Why the X-Men Cartoon Theme Song is Even Better Than You Remember...

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Ron Wasserman : Thank you all so much!!!! Currently sitting at home with a busted right arm, Mountain biking accident, so your comments really lifted my spirits. More hi hat!!!!!!!

Dolan Trimp : I've got a fever and the only prescription is more high hat.

kaiser wilhem : Watching it few years back after i'm way beyond cartoon age, woahhhhh: Xavier: "So often in our history unhappy misguided people have created scapegoats, blaming those that are different for the problems in their own lives" Storm: "It is an evil immense hearts that must be fought. If we stand up to the trouble makers they will give up their cruel desires, if we fail their tolerance would grow and many could perish" Beast: "These constant re-crimination are counter productive" Storm: "for every human who gaves in to hate and fear, there are hundreds who are willing to see the truth" Wolverine: "I never thought a super sense of hearing can be so painful" "Didn't anybody ever tell ya, you don't kick a man when he's down" Beast: "The noblest answer unto such, is kindly silence when they brawl - Alfred Tennyson" ----- Magneto: "I shall never understand you Charles" Xavier: "In what way?" Magneto: "Your life would be infinitely easier if mine were to end, yet you saved me" Xavier: "I do not yearn for an easy life Magneto, only a just one, I would take little satisfaction in your death" ----- Wolverine was hurt after being attacked Wolverine: "I... don't... need your... help..." As Colossus say: "Of course not, but you are guest in my country, it is good manner" He picked up Wolverine and run to safety

mehwhyausername1 : Batman: The Animated Series and Teen Titans also had great opening themes songs! I feel like they all match the tone of their respective series, which makes them work really well. Batman explored dark subject matter, and set a standard for a more introspective titular hero. Teen Titans was exciting, hip, and idiosyncratic (but grounded with a pinch of realness).

ProfeZZor X : I use to work at Saban too during that time, and the guy that said "Previously, on X-Men" was a regular guy that worked at Saban too. I believe his name was Scott. Nice radio voice, but he never did anything past the intro for X-Men. Saban was a really fun place to work at during the early 1990's into the 2000's, but the company was a bit unorganized early on in the early 90's because they didn't have an in-house animation department to store some of the animation cells they had laying around in the mailroom. And because of that, I ended up with a lot of the animation cells from that X-Men title sequence, which I eventually sold for a few thousand bucks. I was already a big fan of the X-Men comics, so when they told me that it was okay to keep several mail bins worth of X-Men animated cells, I gladly jumped on the opportunity. Even now, I still have some left over, but I haven't decided to sell them or not... And what some of you may not know, there's also a Japanese anime version of the title sequence floating out there. And it's even better than the one we already know and love.

captcorajus : Needs more cowbell.

Juan Quinland : He obviously got a lot of influence from Whitney Houston's - I'm your baby tonight. It came out 2 years prior same sound. @NerdSync

Deadpool : TMNT theme song :D It was always my favourite.

Fruit Farm Factory : Didn't Iron Man have a good theme? _"I...AM...IRON MAN!"_

Diego Bernardo Rivera : power rangers theme song next

Matt Draper : The amount of work you put into this is very evident. Fantastic job!

dkey : King Arthur and the Knights of Justice animated series theme is very pleasing

Clorox Juice : This is sssooooooo nostalgic!!! My cousin and I loved this show 😍😍😍😍😍

NORRIN RADD : Whitney Houston I'm your baby tonight, brought me here.

Rafael Miranda : X-Men is awesome, but Swat Cats is awesome too :)

Nu Comics : Idk, I sure think 20-40 seconds of live action Stan Lee just explaining the X-Men to me before the show started would have definitely left an impression. Heck, give him those 90’s toys from the commercials so he can point and show off who he’s talking about. Cut the whole cartoon thing, just give me a show where Stan Lee plays with toys and talks about how cool they are!

Red : Ah, but dere's always someting' to throw, mon ami.

Jonny Oseguera : NerdSync: “I challenge you to find something more incredible, more thrilling than the theme song to X-men the animated series”. Me: Attack on Titan

Jaydaytoday Jayjay : Justice league intro was also awesome.

Nayshjin : The justice league animated theme is pretty epic

bohba13 : Do mighty Morphin power rangers

Scott Ampleford : Well, don't I feel foolish. I always thought this was composed by Shuki Levy!

tigermunky : Why did Stan Lee want to introduce each episode in person? Ego.

Joel Martinez : This was fantastic ... ok, Thundercats theme song next!

socially inept spider-man : You challenge me to find something better, the japanese version😎

Ultra Nerd : Man, I'd never given this much thought to a cartoon theme before. It's so fascinating to see how it was made and why it works. Thank you, Scott, for another incredible video. (Also, that rejected narration is on point)

Reginald Liao : You guys better check out the Swat Kats opening.

Mark Avo : Honestly didn’t think I’d keep watching but the content and the delivery is stellar.

Myles Brathwaite : Can you also do the Milo Murphy's Law theme?

fun-with-nickline : Perfect!

1969ChargerRTSE : Marvel has to use this theme for when the X-men make their MCU debut. Just like they did with Spider-man Homecoming and the 60s Spider-man theme.

Ferra Joachim : Xmen intro was awesome. But mayb Xfiles and outer limits as honorable mentions

Mike Craig : This guy just sped up Perry Mason theme. Song's an obvious rip.

virusinc : Better or similar themes: Star Wars Theme Knight Rider Theme Air Wolf Theme X Files Theme Terminator Theme And many more..

Asoel : Voltron intro is better

Alex Beamer : Literally can't wait to hear this theme play over the MCU logo

arkhilario : I was introduced to the world of mutants by this show. I was always anticipating this on TV every Friday night.

King Henry : Spider-Man theme Original Superman score

EnragedSephiroth : Challenge accepted... the American intro to DragonBall Z.

naveen can : Do you know the theme music of the Mummies alive cartoon series those were better

Cristian Hernandez : Do Spider Man the Animated Series next. Or Batman TAS.

Keith Foester : the lead guitar part sounds like whitney houston i'm your baby tonight/

VyVy Bg : I could name a few other ones that should go alongside this theme song: -The 90s spidey theme -The spectacular Spider-Man -Iron man armored adventures -teen titans -power rangers:ninja storm, Dino thunder, spd, mystic force etc -tutenstein -time warp trio -Danny phantom I can’t think of any more at the moment but there’s SOOOOOOOUH manyyyy

Ty bigga : Only other is the first mighty morphan power rangers theme

jeff archer : Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors, that's the best for me.

mike bustamante : I love that the mentality was to make a kid's show for adults and not talk down to the audience.

Robert Wayne Vernon Jr : Anime has allot of good opening and ending songs with lyrics, but are in Japanese. The Xmen anime opening song seems to go the same route with no lyrics. Then Xmen Evolution also has a opening song with no lyrics. I wonder what Marvel/Disney will do with The Xmen and they will probably add the Xmen to the MCU.

hamiltoneu : EXO SQUAD, SO AHEAD OF ITS TIME. the animated "the expanse".

yotodine : NerdSync obviously, you never heard the pokemon OP... ... ... gotta catch them all! POKEMON! f yeah!

Cozy : 3:18 I DISAGREE! I loved that pilot. (I had to rewrite my sentence a few times to sound less and less hostile.)