Engineering ‘The Black Rifle’: Why the AR-15 Is the Most Popular Gun in the U.S.

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Doug The Subway Fugitive : The Colt AR-15 is a lightweight, 5.56x45mm, magazine fed, gas-operated semiautomatic rifle. It's popular because it's easy to use, with little kick. It's a relatively easy gun to care for as well. Clean it after every time you use it, and you should expect it to last for many, many years.

Tiger H. Lore : #blackgunsmatter

Matthew Kim : I'm a liberal. I'm classically liberal, as in I believe in liberty. Every man has the right to defend from tyrannical threats.

BHLCaptainDja : Since 1990 there have been a total of.... 202 people killed in school shootings. That comes out to just under 12 people killed in school shootings per year. That 202 number includes all the shootings so far in 2018 as well. To put that into perspective... 350 children under the age of 5 drown in pools each year. Over 1,600 children under the age of 15 die from car accidents each year. Over 4,000 teens die each year from drug overdoses. The news media has told us that the 12 people killed a year in school shootings is a gigantic problem and we must do whatever it takes to “save the children”. If it were really about saving the children wouldn’t we outlaw pools that kill 30x more children each year? Maybe we should outlaw cars since they account for 133x more deaths in children than school shootings do? It is real easy to allow media (TV, Radio, and even FB) to make us feel like there is a huge problem with school shootings in the US. The truth is your child is 30 times more likely to drown before the age of 5 than they are to ever be killed in a school shooting.

Rob Babcock : Not a bad basic primer but there are errors. The HK is not really an AR, it doesn't use the same gas system but rather a piston vs the DI system. And modern gunpowder is not explosive at all; it's a propellant that burns rapidly. Black powder on the other hand is actually explosive. Virtually all modern firearms are mass produced and have interchangeable parts- this applies to the AK as well. A huge part of the popularity of the Black Rifle is modularity but there are many modular rifles. The fact the US military uses a similar rifle is a big factor.

edguiterrez : Why didn't he mention the chainsaw bayonet?

ERIC ARMENTA : the ar-15 has never been used in a war

Brandon Murillo : Gun control is unconstitutional in all cases

Pickman : A couple of minor issues I would fix, but otherwise the most non-partisan informational video discussing the AR-15.

Charlie Vance : 1: The AR15 is not related to any class of military grade weapons 2: All legally owned AR15 fire the exact rate of fire as any other legal weapon and the speed of this particular firearm is as fast as your finger 3:Fully automatic weapons are illegal in the United States (very few exceptions) 4:The AR15 is not related to the M16,MO4 or any form of military grade weapon (just wanted to make it clear) 5:The reason why the Pentagon was "Dragging their feet" is due to the tests the AR15 was put through they said that it wasn't that good for military use 4: You cannot get attachments that make the firearm more dangerous unless you pass a special test for it and basically it's just adding bells and whistles onto it 5: you cannot make a fully functional weapon from a 3D printer (yet) but you can make magazines 6: of course you want to put a scope on it the weapon is meant for sporting 7: the grenade launcher argument is just plain idiotic because a grenade launcher is damn near impossible to get unless you live in the middle East 8: There is a "lingo" for it that's why gun legislator should be made by people who actually know how the firearm works,productions,pros and cons 9:Again I say the AR15 is not a rapid fire weapon United States legally owned AR15 will most likely be Semiautomatic (rare legal exceptions)

Jason Acker : He forgot to mention the civilian version is not fully automatic

Charlie Moll : More important facts that you left out 1 AR does not stand for assault rifle, it stands for Armalite 2 The AR-15 that civilians can buy is not fully automatic 3 Bump stocks can be simulated by using a simple belt 4 The grenade launcher attachment is highly illegal and is non-existent in the US for civilians

Infinity 58 : #blackgunsmatter

dahveed284 : AR-15 style rifles are no more deadly than many other weapons. The thing in common on all of these attacks are mentally sick individuals that will use any weapon at their disposal to inflict harm on others. Yet somehow the debate is on the tool they use, as if its somehow better to be run over by a car, stabbed, poisoned, or killed by explosives. Yet nobody seems to care at all about solving the larger problem of preventing these sick kids from hurting people.

Jeff Bob : I think civilians like the AR-15 because it is a gun that is easy to handle and it can be used in many situations, not because it can be attached with a grenade launcher and to kill people.

T Yeh : They are not weapons, they are guns. They are only weapons if you use them as such. Obviously, the people at Seeker use then as weapons. I used them as sports equipment. They are my 15 iron to be used on the IPSC range.

Pacific_Prowler : Sad how this guy is more informed than politicians.

TheSandWarrior : if you ban guns all criminals have guns and law-abiding citizens won't. so what do you do?

BlackReaper23 : AR-15 is one of the most popular weapons in the world... *Ak-47 laughing in background*

Austin Schmid : To those who say that the AR-15 is a bad hunting rifle obviously haven't hunted with one. Yes, when chambered in .223, you won't want to be shooting deer, but man oh man is it a good varmit gun, hog gun, and range gun. When chambered in .300 Blackout, .308, or even .300 Win Mag, it's one of the best guns to hunt with out there. I hunt white tail with a Blackout, and hog hunt with my 223. One of the main reasons people get one is because of its versatility, you can use the same gun to hunt, range shoot, and home defense, instead of buying three separate guns to do it. Sure, there are better guns for each individual job, most Bolt rifles would be a better choice to hunt, a high-powered pistol or even a shotgun may be better for home defense. Guns don't kill people, people kill people, and it's a sad sad truth. It's sad that there are people out there who are either so twisted mentally or are just plain evil enough to do these things, but it's even worse to even think that there are people out there who would want to consider stripping us of our God-given right to defend ourselves. If I am going to defend myself, I want one of the most efficient weapons to have at my disposal, and any gun chambered in the AR platform would be my weapon of choice, be it threats foreign or domestic.

