How a White Man says the N-Word to a Black Man | Laugh Factory

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Kei : i need a black friend just for this.

J : Where can you get one of those?

Hanhil : He paid a guy to avoid paying a guy. 😂😂😂

Carsten Langbo : Rent-a-nigga

I Polaris I : This does not work in real life, can confirm

Johnny Jacob : I'm offensive and I find this very black.

Julian Durbin : Is this glitch patched yet?

Josh Magallon : This joke is so dark............

shane clyde : Hes The first guy to find a loophole in an argument

Sumukh : Lmfao I thought 0:48 big guy about to Laugh hard 🤣

Cheesus : Pretty fly...for a white guy

idk stop : My black friend gave me the n card guyz so it's ok

AimBotEli : why do you never see black people on cruises ? There not falling for that one again

stanley davis : I'm a old black man (70) I find this skit funny as hell.we all need more laughter in our lives.peace out

harry duran : He looks like the blonde haired default skin from fortnite

another yt uesr : I read it as "When a white man says the n-word to a black man"

V IE : Now that’s bromance... they’re already finishing each other’s sentences. 🤜🏻🤛🏿

1000 subscribes no video challenge : Honestly i dont care if white people say the n word. It doesnt offend me

RomanNoodles : He has cheated the system.

Pee pee Gang : It’s not racist he beat the system 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Der Willhelm : I watched this Vid then Showed it to my white friends they all loved it they asked me if they could hire me For that i Agreed now in earnin easy and quick money

scarlet : *Harvard would like to know your location*

F. B. I. : This is why I gifted my son a brand new black slave this Christmas 🤗

How To Make Sushi : This was hilarious!

GABOS : the only reason that word has any power today is cause black people continue to allow it to hurt them.

Not Headhunterx1 : I will let me White friend use this on me

SKYzLxmit : Great laugh real question is....... WHY this JUST get into my recommended

RoDoo's : *B L A C K F R I E N D S A R E A W E S O M E*

Big Chungus : *It's a simple spell, but quite unbreakable.*

TΛBBY : 1:09 _Beautiful voice_

Adam Edge Copeland : I'm still wondering how they kept a straight face They must've practiced for months

Amine WOOF : *The world is changing.*

Mov! Pl4y3r : how do they keep a straight face😂😂😂😂😂

karan Chahal : Rent-a-nigga.

OsibGaming : *Speech 100 hundred*

natsu dragneel : Can a brown man say the N word?

luiz alves : This is so wrong and so right at the same time...

Moneyminty : Most white people use a keyboard instead

ツ ツ : Wait.... Nword backwards is brown

Aneke : Now I want you to imagine 3 girls doing this skit ....... no like really think abt it .... And that’s why women aren’t funny.

ChaosMarioBros : I thought how we say it we say Nibba

Jacks Ps4 Gaming : This is pretty much a condom for the n word

Chris Nguyen : He stole this idea from a teenage comedy channel call high life comedy, look it up, the skit is The Assistant

Eight Trailer : My tears are coming down really made my day

Andrej Nikolov : This guy a genius.

edde2k4 : Ms. Obama get do- Wait

Eric Greyson : This is my question. How did they keep a straight face

JamelVelle : Alright YouTube, I watched it. Now leave me alone.

mafaz jalal : This is so funny. 😂😂😂

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Only if Hulk hogan knows about this.