A Day in the Life of a Balinese Woman

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Erin's Travels : Really really loving these videos! I feel like I’m learning and experiencing something new.

AlucarD DraculA : Wow so humbling and just wonderful

Joanna Mejia : I’m loving these new videos! It’s more of a form of journalism and informing the public of culture, as compared to cool spots. You’re videos are definitely more sophisticated and telling a story now.

Pathfinder.Gregg : Martini is so nice! She is always smiling. She and her husband are hard working people. And I loved the market. I hope you get back there and get more footage of that. Awesome!

houstonka : This is just amazing. I love Martinis smile . She is amazing :)

Honey Martin : Very good information. Thanx for showing culture and around all things.great to see You also involve in this activities. So much love to u my beautiful poppy.

Crypto Global News Team : Oh Poppy you make me smile. Your content is amazing!

Andrew Husein : Oh my ghosh.. This is truly an amazing video! Very well documented, narrated and edited. You definitely have an amazing talent in telling stories and will do well in the near future. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us. It's amazing what they have to go through on a daily basis. That's a lot of hard work and they do it with a smile everyday. I'd pass out when 7 o'clock comes already! :) It makes you appreciate life and what you have.. Great job and thanks for sharing it with us again.. I can't wait to see your next video!

Fiona Neill : lived with Martini and Rai for 4 months from december to april!! say hello from me!!!! miss them so much

Li Chen : Great work poppy! Thanks for showing us the daily life and the rich culture of Balinese. It is really interesting.

Gizmo2017 : As a regular Bali traveller I am really loving your Bali videos. When we go we stay at Sanur. Your interaction with the locals is great to watch. I was also in spires by your China videos so much I am going for the 3rd time in November. Please Poppy more videos like this. They are unique and informative

DaViD J : I am absolutely loving it...seeing the true locals at real time hours...not like the rest of the world, sleeping but seeing what they do to start their day...great vid Poppy... I'm becoming a true fan 🙂👍👌

Kenneth M : Once again, excellent journalism!! You have such a wonderful way of sharing the knowledge and wisdom of what you experience. Thank you 🙏

Welly Angga : This is typical Balinese day, so cool

Raggamuffinz : Bruh, 3am start on normal day? I hope the coffee out that way is strong lol, good God.

Frank Brown : Another great video! I think Americans could take a lesson from Bali culture and allow for outside families to bring food to sell at places. I know we do that for farmer's markets, but I think it would also be good to do that in convenience store/ grocery stores as well. As for the Hinduism part, our reality/ physical existence on earth is the blending of good an evil. That constant war between the two is in every aspect of Hindu life. Everything from the external environment, to your organs can be a battle ground between the two. The only thing that is devoid of this battle is breath. The way I have explained this is a a generalization, but if you are interested, check out the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita. Anyways, I brought this stuff up because these elements are at play when performing rituals for funerals and daily prayers that you are illuminating in these videos. Your videos are doing a good job to show how Hinduism is intertwined with Bali life. I look forward to your next video :)

Randall Murrain : Once again, another immersive video. I'm really enjoying learning something new with these.

taewiao : hard working people like that put everyone here to shame.

Lori Lewis : I'll be in Ubud in January. Is it possible for you to share a link to the homestay you're staying at?

Kadek Ndra : I know that mother 😁.. Great vidoes in Bali. 🙌🙌

Robert Rob : Thank you Poppy for all the hard work during this video. Thank you for explaining what you can about there beliefs and the rituals. Your a great person. It's really pretty there.

Alden R. Machado : Really cool series Poppy, gives us an insider's view on the lifestyle of the people..

RespectOthers : Once again credit to you for beautifully documenting a typical day of a hardworking family and how the locals gel together to form a community. Your tireness and lack of sleep were worth it! :D

Calico Junction Sanctuary : Nothing better then getting up before sunrise and sitting on the beach and watching the sun come up then taking a morning dip or snorkel. So peaceful so fresh. Sleeping late you miss so much of the island beauty and what the world has to offer for peace and tranquility.

Caino : Hey you! Excellent content! Thank you for showing us the behind the scenes effort that makes the world go round! Not too shocked to learn it takes longer to make the food than to eat it, even on the other side of the world! 😂 Again, thanks for sharing!

Gbenro Oduyela : Don't worry about being a bother, you look Balinese anyway

nikmanin : Ya..Poppy welcome to the East where it's very normal of people to start early to the day.... Really awesome the way they smilingly work their way day in and day out....well done lady osummmmm Poppy Love Love

123abc : Sweet video, looks yummy. And a wonderful way to learn about new cultures and their view on life.

Shopie francis : Hahaha so much more smile❤❤❤


Samuel Wyner : Amazing! Makes me want to visit Bali.

pathfinder54321 : This is such an amazing video and I absolutely love it. Martini is super nice and hardworking and I love to see you doing things together. The markets, the funeral, the daily routine of the local people , these are all fascinating stuff for the outsiders like me. Thank you for the great video, Poppy.

Scott Smit : Longer the vlog the better. Thanks for the history.

bluemonday2020 : Really cool Poppy 👍

andrew wijaya : Love your contect. Been watching all ur videos since you arrived in Bali. Me myself an Indonesian don’t really know any of what you have been experiencing. Good job Poppy, just keep in mind Indonesia is a very big vountry and make sure you pay a visit to the neighbouring islands!

acamar704 : Absolutely incredible stuff, Poppy. A beautiful tribute to your lovely, hard working hosts, and their amazing lifestyle and culture.

Sarinf Serg : WOW !! Poppy you outdid yourself.... very interesting couture is awesome to see the respect they have for their family unlike here !! Very sad for us. Thank you for sharing looking forward to your next video ciao bellissima

pasqual vargas : You have a great passion of your videos also you have great looking hair.

Michaela Maestas : THANK YOU, Good to know other women in other parts of the world ,, all work so hard , all day long. .. with no real breaks .

Investing Hustler : Just found your channel new subscriber here love your content 😱

ChunkyMonkey : Thanks for posting this video. I was born in Indonesia, living in CO. We visit SE Asia twice a year for weeks at a time and have not experienced it like you guys. It’s interesting to see it from a true American’s perspective. Have fun and bless you!

Joseph McAuliffe : Another great video, a long day for you get some rest

Daniel Rosario : I'm exhausted for Martini! Oh my goodness she does so much !

FatalAnimal : Love this kind of content Poppy - this is the reason I watch your channel. More please =)

Ketut Swardana : Your face is look prity even though you just woke up 4 am. Still look great. I like your video, just simple but so awesome.

Dendy Darin : Omg, you look magnificent with Kabaya 😱

Dika Aprilia : It’s amazing that they’re quiet good in speaking english

DARK ENERGY : The lives of street street vendors are tough.

ichizato : freaked out when you ride the motorcycle with Martini sitting like that without a helmet? But your kebaya is beautiful. Is that yours?

Spongebas Squareface : Thanks for the video poppy... i like it