MP3 Music : wow they made a gun based on the fortnite AR

noelj317 : Remember the days when the AK was known as the enemy/evil gun?

Compiler Revolt : This video is confusing because it doesn't do any differentiation  between civilian semi-auto AR15s and the full auto ones

Name Name : AR-15 is the PC master race of guns.

Ruby Infernum : I hate it when people say the AR-15 is insanely powerful. It fires 5.56. It is outlawed for big game hunting because it isn't even powerful enough to humanely kill a deer. If you want a powerful rifle, you look to the SCAR-H.

laserman500 : Lol people would probably ban an ar15, but say a m1a2 is fine because it doesn't look scary

Jake Evans : The AR 15 was a civilian gun before it was a military weapon. The Army was weary of using it because the bullet is much smaller and has arguably less stopping power than the 7.62x51mm or .30-06 previously used in all U.S military small arms.

Matty Ward : I came home and my two ar-15s were packing away the dishes , goes to show , it's how you raise them

ourDMTexperience : These "black rifles" are fundamentally no different from any other gun out there. First time hearing the saying "black rifle" kinda interesting i always referred to "black rifles" by there specific name.

Jared Parks : This video fails to explain the difference between a civilian AR-15 and a military M16. To set the record straight the military has never and will never issue an AR-15 to troops. The AR-15 is the civilian version of the M16. M16's have a fire control switch that lets them select Automatic(continuous fire until release of the trigger), 3 round burst(3 rounds per trigger pull), or Semi-Automatic (1 round per trigger pull). The AR-15 civilian version only has Semi-Automatic fire. 1 bullet per trigger pull.

GrieferDenisStudios : You can't 3d print an ar 15, thats a myth created by vice. The guy literally only 3d printed a 80% lower and a mag. He still used a regular metal barrel, upper and grip.

laserman500 : You should have explained the difference between the semi automatic civilian ar15 and the militaries fully auto m16

zach : I can add a grenade launcher to an at-15 but you you can't buy actual grenades. Your video was great until you acted like civilians have access to a grenade launcher with an ar-15

Justin Moore : You can't 3D print the entire gun. Sure you can 3D print accessories like stocks and handgrips, but if you try and print say the chamber, it's gonna blow up.

jaqs smith : This question can be easily answered: The AR-15 platform is a rugged, controllable, ergonomic rifle suitable for shooters of all skill levels. With sixty years of development, and a vast aftermarket, the rifle to be specced for any purpose, and any caliber, the owner desires. If it can be said that anyone needs a rifle, the rifle they need is an AR.

clintlion5531 : As a civilian who has used his ar 15 to fight for his life and could have died if I would have had anything else. I commend you. I could tell where you’re thinking lies on this subject but you tried very hard to be objective, and that I respect... except for the grenade launcher bit???? Oh and you forgot the sig mpx. Lol it’s just a tool not evil.

Raddz5000 : People say it's too complicated to debate and then they want to just ban them and make them "featureless" like in California. They do this BECAUSE they have no idea how they work. Ever seen a California anti-gun lawmaker talk about an AR-15? It's hilarious and sad, many have no clue what the hell they're talking about.

AZREDFERN : Don't hate on a rifle because it's black. It's 2018, why do colors still matter? #blackgunsmatter

Master of the Universe : Because of exaggerated Video Games #mindcontrol #nwo

Stay fit and free forever : Gun control is bullshit and it is not hard to be objective when talking guns... nice try Seekers with trying to complicate a simply matter.

MORPHEUS : Well...i'm on my way to ammu-nation

Господь тачанкиканг : I know it’s probably already been commented, but this guy must be an idiot if he thinks anyone can get their hands on an M203(underslung grenade launcher)

Peyton Bryan Helm : You missed a BIG piece of information that is insanely misunderstood by people all over the country who don't know much about guns. This. Weapon. Is. Not. Fully. Automatic. The military's versions are, the civilian versions aren't. This weapon cannot fire faster than any other hunting rifle that isn't bolt action or shotgun or pistol. You shouldn't compare it to the military's weapons without adding in that information. Being such a large network of researchers I feel like that was intentionally left out.

Help me get 1k subs with no video : No skin noob

Marine Corps : There's 5 to 10 million ARs in NY alone.

Stephen Creates : Professional, accurate and unbiased; would like to see more of this.

Ryan Logan : The Government shouldn’t know what I own. It’s literally none of their business.

James James : And even though it's one of the most popular types of rifles on the market in the US, it's used in less than 1% of all firearm related homicides. Yet people don't know that little fact. They think it's used in significantly more shootings. The more you know.........

Random Person : I don’t think it’s popular because parts are common..... parts are common because it’s popular. For example, you can find parts for an M1 Garand and it was never really popular for civilian use (that i know of)

Beyond Tribalism : There are far too many illegal guns in the US. Multiple black and brown children are killed every day by illegal handguns. Sadly, that never makes the national news. There's also a problem with mental health in this country. As a society we don't take mental health seriously and we brush it under the rug. Legal guns are not the problem. The irresponsible nature of our society is the problem.