How a White Man says the N-Word to a Black Man | Laugh Factory
How a White Man says the N Word to a Black Man Laugh Factory

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Bill Dawes and the Chocolate Sundaes team offer their take on using the n-word. Staring: Bill Dawes • Eric Blake • Justin Mitchell Produced and directed by Scott Montoya for Lol comedy, inc. Watch the full Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show special: Want to see more stand up comedy? Subscribe to the Laugh Factory's channel: Tell us what you thought in the comments. Please click thumbs up and add this video to your favorites if you LOL'd. For exclusive ad free content and full length stand up videos, try out Laugh Factory VIP for only 99¢ per month: LIVE SHOW TICKETS:


LukeButterKid : Black man: *says the n-word* Audience: *hysterical laughter*

Oscar Holguera : 2015: Funny 2019: Racist Sad but true

Emerald Plays : *patch notes* -removed n word exploit

Maydayy : *It's a simple spell, but quite unbreakable.*

D Moore : All I can imagine is the middle guy reading his script for the sketch

Sparky-gaming : Director: so how many times do you want to say the n word? Black man: yes

Mart kenyon : I just love how utterly confused the guy looks xD

Can we get to 10,000 subscribers ????? : Interviewer: So, may I see your acting resume? Guy in the middle: Yeah sure. Interviewer: *concerned face* You're hired

STRK 94 : Girl: So, what do you do for living? Guy: I say the N word

Love Elmo : 1960: "I bet there will be flying cars in the future" Now: *HOW A WHITE MAN SAYS THE N-WORD TO A BLACK MAN*

Neato Cheeto : There's always a loophole in the system. You just have to find it.

Red Brat : He could’ve gottan an n word pass on craigslist

Julian Durbin : Is this glitch patched yet?

Donald Gurtner Productions : Next thing you know your 8 year old says the N word cuz he got the pass from somebody on roblox

Rocco siffredi : "Hey guys, How can i look more casual?" "I don't know, eat ice cream or something"

WillC 69 : No ones talking about my guys voice crack at 1:08?????

Emkito : Black man: Okay, so, what's my script? Producer: Y e s

Hanhil : He paid a guy to avoid paying a guy. 😂😂😂

flame Fire : [Middle guy looks at scripts] “I have several questions”

The Sophisticated Tarzan : _They were already working on this glitch but it's totally patched in the current version V2.19_ So players be careful with the gameplay

DJ L3G3ND : imagine the tall guy reading his scripts

Has_Alk8 : 1:22when your dad tells you to do homework

J D H 2 : Friend: Where can I buy one of those? Me: That was outlawed 154 years ago.

Homero Negaraku : Meanwhile black rappers rapping with the N word.... During concerts non blacks be like... Should we sing along?

Manthis : When you can’t get an n word pass so you get the next closest thing


StahliBoi : Black people in the audience dying of laughter. White people in the audience, "is it ok to laugh at this?"

JarrenTerrell : 🤦🏾‍♂️ they stole this from Gary Owen

Hashirama Senju : Plot twist: he could only say the n-word and nothing else

Lord fartamor : I need to buy me one of thos- *wait*

Not Gottfried : 1990 - we will have flying cars by 2010 2015 & 2019 -

stanley davis : I'm a old black man (70) I find this skit funny as hell.we all need more laughter in our lives.peace out

Aaron Garza : This is the most funniest thing ever I am dying of laughter 😂😂

Nathan gami : Hacker!! This Boi has Unlimited N-word pass.

S350bluetec _ : That guys facial expressions are so fucking good I genuinely felt sad at one point 😂

Chris Jones : Damn, I gotta get me one of those!!! Ice cream that is... Not the black guy lol

V IE : Now that’s bromance... they’re already finishing each other’s sentences. 🤜🏻🤛🏿

Lost Alien : This is so hillarious 😂😂😂 whoever thought of it is a genius.

MrSiLenTb88 : Props to the comedians for not breaking character!!! Best video yet

̄ω ̄ ̄ˍ ̄ : And that's how YouTube algorithm works

thegoatplays : Thus isn't racist, this is something everybody can laugh about lmao😂

Megadriver : So the way for us white folk to be able to say the n-word is to hire a black man to do it for us... Seems legit, gotta open new jobs for people right XD

Fractal Vlad : Bro. When he said “Nigguh” I felt that

Sean Miller : you gotta have a friend to say the n word

justin h : How do they keep such straight faces?! Lol

Jack Lowery : This is still one of my favorite clips of all time

Tony Whitburn : Imagine having a job interview for personal N-word embassador.

skipio957 : No need to watch the video just think that it's with a hard 'r'

SRK Mine : This whole time i thought the white guy was saying the n word Nig- (gets beat up)