Going To The Playboy Mansion | Romesh Talks To Katherine Ryan

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Tori Lee : "So what candy are you in that?" "...Red."

Daniel Evans : This is the best thing Ive seen from BBC 3 in a long time!! So cool to hear celebs just chat and not seem like they're presenting

cheyenne : I like how it's blurred but you can still definitely tell it's Ron Jeremy.


joelmgarton : She really is pretty.

Ya Boi : Romesh got the Bob and vagene pics

jackson street : Her french accent is so bad lol

Joe Wilson : That is one mad lazy eye

Iconic Player : she looks better without make up

Afroticus : I fancy Katherine Ryan

George Hathaway : Does anyone know where to get those photos? Asking for a friend

Ozan Young : Why did they blur out Ron Jeremy's face? It's clearly Ron Jeremy! XD kinda pointless.

Jesse Lingard : *Shows picture of herself with tits on show standing next to Ron Jeremy* - "I was learning about myself, I was learning about feminism".....LOL

John Cheung : I don't speak French, but that French sounds crap

EC K : my guy at 2:50 really looks like he's chewing on his tongue

Eleni V. : LOOOOOOOL at her french tho.

Rebecca : She looks so pretty in this

Colin Belcher : She's so beautiful.

Lucinda Yardley : Cool

Owen Fitzgerald : He didn't know she could speak French. SHE'S CANADIAN.

6k911 Channel : Really. Trying to sleep.

faeriedoodles : "inscrité" "I can speak fluent french." 🤔🤔🤔

em diar : HOLY CRAP!!!!!! Katherine has FRECKLES???? I didn't think I could fancy her more....

oabuseer : Romesh's face when she started speaking French 😂

Alex Roue : That ice cream joke is Eric Morcambes not yours pal...

XxV3NGEANC3xX : What's wrong with his right eye


Complicated Wolf : 1st like and comment :3

West Yorkshire : Kathrine is Canadian how can her speaking French shock you????

Xhalph : What's wrong with his eye?

Joe-Ann Lamarre : OMG son accent est tellement québécois!!! wow her french is not too bad :0

Cameron Gilbert : Well, That was shit

Nosaj : Nobody actually went to the play boy mansion. Ballix. #EndClickBait

Omar Nouradi : Her French as actually pretty decent

Billy Betts : Pause at 0:34 you're welcome

Kem-Kem Gaming /Vlogs : That old man in the beginning 👌😂

the team sniper 62 : Damn her canadian accent in french is annoying (no offense)

Gg Ff : I hate Katherine Ryan

Mo khan : she is very cute

teamhuman2 : All TV's are types of Et's !!,,

tana1234 : Wow Katherine looks so much better without all the normal makeup she wears

spunyballs : she is an annoying new wave feminist isnt funny at all ,shame we have her spoiling our TV in the UK

MrOrange : Haha Romesh claiming the speeding ice cream van joke. 😂😂😂

Joseph Kuka : Bro don’t let them put it in your eye

Jessica Cregg : 3:12 That guy’s hair is incredible

ZenerSmytok : She looks so good without make-up, or with minimal make-up.

Bishcuit : 3:00 that’s not a Romesh joke, I first heard it on Morecambe and Wise!

Riv Racost : my husband wakes up earlier than me and he told me he often watches me sleep before starting to get ready for work. But we are newlyweds still so it is a little different.

Riv Racost : why are they making the restaurant look so nasty??

Paul Higgins : Katherine Ryan funny and fuckable