Dumbledore asked calmly

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Morgan Lemons : My mom's version of calm

i got so many subs by commenting : *_that's my mom 5 mins after she said 'you have to go to bed' calmly_*

A Drum Tsukumogami : Dumbledore asked calmly. (X) Doubt

guyyouseewhenyoudie : “Avada Kedavra”, Dumbledore said calmly.

Felipi Medeiros Macedo : Youtube recommended calmly.

White Horse : "Dumbledore asked calmly, holding a knife in his hand"

TheAlfrulz : "No" Darth Vader said calmly, after learning his wife Padme died.

Kasia Wesołek : It was calmly, he just spoke in German.

Nicholas C. : "This is Sparta." King Leonidas calmly kicks the Persian messenger into the well.

Kermit the Toad : In the anime he just skipped the dialogue and beat the crap out of Harry.

dank boi : How mom thinks that she asked me to clean my room: ''Honey go clean your room please'' How she really asks me to clean my room: *HARRYDJUPUTYONEIMINTHEGOBLEOFAIAH*

Mega Man X Powered Up : Book: Calmly Movie: Frantic Shouting Netflix Adaptation: Dumbledore gets his belt as Harry cowers under a school desk, desperately pleading that he did not put his name in the Goblet before screaming in agony as the buckle strikes his back. He'll be spending a month in the infirmary after this...if he survives.

Eat Me : "Avada Kedavra" Voldemort hollered calmly

thanks for reading this i like cats : If anyone's wondering, it's on the fourth book page 232. You're welcome

o mpampas sou : Comment section make it 2000 times better

LemonOVA : Dumbledore attacks Harry calmly

that one guy : *he rams Harry's head into the wall 58 times **_camly_*

Vary crusty Boi : Your mom getting after you in public vs. getting after you at home

Kee Leichtle : Book version:I suggest we form a calming circle Movie version: *I AM CALM!!!!!!!!!*

Blyat Cancer : Open the subtitles. Thx me later. I never expected that likes tho. txx

Elzeta : If that's 'calmly' I don't wanna know what's 'angrily' for them

Proxsea : These YouTube recommendations keep on getting better.

ramona lynn : I never read the books but I always found Dumbledore's reaction really strange and out of character. This is hilarious.

Xenojad 3 : He doesn't protecc or attac, *But he asked calmy*

XannyDaGranddaddy : *He's calm. Harry almost shat himself.*

TimesNewLogan : In the book: "I don't believe you did it, I just need to ask to be sure." In the movie: "CONFESS OR I'LL RIP OFF YOUR HEAD AND SHOVE VOMIT-FLAVORED BEANS DOWN YOUR THROAT!"

PAPA DANKI : Wonder what would've happend if he asked with anger

Planet Xtreme : 0:11 *YeS*

PotatoChipQueen : **calmly snaps your neck**

TheDarkKnight : Roses are red, pinocchio is a liar HARRY DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FYAH!

Darion W. : *_calmly_** slams Harry into magic equipment and screams "HARREH! DIJUPUTYANEIMINDAGOBLITOFIYAH?!"*

PkmariO64 : “If she breathes, she’s a thot” he said calmly.

ABC : As Dumbledore shoved Harry into the trophies behind, he gave Harry 2 middle fingers, took out 2 knives and stabbed him 43 times, whipped out an AK-47 and emptied 2 magazines at him, took out his wand and yelled "AVADA KEDAVRA!!" 7 times in quick succession, shoved 30 vomit-flavoured beans down his throat, and vigorously shook Harry to the point where Harry nearly had a heart attack, all while cursing and swearing under his breath. It was a miracle that Harry was still alive. "HARRY DID YOU PUT YER NAME INTO THE GOBLET OF FAYAH?!" Dumbledore asked calmly.


Forever Eva : “harry, did you put your name in the goblet of fire?” dumbledore *_screamed_* calmly

The man who carries the Sun : The first half auto translation is fine, yet the second half "hey I'm pirate Jupiter named with a couple of fire".

RobbieCake : Book : "Harry, yeh a wizard." Movie : Hagrid beats up Harry violently and kills his parents, and then yells out loud "YEH A GOD DAMN WIZARD MATE *RJHIGJAIEGUEHJGYHWEIT* "

Sam Collins : "No sir!" "Yes?"


I don't deserve subs : Calmlyn't

StarRulez : Who else came here JUST to read the comments...? 😂

A Person : Harry: you need to calm down Dumbledore: I AM CALM!

Willie Stroker : Professor Snape was a single mother

Joseph Shabaiash : I dont even want to imagine if he asked intensely...

Rekken and Yu : Damn imagine if the original line in the book was "Dumbledore violently approaches Harry, shaking him while asking, 'DiD yOU pUt YoUR nAMe iN tHe GobLEt oF fIRe'

Kadyn Smith : Dumbledore punched Harry calmly

Manos UH : "Did you put your name in the goblet of fire?" Dumblrdore asked calmly with German accent.

A Vsaucy Boi : *With a gun in his hand pointing at the head of Harry, Dumbledore asked calmly*

Jason Smith : The first Dumbledoore probably would have asked calmly. I actually think he's better than the 2nd Dumbledoore. He seemed more friendly and more calm and not as agitated.

Taylor Breckenridge : Calm as a cucumber