Laura Lee's FAKE Body Language (RE: My Apology)

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Zoe Does Life : I don't usually agree with people getting into a ton of crap for tweets made years ago however if you care to go and see them, they are quite bad. Even so, she could have just made a simple apology and moved on but that hasn't happened plus the fact that her and her crew treated Jeffree so badly. It all just seems so fake. She does mention in the video that people are going after her family which is not okay, whatever a YouTuber does, their friends or family should never be involved. Man, the beauty community is crazy...don't worry i'm not becoming one of them :')

World Read : i think she wet her eyes with eyedrops tbh cuz her eyes are moist but very clear/white. legit how my eyes look after wetting them with drops. if thats the case, shes a psycho

Crystal Matthews : Laura Lee being fake? What's new

FurubaFangirl98 : I didn’t even care about the whole reason she was making the video at all but after seeing such a dishonest attempt at gaining pity I still unsubbed.

Jeremiah Vink : Maybe that whole Laura Lee video is an audition tape? lol

John Andrin : I don't know who Laura is but i'll watch any video you make because I love your personality aha but I can tell even from your summary of her body language that whatever she is saying sorry for, she doesn't mean. Man, in the gamer or skeptic communities, at least people are more genuine

loo lopie : Yass she is so fake, since the Jeffree stuff i've been folliwng this too. So weird to see a channel outside of the beauty world comment too but also kinda cool because it shows how bat shit crazy they are. I thought her body language was off too, glad i'm not the only one

John Morley : I would have blamed it on predictive text. You should see the racist stuff that my predictive text suggests. I think the KKK must have had this phone before me. Or maybe it has picked up bad habits from all the racist stuff that I have typed in the past. Has she got a cat? They are impossible to control. There is a guy in Scotland with a pug dog that can't be allowed anywhere near his computer for fear of what it will do next.

EllieJayden : Make more videos like this plzzzz :)(

Princess Pea : I don't know who that is, but she will never be an actress! "Over the top" is an understatement. 😂

Anthony Frazier : Ever since Shane Dawson’s series of videos on Jeffree, I’ve started to follow Jeffree - just in time to see all this drama unfold. Laura, Manny and the whole gang just fall way short of Jeffree’s realness, which I think plays a huge part in how fake her apology is. Other than the fact that it was way too fucking dramatic lol.

Oliver Boyle : yassss throw all the shade, love it

Snow Dayz! : PRO TIP: Squirt contact solution in your eye and you will be crying in no time (I actually squirted contact solution in my eyes once, it was not fun) Great video btw 💕

Tamsin Faye : The video was made purely to turn herself into the victim "people are threatening to kill my mum", basically code for "feel sorry for me, I'm a victim, not the guilty one". If she was truly sorry, she would have literally just said sorry and none of the other bullshit.

Graham Stoner : A person who is genuinely upset will not make a video of themselves. Well, except that “leave Britney alone” guy but that was understandable.

Kainlarsen : If I was ashamed of something I've done or said, I would find it very difficult to look someone in the eye. This is largely in part to having Aspergers, but either way, I would be embarrassed, at least, to look at the camera. That said, this does seem pretty insincere as an apology.

eXDax : I'm exceedingly uncomfortable just watching the snippets Zoe is showing here. Absolute cringeworthy.

aszummeR : First Also great vid. Looking forward to more great content!

Michael Hamilton : I have difficulty believing anyone like Laura Lee when they make these so called apologies. Anyone who would feel so guilty and as remorseful as they claim in their videos is unlikely to be the sort of person who would act in such a manner as to need to apologise in the first place as the same presumed social conscience that made them want to post the apology would guide them to act in a tolerant and respectful manner towards other people. It's strange how people like that are only sorry when they're called out over it. I'm pretty sure you hit the nail on the head when you say she only made the apology because she doesn't want to lose her brand deals

Hatman : I have no idea who she is. I still have no idea who she is. I don't care who she is. I might care one day who she is. It just seems like the James "Guardians of the Galaxy" Internet Morality Police are at work again. On the bright side, the contractors are doing a wonderful job building the new wing in Hell specifically to house them. I'm almost eager to return. Other than that, I'm pretty much just loitering. Here. Apparently.

Mistress Jen : So, I'm wondering, which is worse? No apologize or addressing the issue to your audience like CA, MundaneMatt, and Mr. Gunk did, or fake apologize like Laura Lee did. Kinda leaning towards the fake, but will say, both are bad.

anni dee : The way she turns her head after that one “teardrop” is rolling down, to make sure everyone can see it... give me a BREAK.

Samuel Ropers : If I could double like, I would. I always felt her a bit (or a lot) fake... and this video just proved it.

Nol K : 2:06 she starts wiping nonexistant tears **EXCEPT** one pathetic tear that she managed to force (her left, our right), she *almost* wiped it (@2:08) but *stopped herself* so she could turn her head a little to *show it* , and then she wipes it.

ReadTheShrill : Someone want to post the digest version? I have no idea who this person is but (and I know I'll regret this) now I'm curious. What's she apologizing for? Let's start with that, and if it's something stupid my interest will wane and I'll be distracted away by something shiny.

Orange Blorange : Ugh.. I feel hollow after watching her “apology”

Anamee : this apology is so funny and meme-able XDD i literally did a cover of somebody once told me in the style of her crying on my channel LMAO

bguzewi0 : I uhhh.. I don’t know who this lady is, or what she did... Apology accepted.

Roq Steady : there's nowt so queer as folk

Flowers Forever : You are so pretty!

Undisclosed Identity : She's not much of an actress

Ola Lilliehöök : Who are these people?

Straw Hat Luffy : Never heard of her. What did she do to make this “apology” video?

than217 : I don't even know who this chick is but I agree. It seems like an act. Pewdiepie's n-word apology video by contrast is a great example of super short and basic and sincere apology.

Linda Linda : All cops intentionally hid their eyes behind dark glasses, because they are dishonest rapists and murderers!

Maria Kantzler : Why do have to be such a hater

Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble : worst fake crying i have ever seen

Linda Linda : She is sorry. Like in a sorry excuse for a human!

akram : Women's love to play the victim and easy to fake cry

ITZ_JACKIE ITZ_JACKIE : Oh God Stop begin a hater..You just want views that’s why you put here name out!!!!!