Going To The Playboy Mansion | Romesh Talks To Katherine Ryan

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Tori Lee : "So what candy are you in that?" "...Red."

Daniel Evans : This is the best thing Ive seen from BBC 3 in a long time!! So cool to hear celebs just chat and not seem like they're presenting

cheyenne : I like how it's blurred but you can still definitely tell it's Ron Jeremy.


George Hathaway : Does anyone know where to get those photos? Asking for a friend

joelmgarton : She really is pretty.

Ya Boi : Romesh got the Bob and vagene pics

Joe Wilson : That is one mad lazy eye

Iconic Player : she looks better without make up

Afroticus : I fancy Katherine Ryan

Ozan Young : Why did they blur out Ron Jeremy's face? It's clearly Ron Jeremy! XD kinda pointless.

EC K : my guy at 2:50 really looks like he's chewing on his tongue

Eleni V. : LOOOOOOOL at her french tho.

Rebecca : She looks so pretty in this

Owen Fitzgerald : He didn't know she could speak French. SHE'S CANADIAN.

Colin Belcher : She's so beautiful.

John Cheung : I don't speak French, but that French sounds crap

faeriedoodles : "inscrité" "I can speak fluent french." 🤔🤔🤔

Tom Padget : Katherine Ryan speaking french is the sexiest thing I've EVER seen in my life!!!

em diar : HOLY CRAP!!!!!! Katherine has FRECKLES???? I didn't think I could fancy her more....

oabuseer : Romesh's face when she started speaking French 😂

Lucinda Yardley : Cool

XxV3NGEANC3xX : What's wrong with his right eye

6k911 Channel : Really. Trying to sleep.

West Yorkshire : Kathrine is Canadian how can her speaking French shock you????

Alex Roue : That ice cream joke is Eric Morcambes not yours pal...

Omar Nouradi : Her French as actually pretty decent

Monsta Munch : She looks so much better without all the make up she usually wears.

Complicated Wolf : 1st like and comment :3

Joe-Ann Lamarre : OMG son accent est tellement québécois!!! wow her french is not too bad :0

Nosaj : Nobody actually went to the play boy mansion. Ballix. #EndClickBait


Xhalph : What's wrong with his eye?

Billy Betts : Pause at 0:34 you're welcome

Kemi Kemi : That old man in the beginning 👌😂

the team sniper 62 : Damn her canadian accent in french is annoying (no offense)

jackson street : Her french accent is so bad lol

Picasso John : I like to think that in a perfect universe somewhere that Romish and Kath are married, the way he looks at her when she spoke french.

Gg Ff : I hate Katherine Ryan

psycho logist : she is very cute

teamhuman2 : All TV's are types of Et's !!,,

tana1234 : Wow Katherine looks so much better without all the normal makeup she wears

spunyballs : she is an annoying new wave feminist isnt funny at all ,shame we have her spoiling our TV in the UK

VSGotNM : holy shit i kinda lost respect for her with that playboy shit :S

Jhardwork Pays off : These two are funny 😂

Figureight : Getting a Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee vibe from this.

Scarlet Peoni : It's sad to hear this man talking about himself and his wife. If it's an act great, if not they should probably be divorced for their own mental heath and both be seeking therapy.

Hamza24434 : RIP Hugh Hefner

GattaoraStudios : She’s so peng

Stuart K. Seels : Two of the best of the comedy scene right now!