Estelle - American Boy [Feat. Kanye West] [Video]

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© 2008 WMG American Boy [Feat. Kanye West] [Video]


Leonardo Gamboa : 0:42 James charles joined the chat

Sofia Pereira : don’t like his baggy jeans but imma like what’s underneath them 🤣👏🏾

Natalie Kern : I love Estelle so much, she’s pretty, has a beautiful voice, and is so original and underrated. I don’t care if it’s 2019 this song needs to be on the radio

JOSEPH RUBEN : "I just met this 5 foot 7 guy who's just my type" said no girl ever.

Zenwips : and now, kanye has a roblox costume saying "i love it" 9,999,99 times.

Double E : Why is Kanye’s verse subtlety fire, but goes melodically with the song

Ice Bear : Back when Kanye used to be good in the musical department....

Jack Tripper : *2019 and this song stands the test of time!*

Brock The Rock Gym Leader : Not gonna lie I liked Death Grips version better LOL

Comikazie : Take me to your xbox

The_Coming Is_Soon : Wait what's Johm legend doing in there ? 😦

I Satisfy : Why Kanye make the most iconic songs!?

Larry : Either Estelles shadow is not following her moves , or i'm gone insane .

John Moore : IN 2008 I WAS 39 I STILL JAM TO THIS 2019 DETROIT eastside.

Edrick Wong : 2009: London Town 2017: England is my city

freshdown 626 : 0:25 tik tok has joined the chat 0:40 tik tok has left the chat

egf sdjcndrynf : Garnet is in a song with kanye west Amethyst was in gta 5 Pearl was in a rap song Whats next?

Alexandra Williams : fun fact: This is Garnet from Steven Universe

S H A W N : *Damn I miss 2008😩*

aydar : 0:23 *TikTok has joined the chat* TikTok: it's free real estate 0:34 *TikTok has left the chat*

Ryan Dunsmore : 2 part take me to ur Xbox any other memers

Beats by Cossack : "I heard that Cali never rains" But San Francisco has a higher annual percipatation than London

idk what my name is : omfg this describes bakugou. Hes 5’7” and has baggy jeans ❤️❤️ I LOVE HIM TOO ODNDJDJE

Rayzo - : I'm happy that i don't use tiktok and heard this music on a meme. I'm maybe weird, but most of the meme music are songs that i like.

Nassi : 31 March 2008, 10 Years Old, Congrats Estelle, it's still a banger!!!

_ killa : why is estelle so gorgeous like no joke. she’s so elegant😂🥺😂

Mr. CookieCat : I didn't know that Garnet could sing

Alaina Tolliver : Man Estelle, even though you play Garnet, I have to say you're beautiful in real life just like your cartoon counterpart. I love it!

Ezeriah Cisneros : i like how her shadow doin their own thing lol

Purple BatDragon : Man...... 11 years ago, and now estelle is the only character in Steven Universe that's cool, and Kanye is wearing a Roblox costume. I feel old

Beautiful Cat : 2:40 it wasn’t a good idea to wear white 😬

w h a t a l o a d o f b a l o n e y : ‘5,7 guy who’s just my type’ Cries in 5,10 women iM An oGaR

alyssa long : Did she just say “ take me to New York I’ll love to see LA

That one kid On the Harry Potter box : *garnet?* -I hope someone gets it-

Dragon Warrior : Plot twist: American boy is actually British

ThisIsLotso : Mr. Ego, Garnet, and John Legend in one video. What more do you want? But seriously, this is an amazing song!

kam _ : I was 9 years old when this was released. ahhh the good ol’ 2000s.

*-_bacu _-* : M E M E S ?

XxlivxX 2k18 : It’s so hard not to imagine garnet in this music video singing this 😂 where’s my Steven universe fans at ??

Linkerbaan Media : Take me to new york, i’d like to see LA.... what do you want woman

Castrated : This song drives me insane in my Aldi. Whenever i am on the till it makes me depressed :(

Western Zoo : I'm a huge Kanye fan. I absolutely adore his work. But he kind of ruins this song.

TimiPlayzGames XD : Take me to your xbox to play fornite today we can go to moistey mires but not lootlake

Avery Jebb : Estele is freaking can hear it

jackapak : Thank you kanye very cool

ava _ hunny : *I used to love this song... but then... tiktok happened.*

KaTera Deon : Tik Tok reminded me of this song 😭.

temp Account : 0:24 is like when you finally climax Edit: kanye says moesee lol

ThatAsianKid Who’sNameIsGabe : Lyrics: Take to your Xbox to play fortnite today You can take me to Moisty Mire But not Loot Lake I’d really like to chug jug with you We can be pro fortnite gamers