Why the X-Men Cartoon Theme Song is Even Better Than You Remember...

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Ron Wasserman : Thank you all so much!!!! Currently sitting at home with a busted right arm, Mountain biking accident, so your comments really lifted my spirits. More hi hat!!!!!!!

Dolan Trimp : I've got a fever and the only prescription is more high hat.

Deadpool : TMNT theme song :D It was always my favourite.

GreynSilver7 : Batman The Animated Series theme or Gargoyles next

Mallika Banerjee : Please do the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme next.

jimmy chain : I'm telling you ...I'm 31 I prefer to only cartoons I used to watch before school my favorite 90s cartoons get high and laugh cause I can still remember lines from X-Men, Spider-Man ,power rangers ,VR troopers , beast wars,tails spin , duck tales , dark wing duck ,street sharks, captain planet, Garfield and friends

Jazzy Jeff : Errrrrr Thundercats

Joao Pereyra : The Spiderman animated serie of the same time had an epic theme song too!

Nayshjin : The justice league animated theme is pretty epic

ProfeZZor X : I use to work at Saban too during that time, and the guy that said "Previously, on X-Men" was a regular guy that worked at Saban too. I believe his name was Scott. Nice radio voice, but he never did anything past the intro for X-Men. Saban was a really fun place to work at during the early 1990's into the 2000's, but the company was a bit unorganized early on in the early 90's because they didn't have an in-house animation department to store some of the animation cells they had laying around in the mailroom. And because of that, I ended up with a lot of the animation cells from that X-Men title sequence, which I eventually sold for a few thousand bucks. I was already a big fan of the X-Men comics, so when they told me that it was okay to keep several mail bins worth of X-Men animated cells, I gladly jumped on the opportunity. Even now, I still have some left over, but I haven't decided to sell them or not... And what some of you may not know, there's also a Japanese anime version of the title sequence floating out there. And it's even better than the one we already know and love.

Nu Comics : Idk, I sure think 20-40 seconds of live action Stan Lee just explaining the X-Men to me before the show started would have definitely left an impression. Heck, give him those 90’s toys from the commercials so he can point and show off who he’s talking about. Cut the whole cartoon thing, just give me a show where Stan Lee plays with toys and talks about how cool they are!

Smooth Operator : I don't know what kind of creative renaissance went on during the late 80s to late 90s but I just remember everything being a lot more vibrant and full of bright neon colors and loud everything. The level of creativity back then was definitely impressive

socially inept spider-man : You challenge me to find something better, the japanese version😎

EnragedSephiroth : Challenge accepted... the American intro to DragonBall Z.

luigiquick24 : Batman beyond

Matt Draper : The amount of work you put into this is very evident. Fantastic job!

Joel Martinez : This was fantastic ... ok, Thundercats theme song next!

VyVy Bg : I could name a few other ones that should go alongside this theme song: -The 90s spidey theme -The spectacular Spider-Man -Iron man armored adventures -teen titans -power rangers:ninja storm, Dino thunder, spd, mystic force etc -tutenstein -time warp trio -Danny phantom I can’t think of any more at the moment but there’s SOOOOOOOUH manyyyy

Newzionis : X-men theme sounds similar to Whitney Houston's song "I'm your baby tonight" .. lol ..... correct me if im wrong...

Alperius : That song is still the ringtone of my phone :3

bohba13 : Do mighty Morphin power rangers

NORRIN RADD : Whitney Houston I'm your baby tonight, brought me here.

jeff archer : Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors, that's the best for me.

Ivan Sanchez : Its crazy how this theme song and im your baby tonight by whitney Houston sound alike.....

Capn Smashem : I've got one song that could potentially at least match the thrill and incredibility of the theme song to the x-men series. Have you heard the song 'I'm your baby tonight" by Whitney Houston? Everytime the host asked a question about "how do you ... a song like the x-men theme song" And I kept just shouting "Listen to some Whitney Houston' at my screen BWAHAHAHAHA Also, no big surprise, the song sounds like midi keyboard... it never sounded like guitar lol. It has a slow attack like a synth, there's no plucking sounds at all.

Ultra Nerd : Man, I'd never given this much thought to a cartoon theme before. It's so fascinating to see how it was made and why it works. Thank you, Scott, for another incredible video. (Also, that rejected narration is on point)

wenhe huang : Justice league unlimited... Teen titans

Raymond Duval : Guys should take a stab at the gargoyles theme

Andrew's Theories : How about when you listen to this and then hear the Whitney Houston I’m your baby tonight and the rhythm is the same.

grtwhtbnr : With her all star money, Whitney Houston took samples of Wasserman's work and shot back in time to 1990 and created "I'm your baby tonight" Then the German pop-act Dschinghis Khan took the theme song from the failed series and created the europop hit "Moskau" which made the west associate the new xmen theme song with euro socialism and ghengis khan and the networks werent having it

1969ChargerRTSE : Marvel has to use this theme for when the X-men make their MCU debut. Just like they did with Spider-man Homecoming and the 60s Spider-man theme.

arkhilario : I was introduced to the world of mutants by this show. I was always anticipating this on TV every Friday night.

yes mcgee : Biiiig tune weearrrdemsaywatchmenaaa

Graham Gentz : RIP Stan

Reginald Liao : You guys better check out the Swat Kats opening.

mike bustamante : I love that the mentality was to make a kid's show for adults and not talk down to the audience.

Jonny Oseguera : NerdSync: “I challenge you to find something more incredible, more thrilling than the theme song to X-men the animated series”. Me: Attack on Titan

john johnny : I always named the characters with the song. Cyclops shoots lasers. Wolverine is cool. Rogue has white hair. Storm will kill you...

Furkan D. : TMNT and Spiderman 1994 theme, always are their best version.

Drashawn Clay : I miss this show so much. By far my favorite theme song of any show out there.

Owen Likes Comics : This genuinely might be one of my favourite NerdSync videos ever. Great job Scott and RKVC (also I miss you guys)

Luiz Frodo : I like the NEW JONNY QUEST song

King Henry : Spider-Man theme Original Superman score

beleloy808 : Batman the animated series

Luigi Tuazon : Batman The Animated Series theme was good too! I'd say that they're the same.

Alex Beamer : Literally can't wait to hear this theme play over the MCU logo

Jack Steinberg : ThunderCats is the best cartoon theme song ever. The X-men and Spider-man theme songs are undoubtably awesome but ThunderCats is far superior.

Toussaint Ndayegamiye : I like the Power Rangers theme Ron Wasserman made

lionhead123 : 18:50 laying it on a bit too thick aren't we?

Raymond Morales : After 18:00 I teared up :(