Fam Guy (Family Guy Parody)

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Pikapetey Animations : How to make a family guy parody -have characters repeat lines -draw them in funny ways.

Haretz tj : Peter:Better not be ur motha 0:29 *telephone changes to iphone*

Tropical Orange : I thought you weren't allowed to upload full episodes on YouTube?

Riversplash : 0:38 in 0.25x speed XD

Bradley Turmel : Did u guys see the creepy face when peter said I’m sad

Ricky Berwick : ima fire alarm

HUNGRY EMERALD : Does anyone see brian's graveyard?

Smxkeyy : 0:44 me on picture day

Tom Tomska : 0:38 pause!!!

Insanely Mads : The biggest difference is the improvements in animation and dialogue! One of the funniest episodes I've seen since season 4!

EXCEPT : Too accurate very real

Tyler Johnson : This writing is far to complex and intelligent for family guy and its audience. This must be a parody

Haretz tj : 0:29 anybody realise the telephone changes to iphone lmao xD

kleffen : 🅱️ *E T E R*

LemonOVA : Better than the actual show

Mr GameBoy : No one notices the freakin stewie in the beginning. it also matches the picture too.

Azalux : It’s psychicpepples! 0:41

Kermit The triggerd Frog Lord and savior : 0:08 me interrupting the Teacher be like

What The Actual Duck Am U Doing With My Life : Peter:He lous Luis:ahhhhh petaaah Peter:He lous Luis:AHHHH PETAAAH

peterpiper0002 : 0:23 she looks like a necromorph from dead space

heyopc : wheres the vore!!!!!


Fracture : Accurate. This has more animation than a family guy episode.


Gorgeous Freeman : Lois, I'm saNS 💀

HondaProNick HPN : "Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh" Fam guy

A random guy Nothing to see hear : This is more productive and has more character development then the actual show

Joe-C Robinson : Half way through the video I had to check to make sure my eyes weren't bleeding. So good job!😂👍

drippy sauce : everything is better in 2x speed

Bilbo Baggins : Love this kind of animation! Keep up the good work!

Tiko Playz : eh peeetttaaaa

roberto : the perfect animation doesnt exi-

MrSexy Nava : 0:31 Are we going to ignore the fact that the phone changed it form like from the nothing?

Asriel Dreemurr : *OHHHH PETA*

willie mask : Make a rick and Morty parody

Reckno64 : I haven't watched Family Guy in years, but this was my favorite episode.

Dat Alicorn : *oh PetER*

deathfireball28 DB : 0:08 Peter right here reminds me of penguins for some reason. Just the way that he moved reminded me of them for some reason.....

CarrotGamerYT : Hey louis

Cameron O. : This is horrifying...

The Top Water King : *oh 🅱eter*

Aaron Turner : I have no idea what I just watched...but only a God could have made it

Angelic Place : This video is infectious

marcus Xu : That better not be your motha

Haretz tj : 0:09 Lois disappeared?? xD

Patch Toons : “EYY LOIS!” - Fam Guy

1000 subs with useless videos : Hey fire alarm! Look I'm a lois

Football Is Life : Anyone notice that Brian is dead

Park Taehyung : Look all the vídeo in x2 speed😂

CrAzy Bec : Peter does his creepy face at 0:39