Dumbledore asked calmly
Dumbledore asked calmly

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Wincent Michta : If this is calmly for Dumbledore, then no wonder why Voldemort was scare because of him.

Aji Saputra-Nii : I wonder what happen if dumbledore asked harry aggresively, if this already on his calm form...

MashRep : Legend says that this video only appears in your feed when you should be asleep.

Ro_hit 31 : "AVAAHUDHHA KEDHAVRAAH" Tom said calmly.

Anto Batta : Nobody: JkRowling: Dumbledore likes it rough

Tia Aaron : "Dumbledore and Grindlewald had an intense,sexual relationship." JK Rowling twitted calmly.

Sophia Akkad : "Harry, did you put your name into the goblet of fire?" Dumbledore asked calmly as he proceeded decapitate Harry.

Lazii Galaxii : *_HARRY DIDJA PHUT YUR NEIM INTHE GOBLIET OF FYAH?_* "n-no sir" *_yEs?_* 0:06

Stubets Gamer : I hate you: anakin screamed calmly

Magnaillusion : "HAAAAAUUUUURRRGGH", the T-Rex whispered softly as it tip-toed towards the jeep.

Steintastatur : yea I think the book and the movie have some *slight* differences

Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you : *"HERE'S JOHNNY"* Jack said calmly

Subject Delta Δ : “DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE” *points gun at Harry*

MangaAddict : Dumbledore in the books is portrayed as being calm, collected and omniscient, while in the movies he's erratic, brash and lacking composure. This scene perfectly captures the disparity between the two characters.

Blueberry GamerTM : Then Dumbledore proceeded to gently punch the lights out of Harry.

Isaiah Hobbs : "Im actually gay" Dumbledore said calmly

Rekken and Yu : Damn imagine if the original line in the book was "Dumbledore violently approaches Harry, shaking him while asking, 'DiD yOU pUt YoUR nAMe iN tHe GobLEt oF fIRe'

My Life : 2016: 2017: 2018: 2019: *PUTS IN EVERY HP FAN'S RECOMMENDED*

Akechi Kun!! : Book Dumbledore: i sleep Movie Dumbledore: *W O K E*

JarrodDSchneider : "Let there be light," God said unimpactfully.

BrutonBricks : Palpatine calmly stated he is the senate, gently pulls out a lightsaber, and quietly performs a stunt for Mace Windu’s pleasure.

Kasia Wesołek : It was calmly, he just spoke in German.

Tae Natdanai : “Do you want to be gay harry?” JK Rowling ask calmly

Davidci Codex : "May I ask if you put your name in the Goblet of Fire, Harry?" Dumbledore asked calmly as he pacefully walked to him then gently pushed him.

raven knight : Batman interrogate joker with a calmly voice: where is she

Gabi Sebi AL : Turn on captions. Trust me

Adqm : Book: he said calmly Movie: *Yeeeee*

Kevin Mackie : calm.exe has stopped working

Hunk : That was probably the calmest I've ever seen Dumbledore

Crizzy_J : “Mr. Stark I don’t feel so good” said Spider-Man calmly.

Max Schendell : *Dumbledore stabs Harry 23 times calmly*

Remshot : "Bring me Thanos." Thor requested,calmley zaping them.

Kev 420 : I love that dumbeldore is running towards him lmao

Leela Doggo : If this happened in the book I would have dropped the book by laughing too much and then I would cry because I lost my page 😂

Rafael Ishkhanyan : "Madness? This is Sparta" king Leonidas whispered quietly and gently pushed the messenger away.

Your alternate account : Welcome to another episode of Why this was in my recommendations?

Im Future You : This is my brother playing fortnite 'calmly'

Spark The Fox : Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Totally and Absolutely Nobody: J.K. Rowling: Dumbledore wasn't calm the entire time

Complete Ultra Instinct Broly : that's not even his *Final FORM!!!* 😁

《Deadly Hallows》 : In the book: "did you put your name into the goblet of fire" Dumbledore asked calmly. In the movie: "did you put your name in the goblet of Fyahh !!" slaps snape, pushes the table, does a backflip, breakes harry's arm.

jaybird : 12 sec video 5 million views YOU KNOW THIS GONNA BE GOOD

DarthWall275 : Richard Harris Dumbledore would have asked calmly.

Leela Doggo : omg the captions 😂😂 Dumbledore apparently says : *hey I'm pirate Jupiter named with a couple of fire*

just let me change my name god dammit Birco : "I'm going to beat you to a bloody pulp" Yoshikage says to Koichi in a soft spoken and calm voice

PotatoChipQueen : **calmly snaps your neck**

Sir Flemeington : Book: Dumbledore asked calmly Movie: Dumbledore asked aggressively Netflix adaptation: Dumbledore intensely abuses Harry with a your mothers toy in cold blood for possibly putting his name in the goblet

boiledelephant : The scene of him defending Trelawney's residency was the point of maximum adaptation decay. In the book he's dignified and logical, to the infuriation of Umbridge, and the tension between them is immense: his placid resilience against her barely-contained viciousness. In the film he plays it like a flailing drunk arguing with passersby in the park.

•thelittlest cactus• : Dumbledore cuts off Harry's toes and crushes them with a sledgehammer *calmly*

Mr Hyyyde : Dumbledore proceeded to gently and calmly stroke Harry’s leg “grab my wand” he said calmly