Ringo Cries for George Harrison

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MONTAGUE : Someone's cutting onions in my room.

Ellie Louise : I love how close George and Ringo were. I remember a story where Ringo temporarily left The Beatles and when he came back George decorated his drum kit with flowers.

crazysingingchick : I REALLLLY miss George. I'm sure I don't miss him as much as his friends and family do, but I miss him!

nyc instyle : One thing besides musical talent that all four Beatles certainly had - was a great sense of humor.

jkrfan7 : It seems like George and Ringo were very close

DarlingNikki2 : George really was beautiful--not perfect, but so truly beautiful.  I can't even imagine this kind of closeness among men to be honest because it isn't portrayed in the media very often, but it is so touching knowing that he was so concerned of how Ringo was feeling regarding his daughter's ill health that he would even offer to go with him despite the fact that he's dying.  Perhaps such a soul as his was not meant long for this world, but the world is so much better of for him having been in it...

Sabrina Umstead : I'm in tears right now for 2 reasons - One because it made Ringo tear up. two because of the story, especially "do you want me to come with you?"

Azatarot75 : That last bit about "Barbara f***ing Walters" was classic. That sums up Ringo all over, though: using laughter to keep back the tears. Gods know that the man has had plenty to cry about, as everyone does sooner or later.

Jon Howard : Good ole Ring.....God bless him

Inic : Damn eyes getting all watery

Zilnich Productions : I think George was making a joke but also saying he wanted to go away.

Amy 14444 : 😥😥😥 it makes me laugh and cry at the same time.... George was so brave. Rest In Peace George.

supraludwick83 : I cried along with Ringo... just broke down.

PatrickDAllen1 : Oh man, the reference to the disastrous interview with Barbara Walters after John was shot...  A little humor in the midst of such a gloomy topic.  Ringo keepin' it real.

raejeanowl : Ringo was always the glue holding them together.

Juan becu : the ballad of george and ringo

Alfonso Emanuel Rodríguez Rada : "Thats the incredible side of George..." That is amazing

Richard Hammond : I loved both of these guys. They were always my favorite Beatles. John and Paul let all the fame go to their heads and were so enamored with themselves  but George and Ringo always seemed to remain grounded.

Jesus Christ : Ringo was the true genius of the beatles. He actually wrote most of the songs, like strawberry fields forever or yesterday, and he used to play the guitar and the bass guitar and all the instruments while the three others were stealing his credit. He's a great great man and musician.

Brittney White : I really think Ringo has a heart of gold! Such a sweet man.

Izzy Odge : 58 seconds of Ringo made me laugh and cry. He's hard not to love x

ironwork92000 : experiencing death of a loved one is so strange. So painful, but then remembering funny things like they don't have to pay bills any more, get jammed fingers, or find a stray hair in their food, you find yourself very happy for them.

Claudia Smoles : Never forget about this guy either, he was the drummer of the Beatles. A legend. Definitely one of my favorites, but I can't choose <3

Melanie Moran : R.I.P george harrison 😭 I love you geogie ❤ u didnt deserve to die 😥

michael hampton : Ringo and George were true friends. This was a very touching video

mary stepanyan : i love you ringo!

Dogmatil : oh Ringo ;_; that made me cry as well-

Dave Wray : Greatest George Harrison story ever...


P Bullman : You have to feel for Ringo here, having lost George, and previously John. These were friends who knew each other a long time, and it must have been like losing a member of the family.

Scott Reed : Great men. I love the Beatles.

Pils Nrimgaard : I think Georges death was harder for Ringo and Paul because Johns death was sudden and swift, where they had to watch George die slowly and painfully. So sad...

rockhard : ringos kind of a stange cat.ridculously rich and even more ridiculously famous for decades and decades, on the surface he seems very jaded to it all, yet its easy to see that below the surface his basic humanity and humility is totally intact, kinda wierd i know guys who are nobodys whos egos are out of control. there are street bums who are living in an ego bubble bigger than this guys got

Gabriel Gabe : That Barbara thing was funny

Cincinnatus1869 : I remember waking up to my alarm clock radio playing My sweet Lord on a talk radio station and I new instantly that George had gone . I had heard he was very ill the week before . I laid there in bed for a few minutes and felt like I'd lost a friend . I wasnt even born until 73 and I obviously never met the man and it affected me alot for a few weeks . I cannot imagine how his friends must have felt . God Bless The Dark Horse

boum62 : What a wonderful piece of film.  Lovely and uplifting.  Thanks for posting

stemart1641 : I was piano player on Hamilton Island in 1983 when George was spending time there in a house he owned. We jammed once or twice & he truly was a gentleman. I remember him saying to me one night 'Look, I hope you don't think I'm being cheeky, but you could use a boom box.' (drum machine) I almost said I'd use one if he bought it for me! Wish I'd been gutsy enough!

CherryBlossom : Wow Ringo can forgive the man that had an affair with his first wife

Freakybananayo : ...He sounds like Thomas the Tank Engine

joyce colhouer : I remember Ringo and the Beatles in 1964 before they became disaffected.  They were lovely lads.

bill gedeon : Starr, still funny in this moment of deep sadness..

atolleter : So sad when a good soul departs. Until we meet again...

cwbellor : Watching the Beatles Anthology, Ringo struck me as being the most emotional when he was giving his final words at the end of it. He was positive but sullen as he summed it all up. Basically he said, "They were good times. You know... four guys who really loved each other. It was pretty sensational." 

Supertaaaaam : I want to hug him so bad (◕︵◕)

Laura Peace Stafford : So sad to loose people who was like your brothers and spent most of your life with..

Tippy : Genuine & heartfelt.... I could really feel his loss for his mate...

rob99rst : ringo is so real.

Green Building : Ringo is a lovely man.. hes strong person, and all the rest of beatles members

grassfuse : Strange how 'Ringo' has grown so in stature as he has aged.He seems much more insightful and to have great ability to communicate his ideas and emotions.He always was cool know he's cool and clever! John would love giving him a hard time for it now,and I'm sure Ringo would love the challenge!

davidbspamboy : When he broke, most George fans did too.  I still clutch up when I replay the video.  That's the look and sound of someone who lost a dear dear friend.