"STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE" Animotion Trailer

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Luigino Bracci Roa : Could we have this instead of Episode IX? Please, Disney?

Jon Bear : I bet if you started a patreon, where you do other anime tributes, most of the people commenting here would be so down to help you out

Michael Jae : I'd honestly be happy if they put the next standalone film on hold or even that new Resistance show and made this instead. Plz Disney, just listen to the fans this once

Oligarch : I mean, you already did 2 minutes and 20 seconds...why not finish the other 2 hours, 2 minutes, and 40 seconds?

Lord Omega : *Reminds me of "TIE Fighter"....before the dark times...before Disney.*

K&K Productions : This is amazing! Gave me goosebumps. For a brief beautiful moment I thought this was a real thing.

Humphrey Bear : Star Wars fans can make better star wars movies. Who needs Disney?

dizzyizzylizzie : I LOVE how this is drawn and animated like a classic 70's/80's anime! Wonderful!

aussiebear22 : Now this is Star Wars.

ZachValkyrie : Not as clumsy or random as live-action. An elegant art form for a more civilized age.

nuttywolfie : Nowadays even the Russians have a better grasp of Star Wars than Lucasfilm

Aikurisu : If I was CEO of Lucasfilm, I'd just fire the damn lot there and hire you and that Tie Fighter animation dude to take over. ... and lock Timothy Zahn in a room next to you guys to manage all the story/script writing.

Luke Edison : I can't get past how cool Han and Chewie look at 1:13 - freaking awesome work!

Biggus Dickus : This trailer was better than force awakens and last Jedi.

Vmac : i want darth vader with japanise google translator voice

Joseph Monroy : Ok so I've watched this like all day. This 2 minute trailer is phenomenal. If there is a way to fund the creator so the entire movie can be made. I'm in .

DaiBenduMonk : This is beautiful.

Evan Morales : I like how its depicted as anime from the 70s or 80s paying tribute to around the time episode 4 actually came out I would really want this to happen instead of episode 9

Syntheticwisdom : Well, obviously you need to do the whole movie now.

兵衛又八 : 絵柄がほとんどジャパニメーションっぽいんだけど高評価でいいの?(苦笑)

kisuke k : 凄いアニメーションだ! 素晴らしい。 それと、日本語吹替えであることに驚いた!

Sven Reinfrank : Incredible guys... THIS is what Disney should use as their SW Flagship in Animations! Hope we'll see the whole OT from you guys! Fits perfectly to OT!!!

Ben Ostrowsky : The drapery on Leia's white outfit though...the Fanservice is strong with this one

Karloff Winkler : This animation is far better than the new crap of Disney “Resistance” I got goosebumps!! Congratulations!!! I want to cry for emotion, I don’t care!

ミスタービギニング : こーゆースターウォーズも観たいゾ

hicham piggy : Дима, ты такой молодец, вот прям честно, браво, у меня просто слов нету...😍

Zeta Omega : WHY ARE PEOPLE LIKE YOU NOT FUNDED?!? Edit: Why are people like you not funded MORE?

wood brass and glass : Somehow just watching this 2 minutes cartoon remake, with English subtitles I was more emotionally delighted then the whole time put together watching both of the new Star Wars movies.

Obi-Wan Kenobi : Just call me Obi-Wan SHINOBI. "Konichiwa There"

darthbuzz : It looks quite similar to the Dark Horse Manga graphic novels by Hisao Tamaki from 1998. Great to see this and hope to see a full English language version day. Thank you.

Team gaming killers : disney why don't you use 2D animation -.- you' 3d star wars is a holy trash

McOldspice : I felt I was watching Star Wars fir the first time again....God damn! Thank you for that experience!

Raul Nunez : The Old Good Times, before the darkness, before Disney.

William Aguilar : Reminds me of the Greatest Anime of All Time Legend of the Galactic Heroes

甲殻類好男 : why do they speak Japanese? anyway, Amazing movie. なぜ日本語版か分からないが、素晴らしい!

James Hodges : Some people are asking the guy to redo or reimagine Episodes I through VI but honestly, it would be great if he redid Episodes VII and VIII completely. The events in Episode VII to IX would occur over the course of 10 years. Episode VII could start Luke Skywalker at his Jedi academy with 18-year-old Ben Solo. Ben and Luke have a great relationship. It could show Luke monitoring the training of different Jedi knights and padawans. In one scene, Ben is shown to be angry and depressed, and Anakin Skywalker's force ghost appears to remind him the importance of controlling his emotions. In the film, the creator shows how Snoke was influencing Ben to turn to the dark side. Luke senses the dark side in him, so he chooses to speak with Leia and Han about his visions and premonitions. It could be the moment when viewers finally get to see all three original trilogy characters together again in a post-Episode VI setting. Later in the film, Ben assembles the Knights of Ren - by orders of Snoke - and destroys Luke's academy. This was very difficult for Ben to follow through with. Five of Luke's students managed to escape from the temple, and Luke completes their training to help him fight the Knights of Ren in Episode VIII. At the end of Episode VII, Ben and one of Luke's students get into a light saber fight on a factory planet that rains acid-rain. One of Luke's students loses the fight, but doesn't die. Ben gets slashed in the face, and he later receives a mask by his insurgent scientists at the end of the film. Episode VII could have a Revenge of the Sith tone to it. The audience won't get to see the new army for Snoke and Ben until Episode VIII. In Episode VII, Snoke and Ben Solo work on recruitment. Instead of yet another Death Star or planet destroying base, Snoke could use advanced dark side abilities through a mind control device to achieve greater power throughout each star system. The ships will look different from the Empire's star destroyers. Ben Solo's army will be considered the galactic insurgents. They don't have as many resources as the Republic, but Snoke is the most powerful sith lord ever. The insurgents have their largest army in Episode IX. There could maybe even be a reveal in Episode VIII that Snoke is the reincarnation of Darth Plagueis. The possibilities are endless. I want to see people remake Episodes VII and VIII, and make them what they should have been! Not copying and pasting plots and scenes from the original trilogy...

Joshslan : Oh....my....god.....A good star wars experience after Disney?!?!?! I never thought it was possible, but this and Tie Fighter show that Disney and SJW's suck.

truth buster : This will sell better than the recent 'So Called' Star Wars trash because THIS is not by that turncoat enterprise Disney.

Vi3tKing97 : Could we have this instead of Star Wars Resistance? Please, Disney?

Ethan Stahr : Does anyone know the music in the trailer? It sounds so familiar, but when I checked the music in the trailer it didn’t sound the same.

Srkaustiko : 636 disney employees didnt like the video

Eric Kuo : This Jaba the Hut looks way more handsome now xddddd and new Tarkin looks more bad asss

autumn 13 : ルークを返せ・・・(´;ω;`) ディズニーよ、許さんぞ。

BEY0NDtheINFINITY : this short clip captures the spritit of star wars more than any of this new crap..

Jamie Goulds : Wow!! They should totally make a live action movie about this! I would watch it. 😜 haha

MrHopeless : put this on kickstarter or indiegogo or whatever platform you want, NOW.

victor maphosa : No, I don't have the chills. I'm just shivering from cold...in summer ...in the afternoon... in Sub-Saharan Africa...

Team gaming killers : STILL BETTER THAN the 2 last star wars movies

Fil Bencs : Star Wars Resistance: Made by hundreds of people This masterpiece: Made by one genius

Bloody Buckets : OMG, Youtube finally recommended something good!!! Good work as well Dmitry. You earned a Sub & Like