Pickpocket King Bob Arno

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beejomijomi : pick pocketing is really helpful at school when your running low on pencils

Adam Raymond : At the end when they're all together, it would be funny if Chris Hanson came out of the back room and said "I'm Chris Hanson and we're doing a story on Pickpockets". :D

Follow The Grow : Here in America the dont pickpocket they just hold a gun to your face and take what ever you got

victor conforti : So an Englishman a Frenchman and an italian are flying in a plane. After a few hours the Englishman says "were over London" the other two respond " how do you know?" " I see Big Ben" replies the Englishman . A few hours later the French man says" were over Paris" how do you know? " Said the Englishman and Italian. The Frenchman replied " I see the Eiffel Tower" A few hours later the Italian says "were flying over Naples " The Englishman and Frenchman reply" how do you know? Do you see mount Vesuvius ? " "No" says the Italian . "I had my hand out the plane window and now my watch is gone"

Oregon's Lonewolf : Moral of the story, don't let people get too close to you. And yeah, the Italians really do have multi course meals. We had 7 at my Brother's birthday in Biello.

FIEND : so im guessing these guys are in jail now with all this evidence??

JhonRely : I’m from Naples and to everyone saying that this is fake, you’re wrong, they’re real thieves. Offering a coffee or a dinner is a sign of respect for us, and we’re also very emotional people, that “You make them laugh, I make them cry” part was really touching because it really emphasise how they’re just people like us, they just ended up in a bad phase of their lives. If anyone has anything to ask feel free to comment Much love from Naples 💕💕 Don’t be afraid to visit this beautiful city

WorkshopPops : my wallets in my bra.i know if someone touches my boob lol


Y’all hear sumn? : Put a mouse trap in the bag and they’ll get a nice surprise 👍

caleb dugan : Surely the BEST pickpocket would be one nobody knows about?

Bow-tie Boy : My trick is that I travel light. I put my phone in one front pocket, a travel wallet with paper money ONLY in the other front pocket, and I walk around with my hands IN my pockets holding my phone and wallet.

quitenerdy1 : So I think the takeaway from this is to stuff all your euro into your sweaty asscrack

Chuck Berrington : im sorry but if i get surrounded im thowing blows

Love To Travel : I have met many people on my travels who have vowed never to return to Spain or Italy because of how bad their experiences with these people have been. There is nothing cool or funny when you are in a foreign country and all your cash and credit cards suddenly disappear. These people are vile parasites.

Jimmy Nahlous : Imagine a restaurant full of pickpockets without knowing of each other. They start pick-pocketing each other and the surprise of ending up stealing their own wallets back. hahaha

Lootchii GUNKOMBOGOD : Low-key Bob wants to be a theif u seen his face at the dinner table..He wants in on the Gang GANG #LootGang

Tee Rex : Bob Arno reminds me of Sully from Uncharted

GCF : The last time they were in Italy Bambi showed Angelo her Naples.

Drake loves Meek again : When I go to a foreign country. Imma just keep my wallet under my sac 🤣

M.r. Moon : Cut their thieving hands off... see how they like them apples.

Jimmy FanTango : 32:12 Bob got throated lmao

Evan Yee : Say “perfect pickpocket potential” out loud Satisfying isn’t it

marco ballesteros : They should put a tracking device on the wallet

Sundeep Rana : Pickpocketing is so much easier in assassin's creed. You just hold A and walk into em.

Phuck Off : I did not know STAN LEE was a pick pocketer on the side....

Ezequiel Telleria : I live in buenos aires argentina and traveled alot in the subway, one technique that i was victim of "and i was not robed" was: At the peak hour, one of the pickpokets swallow a liquid that made him start to vomit really hard and everyone just run for they lives... then the other members steal from the victims... everybody forgets of their beloging in a crowed subway wagon when some motherfucker start to vomit... I remember haging from the railings to save my shoes from the vomit splash... Luckly the band got busted.

Fizizy : 18:20 Scuffed Conan O'brian and Jordan Schlansky

HYPEBEAST BOY : 19:40 Donald Trump to the right😂😂😂😂

Radioactive FistFoot : This was super interesting, first I thought that I don't care about a pickpocketing video but then I couldn't stop myself from watching till the end. They are real criminals and I despise them but I love how you actually formed a group of thieves, ate and laughed together, some humanity was present even in those terrible people. Great documentary, and the "you make them laugh, I make them cry" line... it's deep and true.

Matt Walls : These criminals are really nice guys!

Kiwi kuy : the best pick pocketers are the rats who control the society, we call them prime minister, presidents, bankers, pastors and the list goes on....

Nathan Percy : In my neighborhood you’d prob get stabbed just for being that close to someone

bitukukuasukgremany3 : I want a wife named Bambi :D

atimus : 37:15 guy  on the left takes bobs beer without him noticing,the best pickpockets are on the streets.

Your Neighbour : This is closer to art than crimes now

Great Dragon : at dinner he got his lucky wallet back. i dont want to say too much, just thought you guys should know.

s quest : Charming thief's... Only in Italy.

Stephen Vann : What's sad is that all of these guys seem like decent guys that you would have fun hanging out with.

Frank James : OK i just finished watching this video and i noticed my wallet missing... your good!

Art Dehnow TV : It takes a pickpocket to know a pickpocket

Unbearable Suffering : Make no mistake, these people are scum. Not heroes, criminals and bandits. Their place is behind bars.

crzykoment : nice friendly smart thiefs. after bob show this on tv, all his friends thief are on the watch list with their clear faces lmao

Keith Rosenthal : So this guy talks with the criminals and makes jokes about it and slaps their hand and shows them exactly how they do it so they can fix the mistakes. Great job buddy you’re making it easier for these criminals! Then he shows these criminal additional moves to steal more!! Idiot . Stay off the streets, stay out of Vegas please !!!

Bryan : didn't even realize he stole my virginity while watching this

pat : This is how my uncle stole my virginity

Meat Dragon : I went to Italy over the summer. I put a fake wallet in my pocket to see if I could get it stolen. Nobody took it the whole trip.

Dante Howlstice : I don't think pick pockets should be referred to as hardened criminals, a lot of them are half decent people just preying on strangers. They're not like people who do assault or armed robbery like muggings, stealing is a lesser crime in opinion.

Xnate13X : I'm 99 Thieving, although I did all my training plundering a pyramid.

Literal Vampire Potbellied Goblin : I love Italians, even the pickpockets invite you for coffee.