Alaska Yukon River Fishwheel Catching Salmon Stan Zuray

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Ahnko Chee Outdoors : Aloha from Kailua, Hawai'i Stan, Looks like you had this YouTube channel before the TV show. I'm half Caucasian like your kids with my dad also being a New England Yankee like you also long and far removed. I still catch you accent though. You can take the boy out of Boston but you can't take the Boston out of the boy. Amazing how productive that fish wheel can be. Growing up here in Hawai'i we had a stream behind our home and Dad taught us how to lay a gillnet to catch mainly 'Awa aka Milkfish which we would butterfly cut, salt down then dry in a screened box on top of our roof. A couple days of gillnetting while the 'Awa ran upstream got us enough fish to feed us for months. This was over 30 years ago. Now all gillnetting is banned in my part of the island because a small minority abused the use of gillnets resulting in the drowning of protected sea turtles. Also the sleepy little town of Kailua I grew up in has become so popular with mainlanders that housing prices have skyrocketed so that older local blue collar families have had to move away not being able to afford the skyrocketing land tax on properties they already owned for a few generations. Many Hawaiians wind up retiring to the mainland US where cost of living much lower. I hope the new road into Tanana does not have a negative impact with newcomers arriving and cramming their values and "culture" onto the town like it did to mine. Looking forward to another season of the show, keep up the great work, keep it real.

Tw Lin : Why Alaska allow native prople to.catch so many wild salmon, this method shall be banned to.avoid killing too many wild salmon.

elkbow : Stan, great video. People have no clue about living up there, they have no clue about the eco system, they have no clue about living. They are used to someone doing everything for them, someone to catch and process fish for them, to raise and process meat for them, to plant and harvest potatoes for them. They have no clue what it is like to do things for themselves. I envy your living up there. I wish I was born a 100 years ago. Wouldn't have preservatives in my food, all natural. I still hunt, would rather eat an elk stake any day over eating a processed cow..

Reel-Lentless : Love your take.....its your video and you should not have to listen to negative and worse yet ignorant people. Keep doing what your doing.

Alcatel Evolve2 : This is pretty cool. Not my style of fishing, detached a bit, but not as bad as trollers. I guess this is good if your family is starving or preparing for winter. If this is for commercial use then it's a great way to kill off the population in a river. Where I'm from, all rivers are close waters....

ChefGiovanni : Alaska the beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Michael Meyer : One other thing the nay sayers don't think about is that salmon die when the spawn is done.  If they are not caught and eaten they are all going to die soon anyway.  Sure would be nice if their schooling included where food comes from (not the store).

Colin Gantiglew : I'll bet that the naysayers feed their precious puddy tats on tinned fish. I wonder if they ever get grumpy about the criminal waste in commercial fisheries?

chris bell : You are quite an amazing guy Mr Stan Zuray i know you think your not, But just a normal guy But i have the most upmost respect for you and you fellow towns people living off the land.

Rocky Ethridge : Great Video Stan. If you ever want to hunt Big Whitetail or Eastern Wild Turkey in Kentucky. Get with me Brother 👍

Dillinger Sam : Fresh From The Farm 😎😄

amallavender84 : Such an effortless fishing. I am thrilled watching this 😁

JadePrincess : Very clever. Thanks for sharing!

MrPally36 : This is a efficient way to feed a lot of people. I just want to know if you have a system in place that allows the fish that are "Small" to get back in the water, or is it one of the cases of so many fish that size limits don't apply. Very cool system.

Armanul newouz Remon : poor fish salmon

Borum fishing : Wow i have never seen or heard about something like this before. Its so effective. Is the river really that productive all year long or is it a short time with so many fish?

JAMES Rivis : I could watch this wheel all day !!

John Doe : That fish wheel is a thing of beauty....

Pauline Devlin Shepherd : Stan is a very hard worker.If you neg people watch Yukon Men use will see how much of a gentle man and a god dam fab father. Stan has a wonderful family and all look out for each other. Just look at Joey he is a very strong minded well mannered young man, Joey learned from his dad and look at Stan"s daughter Kate works very hard as well. Kate is a wonderful young lady. Stan Has all He need and more xx Hater why watch Yukon Men if you only have negative thoughts...

Crosbhealach : Its relaxing to watch...tho maybe not for the fish.

Still Liv'in : I'm watching the show now it is absolutely amazing. Good people, good country.

Jeremy Ksor : I’m Montagnards I have never seen like this before it’s amazing.

Rick's Outdoors & Hobbies : Stan & Family....Thank You for keeping the sustenance lifestyle alive and well. Feeding friends, family and sled-dogs is no easy task. I truely appreciate the work you put into your "wheel". It reflects the respect you have for native ingenuity and designs. You are the last of a great lifestyle, in world that has lost imagination, flexibility, adventure and compassion for mother nature. Please....Ignore those who are ignorant (they are obvious) and recall only what they have done to this world. KUDDOS To YOU!!

Richard Ted Wysocki : Very smart idea. I like this system...

John Mastrangel : Can;t argue with that technique.

DMITRY BLISKUNOV : Шикарная рыбалка!))

dadoody : Very clever. I saw some video of an Eskimo or whatever the natives called up there doing the same, and processing the fish in their own natural smokehouse

dale 60jd : Love it Stan! I'm use to hoop nets and some memorable hauls when the catfish are running in the spring!

Desert Valley Fishing : Great video Stan! I come from a family of fishers, & am a big fanatic of fishing myself. This reminded me of why I rather live in country side where I can harvest and catch my own food. Anyways, thank you for the awesome video and stay positive :)

Aracelio Malave : oh what a way to fish

UFO ALIEN : god is jesus and he kill and eat fish and animals he create all tham for me

D_Mib1 _M : And that's how it's done!...thanks for the clip Stan.

Kenny toney : I'm absolutely green with envy of your life!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

ForAmerican : Amazing. Such a resource rich place, Alaska.

Federico Sagun : So unfair. Here in australia a whole salmon cost us almost $50.

mpkunz6336 : Wow, forget angling with hook, line, and bait. That is the way to go fishing !

Gabe Garam : Well that is awesome ..WoW I like it ..that whole idea is grate to copy on a small scale. I enjoy such a talented findings..big plus for you man ..Good luck.

ali raza : the beauty of tradition.. awesome Dr raza Pakistan

Heather Robertson : Wow that's unbelievable sooooo cool

Steve P : I'm pretty damn sure jealous. Awesome tradition!

V M : Love your videos 👍👍

Frank Deane : (Daughter)       Stan is my BAE and I always wanted to be with him and discover what it is like to live in Alaska I also base many of my essays on Stanford and Alaska

Kodiakkiller : I could watch that all day!

betty kuykendall : AWESOME BLOSSOM🇺🇸 Even if it was 10 years ago. I just subbed to your channel. I used to faithfully watch the TV show until I stopped cable due to the high cost and millions of commercials. I also follow you on facebook.

Drive 99 : Fun to watch

Radu Nastase : That is harvesting not catching.

JoboBlevins : Great vid! Thank you for posting it. I've never seen one of these before. I'm curious about the mechanics of this. I haven't had much success with google or youtube regarding it. Does the river's current power the wheel or is it gear driven with a pulley? How deep do you set them and in what depth of water?

Norman McKinnon : Really pulling them in!

handsome lover : wow. easy way to catch fish.

Sails : Americans..... please understand...... salmon numbers get decimated by American fisherman as they pass Alaska on their way to Canadas spawning grounds. We canadain tax payers foot the bill for salmon hatcherys and spawning habitat protection while America does nothing. This has been an on going point of trade complaints but America says F off. Why should canada foot the bill for American gain?