Theos magic set after Joey Diaz

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Inner City Dispute : Is he just going off the top of his head? If so, damn his imagination is off the charts.

RedPanda FPV : This made me feel like I ate mushrooms like 45 minutes ago and they’re juuuuuuuuust starting to creep up the neck.

Sam : The quintessential beautiful train wreck.

Ash : "Is this water? It isn't. It smells negative." I completely understand this.

Dillon Smalley : "We wasn't gay we was just children" lmao

Dogmo Satchmo : I ate an entire quarter of shrooms once. I grabbed a guitar and went into the park to play. I made 31 dollars from passerbys...I didn't know how to play the guitar at all at the time...No idea what I did

nosajasonM : my favorite part of this set are those little stray thought, mental digressions that just happen to get vocalized. one example when Theo is rubbing his face then just says "this hair won't grow in very well"

David Zimmerman : Grabs chair "I'm probably gonna sit down" Walks away from chair 🍄 🍄

Bao Tran : how he managed that for 25 min on shrooms is incredible

Sal A. Mander : "im a human being " "im alright" typical shroom talk

RedPanda FPV : Making Uncle Joey proud.

kingdom come : you can see the waves hitting him lol. I must say, your ability to hold it together and form consistent story lines is impressive.

pino chuck : "they got prince - he was a drug addict on a little bicycle"

upsidedown : This dude in the front with the long hair should be beaten

Trev Moran : As a Dublin born, Cork raised Irishman with a brother rockin' the extra chromosome, I had no idea my brother was 600% more Irish than me!

Liam Sweeney : The guy at the front was paying such little attention he didn't even notice when Theo berated him for not paying attention. Smh.

umm ok : Sarcasm and satire is next level, too smart for some crowds love this dude

Deegan F : "These gays is out there dude..."

tripd : I wonder if Theo learned how to bomb and have a good set simultaneously from Hedberg

Timothy Hale : I love when Theo talks about his neighborhood and upbringing, it's REAL stuff! You don't hear, or at least I haven't heard, a lot of comedians coming from this type of life.

real_clemente : Comedy series, similar to This Is Not Happening, where professional comics eat mushrooms and riff for 10 minutes. Somebody please fund this. Joey Diaz can host.

Atilio Escobar : Theo has such a unique style. So hilarious. But did u really sell branded hamsters at raves?!? Ha!

Michael Marroquin : “If I heard Christmas sounds I knew it meant he was trying to do sex”

Ty bot : I went grocery shopping once after dropping two tabs. Very very difficult.

rico suave : the balding long haired dirt bag in the front row stuffing his pie hole with gross comedy club processed food is really pissing me off : )

KyZZrR : “Lips are soft, dawg”- SHROOM MOMENT SO HARD 😂😂😂😂😂😂

David : "yea im votin for trump dude, i like video games"

michael hourigan : This is either genius or really fucking sad. I can't decide.

MegaSkilla : That's like 700% Irish!!

Gibson1961SG : Slow start, and a strong finish. Iffy crowd.

Matt Swizz : This guy is the master of disaster. I love it.

Creative dogs : Hes so different from comedians these days. Love it.

Forrest RedFox : Dude just found Theo and I fucking love him so much

Liam D Turner : This is the shroom set?

Jimmy D'Amora : "One of y'all's different" hahaha creepy af.

Woodman TV : Came for the magic, stayed for the set

emoji highroglyf : This is like when Santana performed at Woodstock tripping nuts. Real hero stuff

Brandon Blu : Did you just turn on a bunch of lamps in here?

Joshua Sealock : Joe Rogan sent me

Julie Pipich : “is this a coffee house?”

Korbin Dallas : 20 seconds in 'hrmmm, what else' 😂

Daniel Aubertine : How are these people not dying?!?!

road runner bill : ...anyway man, these gays though. Now that's an issue

already fuktup : Greatest. Set. Ever. This shit was the real deal. Mad props to Theo for brutal honesty & the balls to psilly it up on stage.

Walter Martinez : This guy is an American hero

Michiel Janssen : Saw you play poker with Bill Burr, came here to check out your comedy, I was not dissapointed. 10/10

casey keyser : Bro funniest shit ever! I'm so glad you did those shrooms or I wouldn't have had 20 minutes of non stop laughter.. couldn't stop staring at the dude in the front row with the long hair though what the eff was his deal lol

Rinny Pop : he's so beautiful here. aesthetically speaking ....

Maurice Green : YO THEO!!! I went to LA for the First time last month..March 19th i did a show in Van Nuys at the Springbok bar and Grille... ate a weed brownie for the first time..and acted JUST LIKE THIS..but i didnt know how to react to the weed... i was super paranoid and worried about being taken to the i babbled on stage for like 4 minutes.. couldnt think of any of my material..everyone says i shouldve have embraced the high and just told the audience what was going on....... AND YOU EMBRACED YOURS..KUDOS... ps.. ILL NEVER DO THAT SHIT AGAIN! STRAIGHT SOBER ON THE STAGE FROM NOW ON! LOL.. EFF THAT!! SHIT WAS TERRIFYING. i tried to channel richard pryor.... I BITCHED UP LIKE RICHARD SIMMONS.. #FAIL! LOL

Leila Moss : This is the best thing thats ever happened to me. 🍄