Ray Wheeler Clarinet & Tongue

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Alessa Álvarez : Thank you! This person has reveived a pretty big amount of radiation to help many clarinetists!

Xiaoyi Zhang : The Coolest video I've ever seen on youtube!!! Thank you

Greg Sinibaldi : Do you have access to his other videos? I'd love to see them!

Jessica Wong : THIS IS SO COOOL!!

LisaR Nichols : This xray video has been instrumental in helping me eliminate my problem with anchor tongueing. Thanks so much for posting! I also recommend David Pino's book "The Clarinet and Clarinet Playing". IMO, absolutely vital reading for all clarinetists.

sherwinjtb : lmao, if i had an xray i pbbly would've done this

Michael Chasse : Thank you!!

Steve Eads : This was very advanced for the time. Ray Wheeler did this in the early 1970's. He did the same on saxes, oboe and basson to demonstrate the action of the tongue in overtone production.