Dumbledore asked calmly

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Pixel : snape made a soft noise of impatient disbelief

tfhud : Why tf did this appear in my recommendations? Even tho i've seen this somewhere before(may be youtube)

Rekken 200 : Damn imagine if the original line in the book was "Dumbledore violently approaches Harry, shaking him while asking, 'DiD yOU pUt YoUR nAMe iN tHe GobLEt oF fIRe'

Grav Donte : Just for the record...DUMBLEDORE IS THE CALMEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!! (in his own way)

Brock Lee : *calmn't*


Isabela Franco : iconic

the bro : What is the deal here, can somebody enlighten me CALMLY?

PsychoStarquo : C A L M L Y

OOM- 32 : wonderful

xXSilentAgent47Xx : You're a wizard Harry.

Da Dragon Durp : Dumbledore came running to Harry, then shook him to the point where Harry nearly had a heart attack. "HArrY dId yA pUt YEr nEM iN dA GoBLit o FAYAH?!" Dumbledore asked calmly.

Alessandro M. Lupacchini : 0:06 that's definitely the face of someone being asked something calmly

♥ Luz ASMR ♥ : Jajajajajajaja

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Cum-ly

Sumukh : This is the prequel of “Oh Hi Mark” meme xD

Emily K. : I love how this is the one thing Harry Potter book fans will never forgive and never forget :P

Something Interesting : When u forget to take the chicken out the freezer

MidnightGirl : Book: "Did you put your name into the goblet of fire Harry?" he asked calmly. Movie: HARRY DID YEH PUT YEH NAME IN DA GOBLET OF FIYAH????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roberta 29 : *“DIAGHHONALLLHY”* Harry said, clearly

Bad Masterplan : Severus Snape In the book: Made a soft noise of impatient... In the movie: Dumbledore, don't kill him pls

Thomas Owens : "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" Gandalf replied ca......wait

Ray Keller : You're not you when you're hungry

RichChanLikesTacos : That does not look like calm to me

Ned Rostram : Almost chokes Harry's neck. *Calm*

•• Mirinae •• : Dumbledore, you're not you when you're hungry. Grab a snickers

mad hanger : Roses are red, weed gets you higher... HARRY DID YA PUT YA NAME IN DA GOBLET OF FIYAHHH!!!!

TheDraconianViking : "No sir!" "*Y I S*"

Joosua Anttila : That's how my dad sounds when he is calm.

Justin Y. : "Calmly"

Taylor Breckenridge : Calm as a cucumber

Leila Skye : Me rehearsing what I’m gonna say in my head vs how it actually comes out

Cancer Police : As someone who watched the movie before reading the book, I had a bit of a "Huh?" reaction when reading that part

Randompotato13 : *You're* *not* *you* *when* *your* *hungry*

TheAmbidextrousTroll : "Say hello to my little friend." Tony said calmly. "Run, go, get the chopper." Dutch said calmly. "Yo Adrian, I did it." Rocky said calmly. "Let's rock." Private Vasquez said calmly.

Linda Peng : hahah

Roshan Motwani : I saw an ad which was longer than length of this video And I have no regrets

30 minutes : The 274.621.847.527.1th time I am here. P. S. Don't write a comment that says that the video hasn't got that many views😂😂

XPERTGAMER599 : 0:06 Harry be like, “ oh shit this ain’t in the book...”

missbrg : I suppose "calm" is a relative term.

LemonOVA : Dumbledore attacks Harry calmly

Wholesome Lad : *Calm on* Book! Get your facts straight

Nasrullah Gunawan : Dumbledore asked calmly, they said. There's no problem, they said.

mega sean : If that’s calmly, I’d hate to see him outrageously bellowing with all the hatred in his soul.

Deacon : How about the Manga?

Manly Man : "Dumbledore asked calmly, holding a knife in his hand"

Pankuck : "never been calmer."

Malkay : I always had a small problem with this scene, I didn't even read the book but I just felt like this isn't how Dumbledore would have reacted about the situation.

Pankuck : absolute calm unit.

Mon sil 몽실 : So...fucking....calm.......?