Alaska Yukon River Fishwheel Catching Salmon - Stan Zuray
An Alaska fish wheel

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This is a Fishwheel catching salmon during the height of a record 2005 fall chum salmon run on the Yukon River. As with many runs of fish everywhere, long periods of time (days and weeks) can pass without a single one caught. On this day that was not the case as you can see. Some historic papers going way back counted 393 Yukon River fishwheels from Canada to the river mouth (almost 1000 miles of river). Today there are a tiny tiny fraction of that amount of wheels on the Yukon (ADF&G counted 69 in 2015) and the chum runs remained healthy then and now. Estimated salmon passage past this wheel on the day of the video was 100,000 fall chum salmon. The wheel that day took about 30. 6/10/13 note: A long time ago I said I'd not be commenting anymore on the video due to negative comments but would not delete them either. Lately the video has gained quite a bit of views and with that some pretty vicious and ridiculous comments from people who get a kick out of being negative about things they have no clue about. This fishery supports native and rural fishermen living up and down the Yukon River. The fall chum salmon shown here numbered about 1 million into the river last year and is considered by the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game to be underutilized on many years and in particular this year 2005 in the video. Nobody is killing any run off here with this traditional fishing. I will be deleting all negative comments I feel are not sincere at my leisure and discretion from now on. The Management Also "Carry On: Stan Zuray's Journey from Boston Greaser to Alaskan Homesteader" is now available on Amazon in paperback, eBook, and audiobook. Amazon reviews always appreciated. Anyone interested in a signed copy see instructions on 1st post of my Facebook page


JadePrincess : Very clever. Thanks for sharing!

HIGHLANDER MAN : Nice trap of fish, here in the Philippines the salmon is very expensive 450 peso a kilo.

Michael Meyer : One other thing the nay sayers don't think about is that salmon die when the spawn is done.  If they are not caught and eaten they are all going to die soon anyway.  Sure would be nice if their schooling included where food comes from (not the store).

Durja Raj : Wow what a amazing fising bord

amallavender84 : Such an effortless fishing. I am thrilled watching this 😁

ChefGiovanni : Alaska the beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Zafar Islam : Its really a good ingearing

chris bell : You are quite an amazing guy Mr Stan Zuray i know you think your not, But just a normal guy But i have the most upmost respect for you and you fellow towns people living off the land.

dale 60jd : Love it Stan! I'm use to hoop nets and some memorable hauls when the catfish are running in the spring!

TRUCK U2 : I'm watching the show now it is absolutely amazing. Good people, good country.

Osiel Velasquez : Esa sí es buena idea , pero va dejar sin peces en poco tiempo ese río.,🙂

Random, Family Man : What an amazing piece of machinery! Thank you for the in-depth and informative description

Mohammed Zakaria : Wow... I feel to move there...

Welcome To Ranchi The Dictator : Grizzly bears ordered from Amazon.....

Jeremy Ksor : I’m Montagnards I have never seen like this before it’s amazing.

John Mastrangel : Can;t argue with that technique.

Crosbhealach : Its relaxing to watch...tho maybe not for the fish.

Ahnko Chee Outdoors : Aloha from Kailua, Hawai'i Stan, Looks like you had this YouTube channel before the TV show. I'm half Caucasian like your kids with my dad also being a New England Yankee like you also long and far removed. I still catch you accent though. You can take the boy out of Boston but you can't take the Boston out of the boy. Amazing how productive that fish wheel can be. Growing up here in Hawai'i we had a stream behind our home and Dad taught us how to lay a gillnet to catch mainly 'Awa aka Milkfish which we would butterfly cut, salt down then dry in a screened box on top of our roof. A couple days of gillnetting while the 'Awa ran upstream got us enough fish to feed us for months. This was over 30 years ago. Now all gillnetting is banned in my part of the island because a small minority abused the use of gillnets resulting in the drowning of protected sea turtles. Also the sleepy little town of Kailua I grew up in has become so popular with mainlanders that housing prices have skyrocketed so that older local blue collar families have had to move away not being able to afford the skyrocketing land tax on properties they already owned for a few generations. Many Hawaiians wind up retiring to the mainland US where cost of living much lower. I hope the new road into Tanana does not have a negative impact with newcomers arriving and cramming their values and "culture" onto the town like it did to mine. Looking forward to another season of the show, keep up the great work, keep it real.

