The Cranberries - Zombie (SNL 1995) [HQ]

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mytoobusr : RIP Delores. Beautiful soul gone too soon

Magegg : One of the best songs ever, I'd say.

primovid : Wikipedia says this is one of the best SNL performances ever...I agree! Having seen literally hundreds of concerts, it is incredibly difficult to perform flawlessly at this level in only one take.

eve _kali : Remember when actual bands used to play actual instruments on actual stages while actually singing?

DEthe5150 : Sad to hear that Dolores passed away today. :'( R.I.P.

Lucas Chacon : This version gives me goosebumps. Rest In Peace Dolores, your voice will last in our hearts forever.

Sung Yul Taylor : 90's was an AMAZING time for music. People like Dolores O'Riordan actually put their soul into music instead of just chanting about $$$ and hoes. I don't wanna hear about your $$$ and women unless you actually make it poetic. Try writing a song like this talented band for once.

Stan Smith : To answer everyone's question, it's tilted due to copyright. I can probably make a download of my SNL folder if people want it.

R I C K S W A N : Can you imagine being there, seeing this, hearing this for the first time?

ClassicVideos80s : No 1 in Australia 1994 RIP Delores.

Jordan A : One great performance! And Dolores's voice sounds as incredible as the studio version

PurelyAfrican : Back then it was normal to see a woman with a guitar in their handsIt was not shocking. Now people are still shocked if you see a female guitarist/rocker.  THIS was the golden era of female musicians there were so many! We really had role models. If you were a female music fan or aspiring musician you had someone to look up to. I feel for girls now who do they have; katy perry and demi levato?! Dolores you are so missed- end of an era...

Edward : Any citizens of Ireland here? Would like to know how powerful this song is to the people of Ireland and the general opinion of it.

Rob Ellis : She was a bad ass chic, amazing unique voice and super hot.

footangnang laaggg : her voice sounds like death, nightmare, afterlife, massacre

hbgalore1 : If this was the first time I heard this song, I'd probably just be so stunned I wouldn't be able to get out of my chair.

Lissette Rodriguez : please bring back the 90's rock

Evan M : probably one of the top 3 SNL live performances of all-time

Badwing : This is one of my favorite songs. She can hit all those little voice nuances perfectly as on the recording. This song will be forever. I like how if you really love a band and then see them suck live it makes a band like this really show everyone what "pro" means.

19iyaman79 : it's been 21 years and i still find it amazing! this song always reminded of my youth.. .reminded me of the girl that i used to love.

Paul Wolf : Rest In Peace your voice will live on! 💔💔💔

blackbirdxpress : Wow. I forgot that people used to make music that had a message and meant something bigger than just their money and their sexual conquests....

BullyG : The way her voice echos and cracks on the high notes is amazing..........

Kevin : incredible.

Dean Galloway : I like her haircut and stunning vocal control equally. You were as beautiful as your music Dolores O’Riordan. We will miss you so.😢

Nick Smith : A very powerful song, especially if you are aware of what was going on in Northern Ireland in the mid-90s.

wsiers : You can just hear the absolute pain in her soul as she sings this. Absolutely, stunningly brilliant.

Ashok Sinha : this song is Syria ryt now such a shame

Sarah Agrusa : Irish 🍀 pride 👐🏼

Joseph Asdo : I love the part then her voice cracks it gives the song a meaning

Nicole Mae : I am in love with this song

Matt, son of Ev : The way she says zombie when she sings gives me chills. Always has. Love it

Art Trivia : Watching all these videos from the 90's brings back so great memories, also sadness because my homeland Venezuela was a decent country where you could grow up and have a good life, not the shithole it has become now.

Jeremy Paré : If you went to highschool from 94-99 and this wasnt on one of your mix tapes you had issues

Tony Laskin : The CRanberries had a couple okay songs. Nothing all that great... except for this song. This song is amazing.

Ashley Painter : I always had a crush on her! Wonder if I am the only one?

President Donald J. Trump : Damn I miss the 90's.

indecent proposal : Sweet lord baby jesus, Dolores O'Riordan. Woman can belt it

ALLinALL-Good : *_Godspeed to You on Your Way Beautiful Angel_*

James Ruff : RIP. shocked.

Bar Gallagher : RIP, I am sad to say that I have not listened to her music in ages, you forget how good it was!;

Micah Vitko : The saddest thing is that you can show this to some people, especially kids now, and they will just think it's noise. They ignore all emotion. This is just such a powerful song, words can't explain.

arthur kyriazis : a legendary, famous performance. today, St Patrick's Day, let us honor Delores O'Riordan. Since 1916...we're still fighting...

Ciaran O’Dobvhlin : R.I.P Dolores,sleep tight. Ireland won’t forget❤️

Sid Smith : We are saddened of the passing of Dolores. This was an amazing performance. One of the best ever on SNL. Fantastic vocals. This Irish band was always one of my favorites. RIP. We mourn you in Indianapolis

Modern Milner : I miss the days when bands, songs and performances like this could flat-out blow me away.

Blake Reed : she looks good playing the gretsch

killinemharshly : R.I.P. i woke up for for this morning to find out you are gone oh my......i listen to hardcore rap for the most part but this song has a special place for me and my anger of the best voices of my generation thanks you

burned fromthesun : Why does her voice induce real tears. Lol. Like I wanna break down when I hear her voice. It's indescribable.

Rick Rose : Dolores. Chrissie. Patti. What a rock star looks like.