All Star by Smash Mouth but its Played on the Califone Card Reader

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Rob Johns : This is the *ONLY* true way to ascend.

nihonium : This is how we'll make memes when the Internet is dead

Niickeyy : So muc.....h to do

Numberer1 : You have transcended computers.

chetoo is a figot : This is going to be the kind of art that will be in museums 100 years from now.

Niickeyy : We are advancing by second

LiTAQ : I wish my credit card did this

Acrylo : I may not know what a califone card reader is, but I do know that this is some good content

StickMaster500 : Who needs Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier when you have this?


MineTronic : At least it's creative!

Danker Beef : Mm, nice.

that.sorrow : _WHAT ARE U DOING IN MY SWAMP_

Justin Y. : Humanity has peaked

Imhotep : The cards start coming and they don't stop coming...

Tarık Arı : If there is a god its watching this now

globoxsas : Wtf Cyranek, by your voice I thought you were black. Unsubscribed

Pixel : this is literally now only popular because of baby driver


minicritman999 : Now play the cards in a random order.

Grant Yazel : Only true audiophiles listen to music on the Califone Card Reader.

Supreme Cheese : The best remix doesn’t exi...

Imhotep : Great use of old technology.

ThreeHowling Wolves : The audio quality is so nostalgic

suck me dry : The future is now, old man.

SepicaEpica : My favorite part is when he puts the cards in the card reader

Mister sodium chloride : *god spoken again*

Wes C : I only wish I could reach that level of transcendence .

Domuntu : before autotune there was something called talent. remember the classics people. this man chnaged the califone game as we know it.

ArbitraryAlex : *This video was removed due to a copyright strike.*

Dude Lmao : _Scientists find video showing proof God 100% exists_

Trump 2020 : you should have taped all the pieces together, forming one big piece

OGRE MONKEY : Y'all better play it on the Casio vl-tone

Ven : best song player

JedDraws : Be honest, how much did this cost for a meme?

Xx_Tolokpro_xX : Only shooting cards break the _C A L I F O N E C A R D R E A D E R_

Milos Popovic : i liked the song before it became a meme , why did shrek had to be memed to death so hard.

Ivanushka_ : САМБАДИ

Nexrasa : Only true 30's kids will remember this 🙌

MabiVsGames : I was actually just more mesmerized by the shuffling of cards. I zoned out and the video was over, monkaS

JedDraws : Oh so that's what that thing in Baby Driver was called... cool

mobas07 : You should make an edit to fix the stutters.

alpha dogg : Well at least we know how our memes will be shared after the nuclear war with north korea.

dentron : After seeing your comment on the Techmoan video, wow. Do a techmoan collab and make some memes on dead formats.

UnknownTimelord : I would have just taped them all together lol

Comment Reader : *God has rejoined the server*

seguite tutti MR.YTPooper : I LOVE YOU

: v : Whelp, i never thought i'd see something like this, but here we are

CidGuerreiro1234 : 1960: In the future we'll have flying cars. 2017:

Surströmming Lover : SOME