"STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE" Animotion Trailer
Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope Anime Trailer

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Fanmade anime trailer for A NEW HOPE. Art & animation by Dmitry Grozov aka Ahriman Music by John Williams Edit by Unusual suspect © 2018 & ™ Lucasfilm LTD. All rights reserved


ZachValkyrie : Not as clumsy or random as live-action. An elegant art form for a more civilized age.

Oligarch : I mean, you already did 2 minutes and 20 seconds...why not finish the other 2 hours, 2 minutes, and 40 seconds?

Humphrey Bear : Star Wars fans can make better star wars movies. Who needs Disney?

Raul Nunez : The Old Good Times, before the darkness, before Disney.

Syntheticwisdom : Well, obviously you need to do the whole movie now.

Evan Morales : I like how its depicted as anime from the 70s or 80s paying tribute to around the time episode 4 actually came out I would really want this to happen instead of episode 9

Zeta Omega : WHY ARE PEOPLE LIKE YOU NOT FUNDED?!? Edit: Why are people like you not funded MORE?

DaiBenduMonk : This is beautiful.

EastlakeRasta7 : Solo looks better in this animation then tbe solo film 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Eric Myers : Please, PLEASE make trailers for Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi

Luke Edison : I can't get past how cool Han and Chewie look at 1:13 - freaking awesome work!

Tom : This trailer was better than force awakens and last Jedi.

Srkaustiko : 636 disney employees didnt like the video

Ben Ostrowsky : The drapery on Leia's white outfit though...the Fanservice is strong with this one

Meme Doctor : Iiteral teams of professional animators with six figure budgets < one Russian guy Хорошая

McOldspice : I felt I was watching Star Wars fir the first time again....God damn! Thank you for that experience!

Sven Reinfrank : Incredible guys... THIS is what Disney should use as their SW Flagship in Animations! Hope we'll see the whole OT from you guys! Fits perfectly to OT!!!

kisuke k : 凄いアニメーションだ! 素晴らしい。 それと、日本語吹替えであることに驚いた!

Christopher Satterfield : If only they turned the Thrawn Trilogy into animated films using a similar style to this so that the original cast can still play their roles. We would have much better sequels.

Mike Sidious : You're producing content better than modern Lucasfilm. Well done!

autumn 13 : ルークを返せ・・・(´;ω;`) ディズニーよ、許さんぞ。

Joshslan : Oh....my....god.....A good star wars experience after Disney?!?!?! I never thought it was possible, but this and Tie Fighter show that Disney and SJW's suck.

Silas ofNj : No, but serious... when's this coming out. WHO DO I NEED TO BLACKMAIL. This NEEDS to be made.

兵衛又八 : 絵柄がほとんどジャパニメーションっぽいんだけど高評価でいいの?(苦笑)

Kentaro Tanaka : 671 dislikes? Must be Kathleen Kennedy, Rian Johnson and the rest of their SWJ underlings at Lucas Studios.

hicham piggy : Дима, ты такой молодец, вот прям честно, браво, у меня просто слов нету...😍

甲殻類好男 : why do they speak Japanese? anyway, Amazing movie. なぜ日本語版か分からないが、素晴らしい!

Wars Star : Impressive... Most impressive.

ミスタービギニング : こーゆースターウォーズも観たいゾ

The Rollie Show : Why does Star Wars work so perfect as old school anime

LukaCola : My name is Ruku Skywalker! Hehehe, I love how they pronounce my name

Noctis69 Something : That has SUCH an 80s anime feel to it. Fascinating

K&K Productions : This is amazing! Gave me goosebumps. For a brief beautiful moment I thought this was a real thing.

Bottomfedder : Love the anime style ala Star Wars! Do Empire next please :)

JcTv : I had a bad feeling about this AND then I heard him... ✊🏾👌🏾👋🏾 Vader 🙌🏾

Eric Kuo : This Jaba the Hut looks way more handsome now xddddd and new Tarkin looks more bad asss

conyo985 : I like how the art style reflects what anime looked liked back in the 70's or 80's.

Nuper In Nocte : someone tweet this to Mark Hamill .

ownfall : I just watched a two hour ad because I loved this so much!

Shin Godzilla 1987 : Excellent work! Gave me chill bumps!

Richard E. Skywalker : O.O Wow.. 10/10. I'm very impressed. I subbed to you, man. 🤗

The Sexy Skywalker : THIS IS A MASTERPIECE! Absolutely breathtaking! I love the designs for Obi Wan and Han... my favorite parts are with Han at 1:10 and 1:21 so badass! I LOVE IT!

gf mt : とっても素晴らしいです!Awesome!!😆👍👍

Нейтральный угол / Кайрат Ибраев : Аж муражки по коже, круто!

José Luis Quevedo : Oh my god! This needs to become a fricking reallity, it´s soooooo good!

Brian Daniel : That was fantastic. I'd love anime versions of the original trilogy!!

Alex Wazovskiy : Darth Vader: Omae wa mou shindeiru! Obi-Wan Kenobi: Nani?

FRANCE ACTU : disney why don't you use 2D animation -.- you' 3d star wars is a holy trash

FRANCE ACTU : STILL BETTER THAN the 2 last star wars movies