Pickpocket King Bob Arno

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beejomijomi : pick pocketing is really helpful at school when your running low on pencils

Adam Raymond : At the end when they're all together, it would be funny if Chris Hanson came out of the back room and said "I'm Chris Hanson and we're doing a story on Pickpockets". :D

Tristan Hagan : I'm level 100 pickpocket in skyrim...does that count?

Follow The Grow : Here in America the dont pickpocket they just hold a gun to your face and take what ever you got

Hair : Put a mouse trap in the bag and they’ll get a nice surprise 👍

caleb dugan : Surely the BEST pickpocket would be one nobody knows about?

Oregon's Lonewolf : Moral of the story, don't let people get too close to you. And yeah, the Italians really do have multi course meals. We had 7 at my Brother's birthday in Biello.

JhonRely : I’m from Naples and to everyone saying that this is fake, you’re wrong, they’re real thieves. Offering a coffee or a dinner is a sign of respect for us, and we’re also very emotional people, that “You make them laugh, I make them cry” part was really touching because it really emphasise how they’re just people like us, they just ended up in a bad phase of their lives. If anyone has anything to ask feel free to comment Much love from Naples 💕💕 Don’t be afraid to visit this beautiful city

boopedy bop : pickpocketing is a beautiful and sad art.


FIEND : so im guessing these guys are in jail now with all this evidence??

Tee Rex : Bob Arno reminds me of Sully from Uncharted

Evan Yee : Say “perfect pickpocket potential” out loud Satisfying isn’t it

Chuck Berrington : im sorry but if i get surrounded im thowing blows

Tanner Weinheimer : This increased my pickpocket more than Oghma Infinium's path of shadow.

Jimmy Nahlous : Imagine a restaurant full of pickpockets without knowing of each other. They start pick-pocketing each other and the surprise of ending up stealing their own wallets back. hahaha

DubAndToke420 : so the plan whas to find and exspose the thieves, but he ends up just Netflix and chilling with them.

Mata Hari : I'm so poor that the last time I was pickpocketed, I found a sympathy card in my wallet later ....Amazing !

Patrick : This is how my uncle stole my virginity

marco ballesteros : They should put a tracking device on the wallet

Sundeep Rana : Pickpocketing is so much easier in assassin's creed. You just hold A and walk into em.

kuisma käyhkö : At 26:42, I swear the guy who used to be a pickpocketer just picketed Rob...

HYPEBEAST BOY : 19:40 Donald Trump to the right😂😂😂😂

johnny71424 : I really appreciate the work you are trying to do but I fear for your life

Adam01 : Make no mistake, these people are scum. Not heroes, criminals and bandits. Their place is behind bars.

atimus : 37:15 guy  on the left takes bobs beer without him noticing,the best pickpockets are on the streets.

Fizizy : 18:20 Scuffed Conan O'brian and Jordan Schlansky

Xnate13X : I'm 99 Thieving, although I did all my training plundering a pyramid.

crzykoment : nice friendly smart thiefs. after bob show this on tv, all his friends thief are on the watch list with their clear faces lmao

Garret U : 43:33 angelo was playing support and shade but bob wasn't quick enough to pass it smoothly

Bryan : didn't even realize he stole my virginity while watching this

quitenerdy1 : So I think the takeaway from this is to stuff all your euro into your sweaty asscrack

Dfg Sdfg : Aside from being a Vegas showman in an exotic place scrounging up the best in the world to work with on a fantasy team..... this is so the story of my life.

Just a bit of Junkie : This was utter and complete shite. Nothing even happens for the first 10 minutes. Then it's all happy friendly bollocks with a stupid fake pickpocket bloke hanging out with people who just tried to rob him. 90% of this is filler, explaining inconsequential drivel as if the audience are comprised of folks the age of 4. The Bob bloke gets caught immediately trying to fake steal the pickpocket's watch, a supposedly expert at such a thing. Shameful and terrible. If you let someone steal your shit using these ridiculously horrible and overt techniques, you bloody well deserve it. Hey, I guess Bob Whateverhisname scammed this stupid tele channel into paying him for this and giving him a free holiday, so good on him.

Kiwi kuy : the best pick pocketers are the rats who control the society, we call them prime minister, presidents, bankers, pastors and the list goes on....

Radioactive FistFoot : This was super interesting, first I thought that I don't care about a pickpocketing video but then I couldn't stop myself from watching till the end. They are real criminals and I despise them but I love how you actually formed a group of thieves, ate and laughed together, some humanity was present even in those terrible people. Great documentary, and the "you make them laugh, I make them cry" line... it's deep and true.

The Man X0 : Very good video / movie, I recommend all watch this!!!

bitukukuasukgremany3 : I want a wife named Bambi :D

ᖇOᗷOTᑭᑌᑎK ᗰᗩᔕTEᖇ : Should have just taken his watch

I’m Everywhere : Donny Brasco?

MadeAUsername : I dare you to do this to me. I'm so broke, if you pickpocket me, I'd actually come out with more than before.

Qiy : 1400 pick pocketers disliked

Crystal Studio : You wouldn't believe how many phones I pickpocketed in school :) it's so easy it's unbelievable

sina setayesh : The only reason he invited you for cofee was so you pay for his flight ticket to Las Vegas and since your a american citizen it will be legal to bring him. Something like this would of happend to my mom and my sister if they were stupid, a doctor in Iran told my mom that she loved my sister, so we would bring him to Canada and then he would divorce. Smart but stupid

Brampton Targeted Individual : Y would he put their face on camera u kno all those guys r in jail right now

Literal Vampire Potbellied Goblin : I love Italians, even the pickpockets invite you for coffee.

Numerous Nate : Is he better than Apollo Robbins??

Vatrix Reaperz : I love these type of shows but what program is it on?

sina setayesh : U should of used a different pocket

Petey Pete : Just Italians doing Italian things...