Military recruitment scene from Winter's Bone 2010
Compelling recruitment scene from Winters Bone 2010 featuring an actual army recruiter

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Jennifer Lawrence


Donald Elliot : She so thoroughly inhabits the characters she plays, I don't see her, I see Ree.  I see Tiffany and Katniss.  Then this woman Jennifer Lawrence does interviews and talks about them.  She's phenomenal.

K Russell : Not seen the movie, but this scene is really compelling. The acting's so natural.

Katie K. : Lawrence is AMAZING. I was skeptical at first, but am really learning to appreciate her talent. wow

Tarek Nabulsi : Definitely one of Jennifer Lawrence's better movies.

Mike M : Too bad most military recruiters don't behave ethically like this young man.

Safe Space Bear : Wish I would have had that guy as my recruiter.

melodymakr1 : This recruiter was brilliantly acted, if he was acting at all. Guy sounds like a real recruiter.

99thJediWarrior : In alot of ways, Ree was already a soldier through and through in the movie. The fact that she didn't even give up after all that happened to her, physically and mentally, speaks volumes for her personality overall. #StrongFemaleCharacters

AJ Rayo : This was the most pleasant encounter she had the whole movie

MilkyWay : I just want to clear a few things up, you don't get 40 grand immediately for signing up. It is called the GI Bill and you get it after you have fulfilled your contract, which realistically will be at several years in the future, and provided that you were not dishonorably discharged. Furthermore, the money is only for specific purposes, one being college tuition, you cannot use it for whatever you want. I encourage anyone considering joining the military to do as much research as you can before signing the contract. Don't be fooled by sweet deals on paper with a lot of strings attached. It's a life changing decision, and unless this is what you really want to do, don't sign up. If you've already signed up, then HOOAH! Welcome to the family :)

Calvin George : This is the movie that should have won her the Oscar.

Jesus Roselly : great scene , the setting and recruiter are set so well that I wonder if this was filmed in an actual recruiting center. if the writers were ambitious they could write a sequel based on ree coming back from her first deployment. better yet the sequel cud have scene where Ree is playing my childhood was more f,d up than your childhood.

Daniel Plainview : I always liked this scene. To me it really showed Ree's intelligence but ignorance of life outside of her world.

Ricepudding94 : He's not an actor, he's a real military recruiter.

universe93 : the soldier is a really natural actor

Jerrold Donato : When Jennifer Lawrence is still Jennifer Lawrence... so funny she won in silver linings lol

Paola Ponticelli : I felt he wasn't an actor, but a real recruiter because his peaceful way to speak so inspired..then i read that he was actually a sergent...great scene..magnificent

ambivalent ambiguity : Great dialogue and naturalistic acting. Jennifer is talented and hot to boot.

WOI Smith : Perfect. The tension... and their demeanours play off each other perfectly. This is such beautiful scene - so much is conveyed outside of just the words spoken. Bravo actors. Bravo.

Raymond Gonzalez : I gotta pass the ASVAB test to join the US army.

. : the recruiter was SPOT ON i herd the exact same thing

Frans Cobben : Army = somehow social security in the U.S.A. !

THE GAMING SOLDIER : This movie shows the difference between a natural-acting strong female character and the current trend of "strong female characters" in roles where they do everything better than any male.

Haley Mitchell : this part of the movie was filmed in the rotc room at my school.

Harrison Miller : Jen says more with her face than most actors say with their voice.

Trevor Hirsch : Oorah

Ryan S : Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the emblem and the flag on the left side of the screen a Marine Corp. emblem and flag? Just curious, it caught my eye right at the beginning.

monkeycarz : Thought most of the acting in this movie was pretty lousy, the Army recruiter being the exception.Now someone's comment here says he's not an actor? Well he's the best actor in the movie, so I guess professional actors must be really lousy at acting compared to the average person on the street.

burpie : Jennifer Lawrence is amazing in this, but the army recruiter is AMAZING in this.