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Cricket Cricket : Sounds like a figure skater on the your work.

Lady T : been looking all over for this. exactly this.

Rayleen W. : Super helpful, thank you! My hands will be covered in ink for weeks now lol

parshuram ji passi : Very......... nice........&.......... clean ✍️✍️✍️👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍.

Karl Coppens : What a wonderful help. I'm addicted and can't stop trying. All of your work on Instagram and Youtube is 👍👍👍🎯

TECPJC Casey : My favorite letter is s and my least favorite is s. lol I love how it looks when done right. Unfortunately, I rarely do it right! This was beautiful to watch and learn from.

Zahid Sheikh : i m a pakistani and i m calligrapher of urdu persian and arabic further english calligrsphy is beautiful ad well and i have great delight to learn it but the problem is that we do not have such oblique pen holders and nibs here any alternate of then.

Mantresh Patwardhan : wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Awesome gooooooooood

mohd hamid : sir which nib is used to write these alphabets plz tell me

laouari fatima : I would like the same pen please where buy

Kristian Andía : Hola.. felicito tu trabajo y las ganas de compartirlo en este espacio, siempre he considerado un arte el escribir y me encanta desde niño, ahora veo que hay mucha técnica para realizar muy buenos trabajos, entonces solo me queda ponerlo en práctica y disfrutar de los resultados. Tus aportes me serán de gran ayuda..gracias!!!

angelab292 : Any tips on mastering full arm movement? I started learning modern calligraphy over a year ago and learned to write from my fingers and wrist. Now I'm trying to learn Spencerian (I took a course with Connie Chen this summer) and I'm struggling to write with my full arm. I'm sure I'm overthinking it but any tips would be appreciated! 😊

Vipul Sondagar Calligraphy : Wonderful it is.

Patricia Roeder : My students will love this! Thank you for posting.

Casey Stuck : Beautiful!

AL : im a novice amto calligraphy and i bought a bunch of used calligraphy things a while ago. I've found that the nibs meant for copperplate aren't very smooth .. what are the reasons this may be? ive also just noticed it's meant for the lefthand and I'm righthanded. Could this be one of the reasons why?

Laura Rawlings : So beautiful! I am just learning Copperplate an am mesmerized by this video. I will be watching this many times over.

•Espok• : i just started calligraphy, and this helps me a lot! Thanks Suzanne <3 OH! One more thing, is there a style or font you would suggest for beginners?

Victor Caston : Which tablet program is used for the Z?

Peter Newson : does she have a feed installed under her nib? if so, where can I get one!

David Kavanagh : great video, what type of pen are you using?

Kellie Stephens : Could watch Suzanne write all day long!

Ruth : Thank You

Hey Ron : I could watch your hand for hours, my dear ~ with each graceful pen stroke, as the ink in concert flows ~ your nib leaves behind a Special Beauty, most hands will never know.

wordsbeat calligraphy : Suzanne is awesome. this is dope 😍 loving it

Zahid Sheikh : its marvellous i have learnt a lot from it.

MisterJP1987 : whats behind the nip??

T.J. Williams : Thanks so much!!!! I'm so glad you made this!! and for the i and x i totally hear you!! :P

Scot Hanson : This is amazing. It's like watching a magic show! Thanks for sharing your talents here.

Mr Leader : how do you made that INK?

Daniel Pechacek : 👍

Arlene Padden : Absolutely love Suzanne Cunningham's work and her style. Her flourished copperplate is amazing. Everything she writes is outstanding and with such fluidity and gracefulness. I could watch her for hours.

john whitehead : stunning work suzanne,if that dosent motivate i don,t know what will.

Prince Hussein : OMG , Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome , Thanks SUZANNE

Martha West : SuzAnne!! Love ❤️ Love❣❣

Marilyn DIAZ DESIGNS : Love this

kingDAVID : One of my most favorite video on YouTube <3. I don't have oblique holder. For the meantime I have been using fountain pen, I can already write the letter Aa but not as awesome as yours. Hehehe

Artekstar 501 : The letter M and N looks incomplete, i couldnt see how the two letters where going to look like before the video started to fade out :/

poerc : I am extremely curious about that pen. I see a what appears to be a spring and something else beneath the nib. Is this device something to prolong the ink so you don't have to dip as often? That would be awesome if it is. ...or is this just a special pen all together? Please tell me - I'm dying to know. Oh yes - and BEAUTIFUL calligraphy by the way!

Poussière d'étoile : Great thanks

123 456 : Hi, I love your work, but i have a doubt, I'm a Spanish speaker and I wanted to ask you, how do you write the letter Ñ ñ ? The part on the top I mean, sorry if my English is bad

DZenitram23 : oh my wow! just waiting on my nibs and paper to start practicing. of course watching your videos and after holidays buy your book

LunaAlpha : There writing looks so smooth while mine is *SCREACHHHHH*

Mary Langley Taber : I want it I want it I want it!

Ameena Fatima : Super! Copperplate and envelope calligraphy are same or different?

Simbu Biru : Super What is the pen use

Bob McGrath : This is a trap by the pen and ink companies !! I started a few weeks ago with a fountain pen to improve my own signature and got addicted !! Now I have a few bottles of different inks, 6 fountain pens and a couple of oblique nib holders on order. A couple of gel pens helped me learn not to use so much pressure while writing . Now I find myself not even wanting to use a ballpoint pen any more !! The biggest thing I learned was to "SLOW DOWN" while using these tools , even while signing bill of ladings in my everyday work as a truck driver.

peter LEE : wt is this nib?

Shankar Raman : Stunning precision and control!!

masubg : I need a vidoe about connecting the letters, I am straggling to connect c to z in a polish name I try to write.