Tosh.0 Tommy Lee Jones singing Japanese song 'Sukiyaki' on a commercial ad
We all have videos we need to watch every few years This is one of those videos

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Entire clip from Tosh.0 featuring American actor Tommy Lee Jones among Japanese celebrities singing parts of the song 'Sukiyaki'. Extremely funny.


Espurr647 : 00:17-00:20 her voice is amazing! It's so calming and smooth

cidshroom : If you know the lyric he had to sing "Hitoribotchi no yoru" he did pretty good, considering 'Hitoribotchi' is a mouthful for english speakers. He just didn't sound very confident. Come on TLJ you're K man!

shinigamimi : Tommy's appearance was so random LOL. But his Japanese wasn't bad. :p 

topbadgun : TommyLee Jone is like ChuckNoris of Japan, sothat's why he was here

deathcubeK : Counting the stars with tearful eyes  Remembering those summer days  But I am all alone tonight (Tommy Lee Jones) Happiness lies beyond the clouds  Happiness lies above the sky I look up when I walk  So that the tears won't fall

glitchscribe : Why Tommy Lee???

James West : Love this video, I watch it every day! Thanks Jarvis and the Boys

foxsaber22 : The ending is epic

zeppelingitis : Duh, Tommy Lee Jones is BOSS. Haven't you guys been to Japan?

Hector Boyar : Who's that fine gentlemen at the end singing his heart out tho, I wanna hear more😁

Brewer Fan : No point of saying Tosh.0 if you dont show Tosh.0 part.

sQrLLZ : +TheMXL94 ~ Nana Eikura

Tadeotaker2 : the first guy is eiji aonuma??

screamingpsycho90 : guy at the end was trying a little too hard

Soundara619 : 0:48, lmao

THExViCExSHOW : The intensity of his voice as well.... Priceless.

kim miller : those dents in tommys face? why those are all the penis head jabs he's take over the years.

umenosato : トミー・リー・ジョーンズの場違い感がすごいw

Cyrus Daemon : Some cute girls, but man... Tommy Lee Jones, he really stands out... in a good way.

Stoney Pony : WTF? OMG this is great.

Grehn : dude your right, but saying it makes us look bad. save it for vlogs. but i get where your coming from shit here is fucked up!

Riquinni : What y'all know about Ryuichi Sakamoto doe

Wasa Wasa : You'd be more embarrassed if someone in your family did something retarded rather than some stranger wouldn't you? The same applies. When he says stupid crap like that it reflects the ignorance of Americans that the world has become accustomed to.

Frederik Hadberg : be punished perhaps... but none deserves to die really... unless its a sacrifice..

Frederik Hadberg : He certainly obtains the most common prejudice of americans

Burst : i love you tommy!

kerrigor778 : I suppose you believe that America is a lone nation, sailing across a sea of an infinite amount of Mexican Migrant workers

kenobob : No country for old men/ with that voice. ( I can't sing either, even in English)

smithzm7 : Tommy Lee Jones is huge in Japan. No joke. His face is on Boss Coffee ads everywhere.

globbyboucher : Record scratch @ 00:21 lol

KillamanjaroHorizon : Tommy Lee Jones in there just makes a total WTF moment

Sara Mendola : Is the first thing I thought of!!!!!!

Fat Cunt : Lmao the last dude's face

Jake Morris : One of these things is not like the other.

Kyle Ramseur : Agent K is singing a Japanese song!!!

Roger Moore : "Sayonara" is the English language title.

EvanLikesFood : Who is the lady at 0:17

Jack Richards : Who's the second man singing?

Tranquil Photon : I really love this song/clip and all, but what the hell is Tommy even doing here? Did he just so happen to be passing by in japan?

Perposterown : The "WTF" moment with Tommy Lee Jones isn't really a "WTF" moment. He likes Japan and has been a pretty big Japanese celebrity as well as an American celebrity since at least 2006. This was a video to lift the spirits of the Japanese people after the 2011 tsunami and the nuclear disaster that followed. Tommy Lee Jones actually appeared in this commercial for free, as well as the other people in the video, which are all Japanese celebrities. 

KamKomissioner : :42 hey look it's Pharrell when he's 140

genericwhitemale : well then you're a fucking idiot.

Quizibo : I dont find this funny at all. This was for a benefit to raise money for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan. Tommy Lee Jones has a home in Kyoto and is very close to Japan and did this for free.

jumpinjackf1ash : anyone know any of their names? besides TLJ of course

IreulAT : Does anyone know the girl's name at 0:45?

Akira Shin : awesome but damn. putting the WTF by tommy just had me rolling

Turtle Pete : I love how he stares at the camera like "why am i even here?"

Guitarist500 : Tommy is quite popular in Japan because his image as "BOSS" for a hot coffee can brand. I like his cameo appearance here :)

TheByakuganLord : i can relate to tommy because the other day i walked into the choir room at my school and there were some b boys in there practicing their dancing and im about as white as they come. everything stopped and it was just akward