Dumbledore asked calmly

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Manly Man : "Dumbledore asked calmly, holding a knife in his hand"

Pixel : snape made a soft noise of impatient disbelief

Alessandro M. Lupacchini : 0:06 that's definitely the face of someone being asked something calmly

Witte Artistry : Ooooh the differences from a book to film XD


Riccardo Abdine : *C A L M L Y*

I don't deserve subs : Calmlyn't

the bro : What is the deal here, can somebody enlighten me CALMLY?

Albus Dumbledore : I had my period.

Isabela Franco : iconic

tfhud : Why tf did this appear in my recommendations? Even tho i've seen this somewhere before(may be youtube)

QuicklimeTime EX : Its in all the novelisations. Found a few examples: 1. "This is Sparta", Leonidas explained kindly. 2. Darth Vader sighed and whispered "no..." 3. When Davy Jones realized he had been tricked, he gently closed the chest and muttered "ah, Jack Sparrow, you silly sausage."

Anew Era : Me: Dumbledore grab a snicker Dumbledore: *Eats Snickers* Me:Better? Gandalf: Very

Skirdus : _"no sir!!"_ *_"yes??-"_*

Thomas Owens : "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" Gandalf replied ca......wait

Casey Miller : N O S I R

♥ Luz ASMR ♥ : Jajajajajajaja

OOM- 32 : wonderful

Mô Loewie : I swear, if you tell me the truth, I wont be mad.

Morgan Lemons : My mom's version of calm

Drawing Sekai : "JUST DOOO IT!!!!" said shia labeouf calmly

Justin Y. : Who needs calm when you have *D R A M A T I C E F F E C T*

HopingForDawn : I miss the ORIGINAL movie Dumbledore. Richard Harris was exactly how I envisioned Dumbledore while reading the books. Calm, warm voice and behaviour. He just had the whole "loving grandfather" vibe going for him, while being badass in the process. After his death, Michael Gambon took over and completely butchered what Dumbledore was supposed to be.

Heeeres Jakey : I love the “NO SIR!” ....”YES!”

Night Terror : If that's Dumbledore being calm then he's definitely not a guy you wanna get pissed off

Nyan Cat : Either J.K Rowling being sarcastic in the books or the director forgot one tiny little detail: *C A L M L Y*

Frank Dadank : That's not Dumbledore that's his angry twin mumbledore

MidnightGirl : Book: "Did you put your name into the goblet of fire Harry?" he asked calmly. Movie: HARRY DID YEH PUT YEH NAME IN DA GOBLET OF FIYAH????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tousif Tanvir Alam : Me asking people calmly if they ate my food

AIONBERSERKER : Dumbledore: "I'm tired of these mothafocking names in my mothafocking goblets of fire."

Rainy Day : Saw the thumbnail and burst out laughing because I immediately knew exactly what the video was about 😂

Katelyn : “Dumbledore asked calmly hey I’m pirate Jupiter named with a couple of fire” -generated captions

RichChanLikesTacos : That does not look like calm to me

Avicrow : It’s great how an 11 second video can get so many likes.

Taylor Breckenridge : Calm as a cucumber

Justin Y. : "Calmly"

PsychoStarquo : C A L M L Y

Gяαν Døитe : Just for the record...DUMBLEDORE IS THE CALMEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!! (in his own way)

Raish PS : *I saw* *I clicked* *I have no regrets*

Darion : *_calmly_** slams Harry into magic equipment and screams "HARREH! DIJUPUTYANEIMINDAGOBLITOFIYAH?!"*

Raisin bran lover : The movie is my inner anger the book is my outer anger

MissLady26 : Dumbledore:Harry Potter! Harry: Still sits on his place Dumbledore:HARRAIH POTTAAAH!!!!!

TheDraconianViking : "No sir!" "*Y I S*"

PhantomKiller76 : *C A L M L Y* Slams harry into magic stuff meanwhile harry is thinking _is he going to rape me?_ "NO!!"

Kavita Dev : "Hey I'm pirate Jupiter named with a couple of fire" said captions 😂😂😂

Iambic Pentameter : A movie acts nothing like its book. What else is new?

Ethan Fong : Harry needs to calmly post up

A E S T H E T I C M E M E S : “HaRrY dId YoU pUt YoUr NaMe InTo ThE gObLeT oF fIrE?” Dumbledore asked calmly.

Linda Peng : hahah

Roberta 29 : *“DIAGHHONALLLHY”* Harry said, clearly