Theos magic set after Joey Diaz

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Rogue Beast : Is he just going off the top of his head? If so, damn his imagination is off the charts.

Sam : The quintessential beautiful train wreck.

Ash : "Is this water? It isn't. It smells negative." I completely understand this.

RedPanda FPV : Making Uncle Joey proud.

pino chuck : "they got prince - he was a drug addict on a little bicycle"

Zac Choate : “Crescent roll in a Chevron son, let’s get French”

KcoH : Only those who have trippes off shroooms know how insane this had to be for him

real_clemente : Comedy series, similar to This Is Not Happening, where professional comics eat mushrooms and riff for 10 minutes. Somebody please fund this. Joey Diaz can host.

RedPanda FPV : This made me feel like I ate mushrooms like 45 minutes ago and they’re juuuuuuuuust starting to creep up the neck.

BroImpeccable : *"We wasn't gays or nothin, we was children."*

Michael Marroquin : “If I heard Christmas sounds I knew it meant he was trying to do sex”

Hrothgrar : "That smells negative" 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄

Woody Dixon : This set would have KILLED if he wasn't in California

Bao Tran : how he managed that for 25 min on shrooms is incredible

Justin baker : Theo out here mastering the dark arts

Jamaa L : He's so high that I'm high

AVEN : “Lips are soft, dawg”- SHROOM MOMENT SO HARD 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Dominique Lee : 10:00 he lowkey really just told a dark ass memory

Liam Sweeney : The guy at the front was paying such little attention he didn't even notice when Theo berated him for not paying attention. Smh.

All Things Interesting : That dude in the front is an epic cocksmoker.

Al : "My friend growing up he had down syndrome right... but they never got the paper work done on him.. he just had know... FREELANCED"

Billy Pilgrim : I’m doin butt kegals, but that’s for a movie

Chris Leos : He did eat shrooms before this stand up. Watch (joey diaz and theo von #383). They eats shrooms during joeys podcast. Then he goes onstage after. Hes wearing the same shirt. Legit

Neuro . Genesis : I feel like that eurasian guy in the front is an arms dealer meeting clients

DJFaNaTiiC : “I’m a human person I’m ok”

RiiCaRd09328 : "beautiful legs as a child"

ThA MAN C MAcK : Dude in the front though... 👎🏻 Yeesh

Uncle Kyle : 13:19 😂😂😂 I'm still dying a year after I first heard this..... No he don't! He's Irish! 😂😂😂😂

Julie Pipich : “is this a coffee house?”

Jernelle Rosales : "Did y'all just turn a bunch of lights on? Or were they already on? Oh, okay." 😂💀

Atilio Escobar : Theo has such a unique style. So hilarious. But did u really sell branded hamsters at raves?!? Ha!

Creative dogs : Hes so different from comedians these days. Love it.

James M : He’s quickly becoming my favorite


Esteban Graham : Set off of shrooms, that takes some balls ... what a time.

David Zimmerman : Grabs chair "I'm probably gonna sit down" Walks away from chair 🍄 🍄

STEVEN SPENNEBERG : He said Hillary is a Liar. Thumbs up

Denkanizerad : "it smells negative" hahaha

Vincent : I thought this was just an off set at the start until i realised he said _magic_ mushrooms. no clue how he held it together even that well, fucking gold.

weava repfours : And this older man would come over and tickle me....and hed say "one of y'all different" Lololol

Dogmo Satchmo : I ate an entire quarter of shrooms once. I grabbed a guitar and went into the park to play. I made 31 dollars from passerbys...I didn't know how to play the guitar at all at the time...No idea what I did

JC : Freelance Down's Syndrome? 😆😆

emoji highroglyf : This is like when Santana performed at Woodstock tripping nuts. Real hero stuff

Josh Valentine : But these gays are just relentless dude😂😂😂

crypto nouveau : He don't have downs syndrome.. he's Irish.... nobody's THAT Irish! That's like 700% Irish!!!

David : "yea im votin for trump dude, i like video games"

Benjamin Franklin : There are so many BEAUTIFUL one liners in this set.

Josh Hughes : How he kept his composure I will never know!

Mitchell Neessen : i knew this set was going to be gold when he starts off saying “i’d hit it probably” 😂😂😂😂

Cody Fyfe : next comic: Theeeooooooovooooon everybody! *crowd applauses again* Comic: Yuup. I just did meth! *video cuts.*