Theos magic set after Joey Diaz

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Ash : "Is this water? It isn't. It smells negative." I completely understand this.

Sam : The quintessential beautiful train wreck.

Bao Tran : how he managed that for 25 min on shrooms is incredible

kēromara : Is he just going off the top of his head? If so, damn his imagination is off the charts.

Dogmo Satchmo : I ate an entire quarter of shrooms once. I grabbed a guitar and went into the park to play. I made 31 dollars from passerbys...I didn't know how to play the guitar at all at the time...No idea what I did

Dillon Smalley : "We wasn't gay we was just children" lmao

ChazWick4 : 7:59 such a shroom moment LMAO! "smells negative"

David Zimmerman : Grabs chair "I'm probably gonna sit down" Walks away from chair 🍄 🍄

RedPanda FPV : This made me feel like I ate mushrooms like 45 minutes ago and they’re juuuuuuuuust starting to creep up the neck.

Atilio Escobar : Theo has such a unique style. So hilarious. But did u really sell branded hamsters at raves?!? Ha!

Michael Moore : Ive taken shrooms, how the hell you pulled that off is impressive.

Sal A. Mander : "im a human being " "im alright" typical shroom talk


nosajasonM : my favorite part of this set are those little stray thought, mental digressions that just happen to get vocalized. one example when Theo is rubbing his face then just says "this hair won't grow in very well"

Trev Moran : As a Dublin born, Cork raised Irishman with a brother rockin' the extra chromosome, I had no idea my brother was 600% more Irish than me!

upsidedown : This dude in the front with the long hair should be beaten

kingdom come : you can see the waves hitting him lol. I must say, your ability to hold it together and form consistent story lines is impressive.

Wesley Thibodeau : The funniest part of all this is that to me this is kinda like the crowd back in the day being at a taping of a comedy CD by Andrew Dice Clay. The audience thinks the set isn't that funny, but it becomes comedy gold! This is a great set, it has all the awkwardness needed to stand out as remarkably hilarious. We shouldn't take the comedy format so seriously. The moments he struggles are what makes this performance magical. Refreshing!

RedPanda FPV : Making Uncle Joey proud.

chronic tonic : "i'm voting for trump, I like video games" lmfao best quote ever.

David : "yea im votin for trump dude, i like video games"

lightsxoutx Charlie : it's okay to laugh. that's just God shaking you and making a sound.

tripd : I wonder if Theo learned how to bomb and have a good set simultaneously from Hedberg

flopimus : "He was a pedophile...he was 80..he licked the corner of his lips alot" lol

Deegan F : "These gays is out there dude..."

rico suave : the balding long haired dirt bag in the front row stuffing his pie hole with gross comedy club processed food is really pissing me off : )

umm ok : Sarcasm and satire is next level, too smart for some crowds love this dude

MegaSkilla : That's like 700% Irish!!

MrTwatwaffle007 : " he was trying to do sex" lmfao.

mankypancakes : let's be honest real quick. this was such a raw confession of real trauma, I don't know anything about theo outside of this video, but this'll inevitably be seen as gamechanging

joker2k999 : good set + Mushrooms - wack(LA)crowd= GreatF'nSet ! Brah' Keep it up Theo. You got what they don't: originality. Keep smacking em in the face.

Joshua Sealock : Joe Rogan sent me

michael hourigan : This is either genius or really fucking sad. I can't decide.

Brandon Hinton : Jesus in the front not concerned at all.

ChazWick4 : "did you just hear 311? ok ... I think I've had enough" LMAO!!

Timothy Hale : I love when Theo talks about his neighborhood and upbringing, it's REAL stuff! You don't hear, or at least I haven't heard, a lot of comedians coming from this type of life.

Ty bot : I went grocery shopping once after dropping two tabs. Very very difficult.

Forrest RedFox : Dude just found Theo and I fucking love him so much

real_clemente : Comedy series, similar to This Is Not Happening, where professional comics eat mushrooms and riff for 10 minutes. Somebody please fund this. Joey Diaz can host.

emoji highroglyf : This is like when Santana performed at Woodstock tripping nuts. Real hero stuff

Michael Marroquin : “If I heard Christmas sounds I knew it meant he was trying to do sex”

Duke Dank : "What was I sayin?" "What were we talkin about?" 😂 "It smells negative!"🤣

Liam D Turner : This is the shroom set?

_ Shivadonis : This fool is Mushin kinda hard to be on stage. What a Savage

Jimmy D'Amora : "One of y'all's different" hahaha creepy af.

Adam Chapman : psychedlics are so weird man... I probably would have been stuck in a loop retelling my first story over and over again. idk how you pulled it off.

pino chuck : "they got prince - he was a drug addict on a little bicycle"

S3ZZY Payote : That Irish bit is hysterical

Julie Pipich : “is this a coffee house?”

Korbin Dallas : 20 seconds in 'hrmmm, what else' 😂