Engineering ‘The Black Rifle’: Why the AR-15 Is the Most Popular Gun in the U.S.

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Master Therion : My cousin used to work for a gun manufacturer, but he got _fired._

Tiger H. Lore : #blackgunsmatter

Jason Acker : He forgot to mention the civilian version is not fully automatic

Charlie Moll : More important facts that you left out 1 AR does not stand for assault rifle, it stands for Armalite 2 The AR-15 that civilians can buy is not fully automatic 3 Bump stocks can be simulated by using a simple belt 4 The grenade launcher attachment is highly illegal and is non-existent in the US for civilians

egutierrez : Why didn't he mention the chainsaw bayonet?

Masaikai : Nobody ever calls this ''The Black Rifle'' or any of the other similar guns.

Compiler Revolt : This video is confusing because it doesn't do any differentiation  between civilian semi-auto AR15s and the full auto ones

GrieferDenisStudios : You can't 3d print an ar 15, thats a myth created by vice. The guy literally only 3d printed a 80% lower and a mag. He still used a regular metal barrel, upper and grip.

floogon 7 : Ther ar-17 is a highly deadly assault weapon designed by Yisrael Galil in the year 2018. It's chambered in .308 and has a 5000 round magazine with an average rate of fire of 99999999999999999999 rounds per millisecond. It can fire up to 1000000000000000000000 miles and if you press the shiny red button on the back if the ar-47 then you get infinite ammo and become invincible for 30 seconds making it the ideal weapon for school shooters.

BlackReaper23 : AR-15 is one of the most popular weapons in the world... *Ak-47 laughing in background*

Carlos David Navarrete : There is no reason to ban these firearms, since they are no more dangerous than other semi-automatic guns.

Caleb Byars : Literally never heard a single person refer to any type of AR as “the Black rifle” not even in the news. Everyone I have ever heard calls it’s an AR or some variation on that. It’s the shortest and easiest way to describe it. The black rifle just sounds stupid. I have a black rifle that’s a bolt action .22, and a red AR 15, why would you ever call an AR something to vague and nondiscriptive, the color is irrelevant.


UnaSolida : Fun fact: "Assault Weapons" do not exist. One is a verb and the other is noun. Not mutually exclusive.

AZREDFERN : Don't hate on a rifle because it's black. It's 2018, why do colors still matter? #blackgunsmatter

ray hanes : I love my AR. It's a symbol of freedom. Come and take them.

Pickman : A couple of minor issues I would fix, but otherwise the most non-partisan informational video discussing the AR-15.

ray hanes : Gun control is and has never been about making you safe. Gun control is simply about control.

James James : And even though it's one of the most popular types of rifles on the market in the US, it's used in less than 1% of all firearm related homicides. Yet people don't know that little fact. They think it's used in significantly more shootings. The more you know.........

MrKimberCrazy : I mainly agreed until you said "it's about all of us". Wrong! My weapons are none of your business. You say only women should control their bodies, well only gun owners should control their guns.

Justin Moore : You can't 3D print the entire gun. Sure you can 3D print accessories like stocks and handgrips, but if you try and print say the chamber, it's gonna blow up.

Jake Evans : The AR 15 was a civilian gun before it was a military weapon. The Army was weary of using it because the bullet is much smaller and has arguably less stopping power than the 7.62x51mm or .30-06 previously used in all U.S military small arms.

Ian Hou : This is actually a pretty unbiased video in terms of politics. I think it's important that both sides learn about the AR-15, what it's actually capable of, and how it's used. I am a supporter of the right to own and carry AR-15's, but a lot of people who scorn the rifle as an "assault weapon" really don't know what they're talking about. This video brings us toward a path where mainstream news no longer says things like "the AR-15 can fire 1000 rounds a minute" or "30 rounds magazines are high capacity." When everyone is educated on the matter, it makes for much better discourse on both sides.

mp3 : wow they made a gun based on the fortnite AR

Call of Duty Man : The picture of the "ar 15" was a m16

tom cain : why bring up a grenade launcher who in the hell has the money or permits for a grenade launcher

One Weird YouTube Name : Honestly, if I'm US citizen I will buy these bad boys for a hobby. Looks really fun.

Shinzu : Didn't do a very good job of delineating the difference between the semi auto and full auto.

Hannibal Smith : I appreciate the lack of political opinion. The facts were simply shared on the history of a weapon platform.

Isaiah Conklin : You know more kids die from choking then getting shot in school, when I was a kid I choked on a toothbrush.

SUPREME CAT : People say it's dangourus because it's a gun the person behind it is dangerous not the gun

JJ Wychgel : The m16 and ar-15 are different one fires fully automatic the other doesn’t

Calulalia Land : I have to say I'm genuinely hugely impressed at how well this video has been made. no bias to any one side of the argument, no twisting of words or dancing around the issues. Just making straightforward points that make the capabilities of these weapons and the whole gun debate itself, easier to understand. a rare occurrence on youtube these days. Genuinely guys, Well Done.

Matty Ward : I came home and my two ar-15s were packing away the dishes , goes to show , it's how you raise them

Sgt Snuggles 911 : Remember kids, the AR15 has a CYCLIC RATE of 750-900 rounds a minute. The sustained fire rate is between 45-60. Good luck firing 800 rounds a minute without a 20 pound barrel and a 1,000 round magazine.

Ranger _BS : Insisting on calling it ''the black rifle" is just adding to the scaremongering about this gun platform. It is no more or less deadly, or for that matter black than other gun types that preform the same function.

james jones : I own 8 now and built them all myself its a fun and rewarding hobby there are so many calibers you can do anything with these rifles

somethingsock : 4:11 there is no way someone 3d printed an entire AR-15. There are some parts that need to be metal.

TK UA : Black rifles matter

Ethan Tull : He keeps saying that the ar and the m16 are the same, which is blatantly wrong.

Anonymous Person : *SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!*

9 yo Army Full General Of Florida Regiment : I could kill just as many with a sword, axe, knife, or whatever. Guns aren't the problem.

Dio Cipher : Lol people in real life copied this gun from my favorite game Fortnite which they did it better because it’s fully semi automatic in the game. People who copied it from Fortnite doesn’t know de wae. Lol I think I roasted them ebically.

Software Man : nice glasses, trace boi

Rebel Friend : Why do people say its the most deadly weapon but literly every gun is and banning a ar-15 will "stop shootings"

Random Person : I don’t think it’s popular because parts are common..... parts are common because it’s popular. For example, you can find parts for an M1 Garand and it was never really popular for civilian use (that i know of)

Marine Corps : There's 5 to 10 million ARs in NY alone.

Melaine White : People have a negative emotional response because of classic propaganda: repeat a lie loud enough and often enough and people will accept it as truth.

Commissar Dog : As a gun nut, I'm surprised with this video. Well researched, not pushing any obvious agenda. Well done Trace. EDIT: One misshap is that they said the AR-15 could fire fully automatic. This is inaccurate. The AR-15 is a sem-automatic rifle only. Effectively the same system as your grandpa's old wood-rifle. A weapon you probably never saw as threatening. Treating these weapons as weapons of murder just because their furnish is identical to that of the military is wrong. These AR-15's were designed to be sporting-rifles. Not 'assault rifles'.

GarlicNot/FarmKids : So liberals want to ban the AR 15 whats next a nerf gun