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Brock Baker : This is perfect.

LilDeuceDeuce : This is brilliant. And also a bit painful to watch as a 35 year old YouTuber

placeboing : hahah i love the Youtube impression at 3:03

Star Wars Explained : This is amazing. And very sobering...

rhinoproof : Will Sasso GOAT

BaerTaffy : This is hilarious. Loved listening to TMP - looking forward to seeing what you do on YouTube.

Alex Losoya : Will Sasso is a LEGEND

JusReign : this is so so so good man holy shit

Allen Dover : Only Will Sasso could successfully satirize himself while also satirizing everybody else on Youtube.

Brian : Can't Lasso the Sasso

Jimmy Irwin : this is so friggin meta. I love it

Andrew J : YouTube Red needs to pick this up.

flexor212000 : Jesus Christ I miss this guy on Mad TV

LOL Cool J : I prefer the original office.

hpchris2006 : Will: I am so happy you've joined YouTube! If there is one thing I absolutely want to see on here: Please bring back Kenny Rogers' Jackass.

Noah Willard : Even your satire social media content is better than the real social media content. I'm glad you made a YouTube channel! Can't wait to see more!

Andrew J : I'm surprised this didn't get picked up by a network.

javier flores : Mesomorphic minotaur

kasparov777 : better than any comedymovie in 2016

Andrea Boiardi : Any diamond listeners here?

UnclePiggy : Is there an award for originality or comedic genius?

Sergio De La Cruz : #WillSassoThaGreat #MostUnderratedComedianInThaGame

Devin C. : Can you turn this into a web series?

Frankie Escalona : Will Sasso is a good actor, man

Adam Rose : this is my favorite thing ever

Joshua Fried : Hilariously acted and written. Bring more!!

Name Here : this is just pure good vibes and great execution. i want to get to see what every character is about in this world he created

Dave530 : Sincerely thank you so much Will and Marshall! This was GREAT!

Lawrence Rinehart : Hey, Will. Ever tried a Alex Jones/Tony Soprano mashup impression?

vitor3000 : will "I have a YouTube channel but I'm not a youtuber'" sasso

matNrockNroll : This should be a TV series... or is it already? Would be amazing!

Bryce : W'preesh

Keenan Moore : 7:10 for an old school TMP reference.. That's the DJ scratching noise from the Shawna intro hahaha. Love it. Keep it coming, Will.

mugenspike : why does this only have 80k views? underated

Journeyman107 : This is brutal and fantastic

JFreeman1123 : Absolutely fantastic. I hope there's more content coming soon.

Jan Pedryc : When will happen the next fan meet-up?

Kyle pellerin : Man, this was awesome! Obviously comedy, but I think theres a lot of truth in this too for some people. Thanks for sharing, guys! Looking forward to more!

ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ ɴɪɢɢᴇʀ : Really great video!

Freddie Howard : I love this!! Keep em coming!! Also small request: Live action David Greco and possibly Shawna. I know peeps are tight in the ass these days so I can understand if u can't do Shawna. 🙃

Luke Berti : Hahahahah mannnn this is everything I've been thinking about for the last year. You're the greatest.

ThePeej : Modern tragedy

kenapr : Great stuff Will.

Jaay Antoine : Will FREAKING sasso!!!

Y Ad : This should be a movie

Martin Duncan : Great video, deserves more views

loggy12334 : So awesome on so many levels

Leo Peña : Gladiator Helmet Face!!!

krampusz : Hope the channel keep going on. Only one video, from 5 month ago :(

poophorn : do more stuff with sam hyde and the boyz