Why the X-Men Cartoon Theme Song is Even Better Than You Remember...

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Ron Wasserman : Thank you all so much!!!! Currently sitting at home with a busted right arm, Mountain biking accident, so your comments really lifted my spirits. More hi hat!!!!!!!

ohsooraw : It was a small thing but seeing Xavier point to his head while magneto would clench his fist is a clever way to describe their characters

Jr Garcia : Why didn’t 20th Century Fox never use the cartoon as a blueprint for their movies is beyond my Understanding

Bharani Dharan : What about Thundercats?

Youngthrift King : I'm telling you ...I'm 31 I prefer to only cartoons I used to watch before school my favorite 90s cartoons get high and laugh cause I can still remember lines from X-Men, Spider-Man ,power rangers ,VR troopers , beast wars,tails spin , duck tales , dark wing duck ,street sharks, captain planet, Garfield and friends

Dolan Trimp : I've got a fever and the only prescription is more high hat.

Willard Massey : Are we not gonna talk about how Wolverine was Australian in that clip from Pride of the X-Men? Oh and Coke- That's a product!

Jester Head : I absolutely loved this theme tune as a kid to the point I'd walk around the house humming the little guitar riff to myself when one day my dad asked me why I was humming a Whitney Houston song (Out of character for my music taste at the time) only for me to tell him it was the X-Men theme. I never really paid much attention to the comment until over a decade later when I was an adult the scenario came back to mind. I found out it was actually the vocal melody of the chorus in 'I'm Your Baby Tonight' by Houston that sounds very similar in pattern to the X-Men riff. An amusing discovery.

Luis Castro : Disney if you dont put that theme song in the xmen movies im going to buy you out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this face of happiness? : Oh? You challenge me to find the even better theme than this? The Japanese version.

Matt Draper : The amount of work you put into this is very evident. Fantastic job!

Anthony Dupree : Love the evaluation of everything that helped construct the theme song. Only thing I noticed when I was 7 years old and this came out is how the syncopation the chord arrangements matched "Whitney Houston - I'm Your Baby Tonight" but at a different rate of speed. Watch no one give me my crdit for finding this gem.

Akshay Sahu : Have you listened to the theme song for Spiderman animated series from the same era ? It is equally EPIC.

Dwayne Hicks : I liked "Battle of The Planets" and "Justice League Unlimited"

Mark Noel Marcelino : Insert Whitney Houston

Nu Comics : Idk, I sure think 20-40 seconds of live action Stan Lee just explaining the X-Men to me before the show started would have definitely left an impression. Heck, give him those 90’s toys from the commercials so he can point and show off who he’s talking about. Cut the whole cartoon thing, just give me a show where Stan Lee plays with toys and talks about how cool they are!

john johnny : I always named the characters with the song. Cyclops shoots lasers. Wolverine is cool. Rogue has white hair. Storm will kill you...

Minato Namikaze : Naw bro... Bobbys World had the best theme song /Intro lol

Alejandro Gonzalez : Challenge accepted....the opening of Batman the Animated series.

Graham Gentz : RIP Stan

Ultra Nerd : Man, I'd never given this much thought to a cartoon theme before. It's so fascinating to see how it was made and why it works. Thank you, Scott, for another incredible video. (Also, that rejected narration is on point)

Bharani Dharan : What about Swat cats?

lionhead123 : 18:50 laying it on a bit too thick aren't we?

Shinta0SaINt : **so part 2 is where you get to the part where he rips of Whitney Houston - I’m your baby tonight???**

Ralph Joseph RJM : I don't know why I'm remembering digimon from this.

Owen Likes Comics : This genuinely might be one of my favourite NerdSync videos ever. Great job Scott and RKVC (also I miss you guys)

devorah gobrin : Yep, whitney houston song in X-men hahah lol 😂

Ivan Sanchez : Its crazy how this theme song and im your baby tonight by whitney Houston sound alike.....

Raymond Morales : After 18:00 I teared up :(

KostasSiderisBarista : Easy, THUNDERCATS!!!!

bohba13 : Do mighty Morphin power rangers

Samuel Soltero : Tim Burton’s Batman 1989 theme is more epic than the X-Men.

KoKoR gelir : TMNT and Spiderman 1994 theme, always are their best version.

Hisoka Morrow : 0:02 "I challenge you to find something more incredible, more incredible, more thrilling than the theme song to x-men the animated series" Why you gotta throw down like that? Justice League Intro - Worse Justice League Unlimited Intro - Equal Spider-Man (1994) Intro - Better Batman Beyond Intro - Equal (cooler animation, slightly worse music) Beast Wars Intro - Worse MIB Intro - Equal Rock the Dragon - Worse Tank! - Slightly Worse Attack on Titan (1st opening) - Better Attack on Titan (2nd opening) - Equal Samurai Jack Opening - Worse Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Opening Credits - Better BABY DRIVER's 6-Minute Opening Clip - Better Break to proclaim Edger Wright is a god. The Rohirrim's Charge on the siege force of Minas Tirith - Better The lobby scene (There is no spoon) - Better Michael Keaton looking at Spider-Man through the rear view window - Equal The best of Ipman's fight scenes (including in Rogue One) - Better Quicksilver - nuff said Samurai Jack Uncle Iroh Uncle

NotNow Nonce : Biiiig tune weearrrdemsaywatchmenaaa

Philosophy Tube : Hahah, this is amazing man! Well done!!!

michael valencia : My childhood 😭😭😭😭

Michael Johnson : Younger! or Oldster! Everybody of the 80's gen.knows that Jase & The Wheeled Warriors, is still by far the best cartoon theme song...EVER! Well almost everybody.

NidgeDFX : Pokemon intro... GG This is coming from someone who watched dbz in japs too back in 80s. I guess i could say speed racer :p

MegaMilo 95 : "I challange you to find something more incredible, more thrilling, than the theme song to X-Men The Animated Series." Me: **shows the Japanese intro of X-Men TAS**

Alex Beamer : Literally can't wait to hear this theme play over the MCU logo

Jan Omega : The X-Men arcade theme as well as the first stage music is on par.

Eryk Ralston : I’ll tell you something better than the theme song... the actual show!!!

ruisu : The only theme that I know that can Compete with this classic theme is.... Funimation’s Dragon ball Z named “Rock the Dragon” the first theme not the second,third,fourth, or any other ones. This to me and X-men are the best themes from the 90s where I grew up.

Monastery in Tibet : DBZ - Rock the Dragon 🐉 theme is pretty up there

white sneeks : New Adventures of Jonny Quest

Toussaint Ndayegamiye : I like the Power Rangers theme Ron Wasserman made

The all around Nerd : Wow

Mark Burns : Hell to the yeah

hazel goodshepherd : I got a fever. And the only cure... is more High Hat.