Why the X-Men Cartoon Theme Song is Even Better Than You Remember...
Why the Xmen cartoon theme song is better than you remember

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Jay Williams : It was a small thing but seeing Xavier point to his head while magneto would clench his fist is a clever way to describe their characters

Jr Garcia : Why didn’t 20th Century Fox never use the cartoon as a blueprint for their movies is beyond my Understanding

MegaMilo 95 : "I challange you to find something more incredible, more thrilling, than the theme song to X-Men The Animated Series." Me: **shows the Japanese intro of X-Men TAS**

Jester Head : I absolutely loved this theme tune as a kid to the point I'd walk around the house humming the little guitar riff to myself when one day my dad asked me why I was humming a Whitney Houston song (Out of character for my music taste at the time) only for me to tell him it was the X-Men theme. I never really paid much attention to the comment until over a decade later when I was an adult the scenario came back to mind. I found out it was actually the vocal melody of the chorus in 'I'm Your Baby Tonight' by Houston that sounds very similar in pattern to the X-Men riff. An amusing discovery.

Willard Massey : Are we not gonna talk about how Wolverine was Australian in that clip from Pride of the X-Men? Oh and Coke- That's a product!

Alejandro Gonzalez : Challenge accepted....the opening of Batman the Animated series.

Lee C : I just watched a 24min documentary on a theme for a cartoon show I used to watch as a kid... and I loved it. Great work. Thank you very much. Would never have seen anything like this on TV so thank god for YouTube.

john johnny : I always named the characters with the song. Cyclops shoots lasers. Wolverine is cool. Rogue has white hair. Storm will kill you...

nhentai.net/g/177013 : Oh? You challenge me to find the even better theme than this? The Japanese version.

Youngthrift King : I'm telling you ...I'm 31 I prefer to only cartoons I used to watch before school my favorite 90s cartoons get high and laugh cause I can still remember lines from X-Men, Spider-Man ,power rangers ,VR troopers , beast wars,tails spin , duck tales , dark wing duck ,street sharks, captain planet, Garfield and friends

TheWizardOfOsborne : Props to the guys who did the breaking bad intro. It’s probably 10-12 seconds long but definitely memorable

Amythyst Parker : The The Pride of the Xmen animated series did PRODUCE MY FAVORITE MULTI-PLAYER ARCADE GAME SINCE TMNT. Xmen with Dazzler sonic boom was my favorite!

Alex Beamer : Literally can't wait to hear this theme play over the MCU logo

Dwayne Hicks : I liked "Battle of The Planets" and "Justice League Unlimited"

Bharani Dharan : What about Swat cats?

J K : The producers hit the mark on making this show adult-oriented. Folks tend to underestimate kids.

Sarah Svensson : I’ve been saying for the longest time I want this song played at my funeral 😂

Joshua Hughes : It better appear in the MCU opening, like the Spider-Man theme.

white sneeks : New Adventures of Jonny Quest

Eduardo Rivero : Even when I’m 27 YO, this theme still on my head every day, and has being my inspiration for many of my art work

Andrea Rossi : Ok I'm the only one who found the theme for the old x-men pilot dope?

Shrink Tank : Not sure how we're just stumbling on this channel, but it's amazing. Subscribed! Keep up the great work!

Matt Draper : The amount of work you put into this is very evident. Fantastic job!

KoKoR gelir : TMNT and Spiderman 1994 theme, always are their best version.

Glenn John : Cops the cartoon had just as epic of an intro.

lordfuture1 : I love this theme! BUT the Shaft hi hat intro is so bad a55. Iconic is selling it short.

Joanna Thompson : Thanks for another awesome video! Just have to say...the Gravity Falls theme also slaps.

Dan The-Man : Screw the theme song, *everything* in that cartoon was amazing, in fact, it's the reason I was so disappointed by almost every X-Men movie. The cartoon did something for me that the movies couldn't replicate.

Luis Castro : Disney if you dont put that theme song in the xmen movies im going to buy you out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MyKoira : I mean, short intro can sometimes be memorable, like for example Lost intro, it's just 12 seconds, it's not as epic as long ones, but it is definitely memorable

God Ganja : I remember waking up for elementary school in the mornings & hearing this on my fathers tv, it brings back memories 😭


AshitaNoKanousei42 : Any other 90s kids just lose their FREAKIN' MINDZZ???!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristen Kellick : Original Voltron theme. Still the most classic heroic theme EVER.

WickedKnightAlbel : Would _love_ for you to do Spider-Man The Animated Series

Captain Jakemerica : Do a video on Batman The Animated Series Theme Song

mike bustamante : I love that the mentality was to make a kid's show for adults and not talk down to the audience.

Ruisu-214 : The only theme that I know that can Compete with this classic theme is.... Funimation’s Dragon ball Z named “Rock the Dragon” the first theme not the second,third,fourth, or any other ones. This to me and X-men are the best themes from the 90s where I grew up.

jbrisby : 21:50 I wonder if he's ever heard Doug Stanhope's bit about bass players. "All they do is 'ba-dump'.

Gabriel Leroux : You guys should do cat dog theme. I always loved that theme.

Brandon Campbell : What a beautiful video. Subbed. Thank you for this.

Dolan Trimp : I've got a fever and the only prescription is more high hat.

Minato Namikaze : Naw bro... Bobbys World had the best theme song /Intro lol

Thuazabi : Not seeing it anywhere else in the comments, so I'm just gonna go ahead and say - I saw Pride of the X-Men first, and, I actually thought that it was pretty decent for what it was. It may not have been as good as the series we got, but I disagree that it was outright bad. Also, BTAS and Swat Kats had awesome openings, as did the japanese opening for XTAS

StoopidSnot : It was good But you can’t beat the original “He-Man” theme song and the theme song for “Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs”

Andrew Dubya : Me, lying comfortably in bed at night, at perfect temperature and in a wonderfully quiet home: *Why can I not sleep?* My brain: *ECKS MEEEN ECKS MEEEN; SAVES THE DAYY SAVES THE DAYY*

butt face magy : I'll tell you Spectacular Spider-Man is Better

KostasSiderisBarista : Easy, THUNDERCATS!!!!

Isaac L Velez Rodriguez : I just watch this vídeo, I'm new subscriber and I just love this vid. Dude, do one of this videos on the Avengers Earth's Mighties Heros💪😎