!

Jason Schultz : This has a Stanley Kubrick feel to it.

007 T-5 : Put the piano deep in the woods and let him play the fucking thing!

DMC12Gauge : He seems very evasive to specific questions and focuses far more on his personal appearance and mannerisms he believes causes himself to be misunderstood. This is definitely not catatonia and doesn't at least appear to be schizophrenia. Rather he almost behaves in the manner of an autism spectrum individual as he has repetitive speech patterns and very narrow specific focuses.

crazycat lady : the interviewer irritates me. stop repeating the same questions and just give him the damn piano. huhu.

Flip Flop : Who's idea was it to grease his forehead up and dress him like Mr Rogers

Hollywood Hawkins : “I cannot describe an illustration”.

MrLucidity : "I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that"

Lickn Toads : Look like we have a gay piano player that came out of the closet in the 50's so they stuck him in the mental home and tried to drug the gay away.....

Mike Adler : man i get a messed up vibe this poor kid was gay and his dad beat him and put him into a mental house to be beaten straight

BugOutMoto : Sheldon from Big Bang Theory?

HuSia Cat : Honest lad, whatever his issues.

Susan Sexton : If he is still alive I want to find this poor man and give him a big hug. He went through hell. I hope life got better. Wish I could see for myself.

hypoeddy : I think in that day and age, he may have had great difficulty finding peers and acceptance, but it may be different now. I wonder if this kind of interrogation and treatment helped make him so distant.

BitHead1000 : More bronzer, he doesn’t look like howdy doodie yet.

Deborrah Cuttriss Sherman : This kid knows has enough insight to know - he's here because he's different and people don't like difference.

Robin : The way he speaks kind of reminds me of HAL 9000.

alex lehman : the man speaks in metaphors more often than not, this whole piano thing, lets think about that what do people do at a piano? well they perform things sequentially to create a beautiful harmonious ryhthm, I believe what he means by how he sits or stands at the piano is a reference to how he sits or stands at his life, how he acts in his life ect. The thing he is doing in his life that most people do not do is what most people who have taken any significant amount of acid understand, he's trying to figure out how to escape the metaphysical fishbowl of our mind, he plays with his own conciousness all day long, very interesting skill but when you do it you end up Schizophrenic, too bad too, the more literate and sociable among those that can do this typically end up being briliiant creatives

Made To Be Gray Productions : Probably more sane than half of the people I've met in 27 years.

Paul Delaney : Do you wonder if this guy is alive today?

MindGem : This guy probably just had asbergers and were in no danger to self or others but at the time they just out odd ppl in mental places to rid them from society. He is definitely catatonic as the video title says. Look it up.

DaZeD Merlin : I know how mental hospitals usually operate, and it's not hard to believe no one has actually told him, helping people is usually very low on their agendas unfortunately.

joel Chamberlain : Judging by the age of this video is it really a schizophrenic or an MK-ULTRA victim??? The fact he keeps saying "Describe an illustration" sounds like sounds like someone who has repeatedly shown pictures/illustrations to break their physchi...?!

A†ͼNeGrOӜDaMuSͽM†Ω : This guy seems like a low-key genius :o

Frank Guerrero : He was just gay and they probably did things to him that now would have been put to death for and even though I am a Christian I would be appalled I wouldn't want that man to be subject to anything

The Ralphies : In my opinion, sounds like he had “non supportive” parents period and that didn’t “HELP” him! SAD!!!!!

Night Garden : I wonder what became of him? 😢

David Kavalcenti : Looks like he's been drugged...

ImHeadshotSniper : damn this really sucks. seems like he has to think of his whole sentence before he says and he can't do anything about that. he seems super normal and almost smart but he's just stuck

Josh Morgan : #Sheldon post lobotomy

decoysk : I feel so bad for people with this problem ! it brings tears to my eyes. it must be terribly hard for parents and siblings to have to deal with this . my heart goes out to them and I pray that god will some day prevent this from happening or find a cure ! bless all who are afflicted with this horrible disease.

Jen Dark Energy 384400 : **I'm not a psychologist**

Thoros Thoros : Theres nothing wrong with him a bit weird in his own way but hey who isnt... If he thinks people dislike the way he sits or stands it might be paranoia more than anything or maybe he is telling the truth we all know people stare at anyone loiking or being different hell i wear my long hair certain ways and i get how people react to that...he is not dangerous or a reason to put him in an asylum like that...i think his parents didnt wana deal with it or give him the support he needs with his issue and decided to put him away.. Sad but true . .

Machete Bushcraft Australia : Even with today's advancements, Mental Health is still challenging for both clients as well as practitioners. Given the age of this recording and the time he has already spent in the clinic, I wonder how the meds they prescribed to him way back then, effected his response and demeanour during that interview? I also wonder if this young lad was brought up in a more accepting and supportive society, would his illness have progressed so far? At the end of the day, they mention nothing about violence or the possibility of it. They also don't mention that he is at risk of harming himself.

Blitz Krieg : like im watching Sheldon cooper

Exadoor Rising123 : This man is very articulate and it seems he has a high IQ but quite possibly he is sedated in some way. I hope he was treated in a humane fashion and finally found some sort of peace.

panther105 : He reminds me a little (appearance wise) of Gary Numan.... You can really feel the shrink stumbling around in the dark with this young man.

John Stratton : Sheldon Cooper?

Necrom : 4th day of Meth.

ripcurl010 : my dad was a the same as this man Im ashamed to admit I hated him because of it ,it was only later on in my life that I realised he couldnt help it, fortunate for me I grew up normal and not bitter lots dont they turn to drink and drugs in most cases....

Steve Steck : This poor fella. At least he isn't eating Tide Pods and snorting rubbers.