How a White Man says the N-Word to a Black Man | Laugh Factory

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How To Make Sushi : This was hilarious!

Sumukh : Lmfao I thought 0:48 big guy about to Laugh hard 🤣

totallymageful : The camera work makes this so much funnier.

Mov! Pl4y3r : how do they keep a straight face😂😂😂😂😂

theycallmezeal : At 0:23 I like how the one dude in the front row didn't laugh and everyone else did. Perfection.

Damian NWD : Man. I've watched it 6 times and every time i lmao as hell.

RhangDao : What invisible food he eating though

Anyolina LUV : loved it!! - I liked how in the end he said it, and looked at the camera and made that face

Jubach : He's like Luther from Key&Peele.

Bill Dawes : I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW: I AM STRAIGHT UP WEARING SHAPE-UPS IN THIS! (Can I get sponsored by Skechers?)

Victor Kempe : This is one of the world funniest videos ever

RomanNoodles : He has cheated the system.

DukeFan1971 : Love how the first time he "says" it, you can almost feel every white sphincter in the room tighten up...but all the black people are like bwahahaha

Mainfold : Bill Dawes is always hilarious, always has great sets

DrPhlox : This is the comedy modern political correctness needs! Love it. :D

zniesmaczony : Geez, even the clip title is censored? Oh come on now!

murdock wormwood : I wish black people would stop saying the n' word. If a word is glorified and emphasized in a whole genre of music, then it's really unrealistic to expect white people not to sing along to it - it's just human nature. This is a multi-cultural society and black people don't own rap music. I personally don't say the n' word, because I know it is such a sensitive word that triggers a lot of people to anger and defensiveness, including a lot of white people with privilege guilt. Occasionally when listening to old school rap in my car by myself then I will mumble along to some of my favorite lines which happen to contain the n' word. This is pretty rare though. I'm not a bad person - and if you're going to tell me that I am a bad person because I get lyrics stuck in my head that happen to contain the n' word - then you are misguided and have no idea how human consciousness operates. I'm clearly against the n' word and racism, but it's an absurd double standard that I can't even spell it out to say how bad it is. Like referring to Lord Voldemort - there, I said it. Voldemort. Most real racists aren't inherently bad or sociopathic - they're just products of a shitty and unenlightened environment. Microaggressions are the same way except on a smaller scale - which brings me to I guess my final point - reappropriated words can be kind of hypocritical, and only serve to perpetuate the prejudices which they are supposedly fighting. If you're a black rapper that uses the n' word flippantly and then gets upset when you hear a white person use it in the exact same way as a term of endearment, then you are an idiot. I know it's an unpopular opinion amongst fellow liberals but I really don't buy into the identity politics behind that word; I tend to see it more as a form of internalized racism. Not that white people should say that word casually in public -they shouldn't, I'm just pointing out the insanity. - Just my opinion though, I could be wrong.

Marshun Richardson : He stole this from some kids who did the same thing 2 years ago.

krishnan unni : Niggah😂😂😂

MegaUltimateMaster : 0:22 The man on the right is still reflecting on whether he should find it funny :D

Jerome Bafaty : I love how this video has 1 million views 😂😂

Legendary Super Saiyan God Green Saitama : The big guy's face

Danny Smith : if you got a 6ft3 lump of muscle standing next to you, you don't need to say anything!

Onjie Greene-Kornegay : I actually find the comment section disheartening. ..this is an ugly word and now here it is, gain momentum yet again

Víctor Castro : I thought Schweinsteiger was German xd

xxx Tatyana : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂AS A BLACK PERSON I DIED IM SORRY

yee공룡 : lolololololollllllmmmmmmaaaaaaoooooo

onemadhungrynomad : odd. funny yet strangely offensive... more surprising than i thought it would be even with the title.

Frank Apalategui : If there from Nicaragua you can call them Nicas legally

Krombopulos Michael : I don't know why I found this funny, but I really did.

Caleb Williams : uhhhhh highlifecomedy ???

The Gaming Brothers : This is absolute genius right there!

fastdraw30 : The guy in the middle is so fukn hilarious just with his facial expressions...omg😅

Carsten Langbo : Rent-a-nigga

This Isn't Even My Final Form : Imagine the white dude accidentally said the n word in front of all these audience.

Kevin Lebby : I love the uncomfortable white guy in the first row at 0:23 like "Can I laugh at this? Is it ok to laugh at this? I'm gonna wait for the black people to laugh and then I'll let out an awkward chuckle."

Mr. NAZOcomics : That black guy is his stando

Hadi Hassan : He looks like that dude from Clerks

Miles Calloway : “GARY OWEN”

karin : Never laughed so hard

Jordan E : Pretty sure Gary Owen did this joke in his standup...

Julie Harter : I’ve done this shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

jeffrey canaria : Is that big shaq

Connor Fanelli : The easiest job in the world

Cate Haddad : someone twite this to ksi

VMVNXII : They stole this skit from HLC

Trifaulty x : How a black man can say the N word to a black man

minty king : So true

Dionte'. S : 1:08 when prubity kicks in

Joshua Moose : I don't get it. Where was the joke?