How a White Man says the N-Word to a Black Man | Laugh Factory

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Sumukh : Lmfao I thought 0:48 big guy about to Laugh hard 🤣

How To Make Sushi : This was hilarious!

Mov! Pl4y3r : how do they keep a straight face😂😂😂😂😂

Danny Smith : if you got a 6ft3 lump of muscle standing next to you, you don't need to say anything!

totallymageful : The camera work makes this so much funnier.

RhangDao : What invisible food he eating though

theycallmezeal : At 0:23 I like how the one dude in the front row didn't laugh and everyone else did. Perfection.

Damian NWD : Man. I've watched it 6 times and every time i lmao as hell.

Jubach : He's like Luther from Key&Peele.

The Gaming Brothers : This is absolute genius right there!

Anyolina LUV : loved it!! - I liked how in the end he said it, and looked at the camera and made that face

DukeFan1971 : Love how the first time he "says" it, you can almost feel every white sphincter in the room tighten up...but all the black people are like bwahahaha

Victor Kempe : This is one of the world funniest videos ever

Mainfold : Bill Dawes is always hilarious, always has great sets

Bill Dawes : I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW: I AM STRAIGHT UP WEARING SHAPE-UPS IN THIS! (Can I get sponsored by Skechers?)

DrPhlox : This is the comedy modern political correctness needs! Love it. :D

afrocentricsoul : Wow...definitely saw this in Gary Owen's stand up routine, and Gary Owen did it much better.

Realist : So where I can buy one of these?

Enjoli Horton : Didn't Gary Owen already do this skit years ago?

Kei : i need a black friend just for this.

zniesmaczony : Geez, even the clip title is censored? Oh come on now!

Batman : I actually did this once with a friend who was white.

JADS22 : One of the most funniest things I've ever seen. 10 out of 10 for creativeness

themrnails : I'm white. I found this funny.

Scully : Humorless and overly sensitive college kids/SJW's were probably apoplectic by the end of this. As religious bigotry wanes, extremist liberalism rises to take its place. Learn to take a joke and not to enforce your ideology and morality on others. No one cares if you are offended.

Vegan Gardener : *Racism still alive and kicking. SMH*

gecko762 : Somewhere, Kramer is probably letting off an anguished sigh.

murdock wormwood : I wish black people would stop saying the n' word. If a word is glorified and emphasized in a whole genre of music, then it's really unrealistic to expect white people not to sing along to it - it's just human nature. This is a multi-cultural society and black people don't own rap music. I personally don't say the n' word, because I know it is such a sensitive word that triggers a lot of people to anger and defensiveness, including a lot of white people with privilege guilt. Occasionally when listening to old school rap in my car by myself then I will mumble along to some of my favorite lines which happen to contain the n' word. This is pretty rare though. I'm not a bad person - and if you're going to tell me that I am a bad person because I get lyrics stuck in my head that happen to contain the n' word - then you are misguided and have no idea how human consciousness operates. I'm clearly against the n' word and racism, but it's an absurd double standard that I can't even spell it out to say how bad it is. Like referring to Lord Voldemort - there, I said it. Voldemort. Most real racists aren't inherently bad or sociopathic - they're just products of a shitty and unenlightened environment. Microaggressions are the same way except on a smaller scale - which brings me to I guess my final point - reappropriated words can be kind of hypocritical, and only serve to perpetuate the prejudices which they are supposedly fighting. If you're a black rapper that uses the n' word flippantly and then gets upset when you hear a white person use it in the exact same way as a term of endearment, then you are an idiot. I know it's an unpopular opinion amongst fellow liberals but I really don't buy into the identity politics behind that word; I tend to see it more as a form of internalized racism. Not that white people should say that word casually in public -they shouldn't, I'm just pointing out the insanity. - Just my opinion though, I could be wrong.

Marshun Richardson : He stole this from some kids who did the same thing 2 years ago.

RomanNoodles : He has cheated the system.

Chris Sibiski : Pablo Francisco did this a looooong time ago. Still funny though.

Anika B. Islam : Lol he had the money why didn't he give it to him

MegaUltimateMaster : 0:22 The man on the right is still reflecting on whether he should find it funny :D

Moneyminty : Most white people use a keyboard instead

krishnan unni : Niggah😂😂😂

Nick Ohler : Saw this exact same bit done by Gary Owens.

Jerome Bafaty : I love how this video has 1 million views 😂😂

Fabio M. : I haven't seen stuff this good in a loooong time!

Justice and honor : Is everything that bad in America right now? I mean, you can't say a word because you are white? Is't it racist?

Onjie Greene-Kornegay : I actually find the comment section disheartening. ..this is an ugly word and now here it is, gain momentum yet again

Legendary Super Saiyan God Green Saitama : The big guy's face

sxy qt3.14 : Its funny how this joke is super racist towards white people. But its cool right? cuz white people cant have something racist done to them. Just shows the double standard in the races. Yeah other people other than white were more priviledged for a while but people fought for the rights of those people to get to the same level as white peoples. Not to get to the top of white people and be equal and then bring white people down. Its a good bit, and i laughed but the problem is that this is some bullshit that white people face every day. We cant make a simple sound "nigga" cuz we are white. Does no one see how racist that is? He wasnt even trying to be racist in the use of "nigga" and yet if he went on stage and did that he would be scrutinized after the show for saying it.

pickles Pickles : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂AS A BLACK PERSON I DIED IM SORRY

yee공룡 : lolololololollllllmmmmmmaaaaaaoooooo

Austin's Corner : This is going to blow up! Very funny!

Krombopulos Michael : I don't know why I found this funny, but I really did.

Tommy Nguyen : could of sworn gary owens did this skit before laugh factory

Logan Windham : meh, i didn't laugh. i just didn't think it was thaaaaat funny. i love bill dawes though. one of the best comedians

Kevin Lebby : I love the uncomfortable white guy in the first row at 0:23 like "Can I laugh at this? Is it ok to laugh at this? I'm gonna wait for the black people to laugh and then I'll let out an awkward chuckle."

Frank Apalategui : If there from Nicaragua you can call them Nicas legally