Interview: Catatonic Schizophrenic

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Jovis : 'Im not sure I understand, could you make that clearer for me?' ... *thinks* ... 'No' roasted 😂 🤣👌👌

Quizana S. : Yesterday youtube showed me a vid of multiple disorder today its this. I wonder whats tomorrow. 😊 Oh my gosh i didnt know this would be so relatable. 😂 thanks guys

KilljoysNeverDIE : Don’t make fun of him please 😔

RottenbunnycorpseLP : His skin glows brighter than my future

Goofy Doffy : He's like battling on his own thoughts before answering.

Will E. Fisturgash : Is this guy coated in a thin layer of Vaseline?

Douglas G : After reading the comments , i think hes the normal one here

James Swain : Me trying not to look stoned while talking to the cops

James M : Poor guy. He’s extremely thoughtful in his reactions.

M G : His answers are honest even if not rational. That psychiatrist does not understand basic principals of mediation and reverse psychology. Very few healthy people would give the answer that psychiatrist want when cornered like this, the psychiatrist believes that his patient should have less ego than he does and enforces that power on him. Many of high level medical professionals get off at power and control the way a primitive animal would but they are good at hiding it by using medical jargon, still it is just primitive power and control.

Jason Schultz : This has a Stanley Kubrick feel to it.

Jitu Rajkhowa : i think he listens to the voices inside his head whenever he paused to answer

Dfender67 : His skin is flawless!

Zometh : It's weird how everyone in the comment section knows everything about mental health and this patient.

MrMojo13ification : Wow whats his skin care routine

Kitana Kojima : Damn, even though he’s suffering from schizophrenia and in a catatonic state, he’s still so articulate. You can tell he’s brilliant, it’s unfortunate that so many people who are sweet natured and so intelligent have to be looked at in a particular fashion by stupid people who don’t understand their illness. That’s only a part of him. He’s clearly incredibly intelligent and spoke of his passion for piano, he was/is probably a very gifted player as well.

Daisy : Even the sanest people will get insane in a mental hospital.

reine poaty : This made me so sad

Abcdefg Abcdefg : He talks like sheldon

Andhika Bintara Putra : I have a friend with a schizo back then, we've known each other for like 3 years and in 4 years he never came out from his house anymore, he was being anti-social so me and my friend decided to visit his house. We all talk like everything was normal and he even told us that he had schizo since he stopped going out, suddenly he got a message on his phone and told us that lucifer asked him to kill one of my friend who by the time was with me. (I'm not even sure that his phone had really a new message or not since he grabbed it out of his pocket) We all spooked and decided to go home and never came back after that. That was the most terrifying experience that i've ever had.

dexm2010 : People who are lying about this man being their relative are disgusting.

Siddy Kay : Uneducated morons are at their keyboards again

Umer Zafar Tarar : Every mental patient in the world deserves kindness and compassion..

Alex : Am I the only one that wants to see this guy break it down on the piano?

REBEL : Can you imagine what the drugs they gave him were like? They would make you sit at the piano different.

The SandMan : SHELDON!!!! What have they done to you!?

martina mckenzie : It's really annoying to see people who have no idea about schizophrenia and the interview process makes such horrible comments about the interviewer. He is trying to determine the clients insight about his illness. Most schizophrenic patients lack insight. I don't get from this interview that he is gay. Maybe I'm not reading the words well but you all need to research before making comments. I'm also assuming that this is just a small part of the entire interview. The interviewer is not torturing him either. That's the normal behaviour of a schizophrenic patient. He is trying to see if he has paranoia, which is clear. How can somone dislike you because of how you sit at the piano? He has a flat affect and he believes people are against him. He is probably this relaxed because he is in meds too.

BenK : If there was a sequel where he plays the piano it would be the most watched part 2 video on YouTube

UltraEliteStatus : This guy is not autistic... he is clearly schizo like it says in the title. people need to remember that you cant diagnose someone from a single video. saying he is autistic after watching only this video as reference is simply ignorance.