Des Mc Inermey : You're a lucky man Stan! Tough life, but good and honest and rewarding

Kirk Hobbs : Thks for the info Stan on the dry & cold smoking tips - have a great / blessed day & be safe - Kirk out for now

Ania B. : Wow did not realise salmon is so big :D Tesco Dublin must be dooing like 50 filets from 1 salmon hehe

Ania B. : Wow did not realise salmon is so big :D Tesco Dublin must be dooing like 50 filets from 1 salmon hehe

elkbow : Stan, great video. People have no clue about living up there, they have no clue about the eco system, they have no clue about living. They are used to someone doing everything for them, someone to catch and process fish for them, to raise and process meat for them, to plant and harvest potatoes for them. They have no clue what it is like to do things for themselves. I envy your living up there. I wish I was born a 100 years ago. Wouldn't have preservatives in my food, all natural. I still hunt, would rather eat an elk stake any day over eating a processed cow..

Brian : That fish wheel is a thing of beauty....

Kenny toney : I'm absolutely green with envy of your life!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

premkumar 007 : Wonderful trap 👌 amezing

Gary Collarini : Hey Stan! Love the show, actually, I'm looking to take an Alaskan vacation by road, from Pennsylvania. Any tips for the long trip?

Frank Deane : (Daughter)       Stan is my BAE and I always wanted to be with him and discover what it is like to live in Alaska I also base many of my essays on Stanford and Alaska

علوان السماك fisher man : Nice working and I'm fisher man Iraqi by cast net fishing and you can see me good like

Shaun Goeltz : Stan, chum is Sam

Reel-Lentless : Love your take.....its your video and you should not have to listen to negative and worse yet ignorant people. Keep doing what your doing.

REDMAN PARANORMAL THE ROCKHOUND : Great video content I liked and subscribed please return the favor thanks for your support I loved the show by the way did they cancel it ? :)

SPENSA MANIA : Kincir penangkap ikan kreatif keren salam mampir bosQu

Federico Sagun : So unfair. Here in australia a whole salmon cost us almost $50.

Tyronne Smith : You rock Stan!!!!!  Stan is the man!!!!!  The man with a plan...Always

adriangs-t parada : great videos lots of salmon....very

JAMES Rivis : I could watch this wheel all day !!

Tom Blake : givem hell stan ur awsome

supertech2007 : hahahahahhahahahahaha i love it, that fishing wheel is awsome. I fish as much as i can when i can but this thing would drive me crazy seeing all those fish adding up like that. great video man thanks for posting it.

Will Perrin : Ingenious eco friendly device. Great TV as well Stan

Echo of Snac : We only ran ours for short periods on the Copper River. It was my grandfather's wheel, and I am not sure how many others used it, but my family only took enough for the winter. I think only natives can do this commercially.

Stan Zuray : Some historic papers going way back counted 150 Yukon River fishwheels from Fairbanks to the river mouth (almost 1000 miles of river). Another 150 at least would have been on the upper Yukon from Tanana to into Canada. Today there are a tiny tiny fraction of that amount of wheels on the Yukon and the chum runs remained healthy then and now. Estimated salmon passage past this wheel on the day of the video was 100,000 fall chum salmon. The wheel that day took about 30. Aggressive - yes/no.

videoclipits : The river current

videoclipits : What a simple and ingenious device.

RottenCash : he responded!!

Gonzalo García Aguirre : I like this system very much. Thanks for sharing. Quick question: Seeing all this fish captured in just seconds makes you thinks maybe it is very aggressive with the river fauna. ¿Is this sustainable in the long term?

Stan Zuray : Thank you Rast 07, You are right. In order to provide a better experience for those who want to see it I'm just deleting the negative from now on with one swift click. Stan.

yoshimitsu31 : I wish you could build this in minecraft.

Genya M. : love it, can i have one? :0