Fam Guy (Family Guy Parody)

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peter and lois learn a lot


Ethan Stankowski : I wish the fire alarms at my school sounded like that

huskyspin 80 : hey Lois I'm a fire alarm *Eehehehehehehehehehhehehe*

Ark Rift : 0:38 Slow the video down to thr maximum and you'll see the horror face.

Superfnafbendybros 1987 : T H A T B E T T E R N O T B E Y O U R M O T H E R

N¡ghtshade * : Lois picks up a landline phone but then it turns into a mobile cell

Dr. Racker : 0:09 Mr. Peter, I don't feel so good.

Angel 0f FateX : Family guy is basically a parody by itself though

Kevin Lol : 0:40 louis looks like a d!*@

Saige : 0:38 change play back speed to 0.25 and keep pausing until you see it

Zenk K : I came to laugh at this video then i saw the sonic movie trailer and now... *IM SAAAD*

blackmastersargent : 0:39 0.25x Pause the Video.

sᴏᴏʙɪɴ poolѕι : 0:25 Louis turns into the man she is.

Zack Onomadek : This guy's animations are amazing. XD

Pikapetey Animations : How to make a family guy parody -have characters repeat lines -draw them in funny ways.

dgkway : Since when was family guys animation so flowy and actually good

Luke Brehm : The Peter at 0.24 gets me every time. OMG. 😂😂😂😂

Izaiah Jimenez : I love the part when Louis says “O Perter”

Oh wow Kill me : *this is proof they are running out of.... I D E A S*

GabzitoHD : never subbed so fast

Sonic4lime 2 : at 0:02 do 0.25x speed and you will see stewie!!!

Shan Chaudhry : At least this Family Guy episode is better. Unlike the ones that YouTube keeps slapping my face with!

Crustache Potato : i feel like the only person who’s initial reaction was to laugh when pausing at 0:38 to see peters face

Tropical Orange : I thought you weren't allowed to upload full episodes on YouTube?

Jerry Steinfeld : This is a perfect representation of my middle school

Suthern Savage : *HEY LOIS IM A FIRE ULOM*

Damaury Dent : That beta not be the FBI 0:29

ll विनी शर्मा ll : Seth McFarlane doesn’t approve. 😂😂😂

Caramel Coke : *_That betta not be ya motha_*

Andrew Monske : Marge: I AM YOUR CHARACTER AR- Lois: oh peeta!

Popkid : This looked so real, I thought it was an actual Family Guy episode.

TDA Leader Eathan : XD "That Betta not be your motha." XD

BS-bottledwaffle-yt : Every life decision that you have made has lead up to watching this

Haretz tj : Peter:Better not be ur motha 0:29 *telephone changes to iphone*

Animated Stuff : Hey l o i s HA *HA*

SpAC3GH0sT100 : I really hope fox doesn’t claim this video

Top notch studios : This is legit better than most of modern family guy

Thundertrain2930 : Then is oddly specific about what he is. *"HEY LOIS, I'M AN ACA ALLERTOR 125 LOIS."*

Ricky Berwick : ima fire alarm

•biscuit_bisquicc • : This is me and my friend talking through our mics at 4:00 am

FootLettuce : Good animation but now my recommendations are full of family guy livestreams.

Livvy Love : 0:33 "That betta not be ya motha" *Landline morphs into smartphone*

Rex Jolles : 0:39 paused at 0.25 speed I had a seizure

EXCEPT : Too accurate very real

Zara Hill : Better animation than actual family guy tbh

david gold : idk this episode is just another reason why I could never really get into Family Guy. I don't get it. It's too complex for me.

Meme World : If I was peter Me:hey lois Lois:oh peter Me: hey lois im on a tie rope hahahhaha

Philip Morris : I especially like the part, where the phone suddenly changes to an iPhone. This is attention to detail 😂😂😂 Immediately subscribed 👌🏽

Screaming Meat : Hey, no uploading full episodes to YouTube. That's plagiarism!

Lloyd Frank : I know what I was clicking on... yet.. 🤦‍♂️😂