Robin : The way he speaks kind of reminds me of HAL 9000.

HeavyProfessor : So people don’t like him because of the way he appears in relationship to the way he sits at the piano and, occasionally, because of the way he stands when he’s away from the piano because of the way he sits at the piano. Sounds terrible.

Anthony Arias : What are those demonic whispers in the back ground?

Beautiful Life : The interviewer is an abuser and the patient acts with elegance and class

D Dai : i feel bad for him...really.

Gm Visuals : The real shelton from the big bang

Itila Bantu : The comments section is more interesting than the video

Andrew Kalwitz : He is fearful of this interviewers confirmation bias. There is no way this interviewer, or any other "professional" or "expert" (of the unseen mind?!) is going to consider validating his account of things when they can just agree with the label that "everybody" (to the interviewer) already gave him. He is aware that anything he says will be used against him, as politely or calmly or "correctly" as he conducts himself. Give the fella some social security and a piano.

Kimberly Enriquez : My mom has schizophrenia :( this breaks my heart.

SweetFunk All : He has fabulous skin.

HappyBird's Glitter Nest : I'm not an expert, but I'm wondering if he was misdiagnosed and has something like Aspbergers? You can see the wheels turning when he is asked a question like he is processing it and afraid to give the incorrect answer. This is so sad. I sure hope this young man did okay in life.

Mike F : He should start a Shrimp Company!

strmynghts50 keifer : someone give me time machine ... i gotta rescue this dear soul and fk up everyone that's hurt sell my soul to the devil to finance his dreams come true!!!!!

jimmy Mika : He must use faboulus moisturizer!

ܔܛܔܔ ܔܛܔ : 1:26 MAKES ME SO SAD.

Niff : He's So Shiny

Nika baby : The interviewer is a POS he pissed me off😡😡😡

Deidre Adams : Poor man. I TOTALLY understand what's he's talking about. He was saying that it didn't sit well with his father because of his sexuality. The way he stands and sits...period. the 'piano' represents tables he sits at or sitting on the edge of the bed, etc. 😔😔😔 And NO, I'm not a Psychiatrist or Psychologist.

Stephanie Hufnagel : 08:12 is what matters here...

d mar : carl watch gonna do with that sling blade? mister ima gonna kill u

Nee : This man was my uncle. I’m not going to give any names, but for those of you who are concerned with how things turned out for him, not well. There’s so much to address here. First let me say that he was being treated in this video with meds. Without the medication his mood ranged from complete delusion to catatonic. As for being gay, I don’t think he had much of a sex drive at all. With or without meds. As for the idea that he was put here because he was gay by some unloving family, that’s ridiculous. I don’t have time to say all the things my family tried just to make his existence somewhat peaceful just for his own sake. My family had a couple of openly homosexual and lesbians in it even back in the sixties and with the exception of my mother’s father no one gave a shit. My uncle suffered with meds and even more without. After forty some odd years, most of which he spent in institutions, he took his own life by way of drug overdose. By the way, the comment about the plot twist, he never had a piano was funny because he didn’t. His seeming obsession with piano came and went as did obsessions with religion, especially the Catholic Church and government. As far as I know he couldn’t play a lick. He was very ill at his best and a living shell at his worst. I hope that answers some questions because that’s all I have to say on the matter. He’s been gone since the late eighties and I really hope that other members of my family don’t see this video, mostly because of the comments from people that somehow think they understand him better than the people who suffered with him. One last thing, I think people thought that he was talking about sitting or standing effeminately or something. No, he was talking about sitting or standing motionless for hours. Usually not even his facial expression would change but when it did it was usually related to something in his mind only. I really can’t begin to tell you all how heartbreaking the whole thing was. He did seem intelligent and with meds he did remind me of a high functioning guy with autism I once met.