Majestic’s Garage Legends Team Takeover with DJ Target

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Reuben Frank : Obviouslt not garage legends when mc grindah isnt there

Larry Harry : Yeah people dont know Garage was about good times - not aggy!!!

londonsburningup : Garage raving brought out the sexy girls and smart dressed guys! Ppl danced and people had s good time! It was classy with a touch of Gangster 🕺🏾👉🏾🔫

BL@CKBOX : Legendary

Kadz Beats : Would've been hilarious if MC Grindah showed up out of now where like....'BANG! LYRICAL BLOW TO THE JAW'

BBC Radio 1Xtra : oh my gosh.....

Hicory Dock : Anyone else always thought it was a girls voice on Night Crawlers - Push The Feeling On? Not some old Scottish pervert looking geezer Lol

MishaBe67 MG : man this brings me back to the good old days nothing but vibes ☺☺☺

Dru 1 : Good memories for us over 30s

Manny Fabin : Memories....blessed to be old enough to remember going clubbing to these tunes. Bagleys film studio , Camden Palace, Cookies and Cream.

JUSCHILIN1 : took me back to a time when the vibes wer all bless and skanking out to them wavey basslines and the mc with the lyrical flow 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Freddy Brown : Yes! Is it me, or are Creed and Floyd Mayweather gradually turning into the same person?

JAKE DYNAIMZ : get this music back

Danny Brown : Lool why bloodline there

SBTV: Music : Clicked on this and felt like man hoped in a DeLorean :) Legendary trip back to the roots.


Al Y : was this music popping in 2001/2 times?

James Miller : How does creed do them noises!! mad

rob aughton : I'd give her more than flowers 😜

PERiiSU : 7:05......chillllllllsssssssssss

kieronline 1 : 7:05 for the mad wheel up

Jav 1Arda : good vibes real music here trust me. 6:30 onwards jheeze

londonsburningup : If anybody really wants to know about the kind of top boy producers in this era just look up Tod Edwards!!!!! Still the biggest and baddest to ever break the underground in my opinion!!!

StillShiningTV : I actually remember going pirate radio between 2002 - 2008 ish and paying subs to do 2 hour sets, 1 hour vocal tracks 1 hour spittin. The mad part is Mcs were judged on bars but also hosting skills lol. Man was a shit host so that first hour hosting over vocals I used to go missing lol, then bore thru for the hour of shelling. Good times!

charlie lloyd : The last 10 years have knackered these lot!

Indy B : Defiantly more than 16GB memory on the iPhone in the back

anthony mckenzie : whats the tune at 7.20 the dude from favourite track right here

Eilidh Macleod : Teenage years flashed before my eyes. Adidas popper tracksuit bottoms, Ralph Lauren shirts, a 2 litre white lightning cider and a teenth of hash between 10 of you. Nice to actually put faces to names as most of these were sitting on there mates decks and mics doing 5 hour sets in their living rooms using just pure talent. Miss garage and all the pirate radio stations.

No Face Gamer : bring back general levy!!!!!!

mookie714 : where's Grindah?

craig wright : Air max 95's Nike TN's old skool garage all bk out all been revamped 4 2017

rob aughton : Phil Mitchell inside 🙄

Spyro Tek : Legend after legend after legend. Big H is also there.

MrNoosey : I didnt hear none of dem man big up Charlie Brown, original legend. RIP #IfYouKnowYouKnow

Daniel Brady : Bushkin...could bring the house down on his own. Such a shame Mighty Moe wasn't there

wayne galloway : Oh my days! Ayia Napa all over again.

Chuck Liddell : Yooooo boss man killled it

kvm kvm : H's hair looks like the gel down fringes girls used to have in year 7 back in the day

Jamie Burrel : Where is Grinda?

thewraithize : 7:05 nuff said

JackoWackoVegano : Whats the name of the song that scottish geezer in NY hat was singing please

CrescoSMG : this is waaaay to lit!!!! GARAGE GANG GANG GANG!

Dave Airley8889 : MIGHTY MOE where you at bro

LuKe : Bossman and mc creed, could only be one thing!

rich Mck : No way! I cannot believe that that Scotsman is the voice behind Push the feeling...

S kay : lol here we go again... mob of lyrical Emile heskeys, Darius vassels and Julian Joachims lol

Tamer Mehmet : Bushkin = Energy!!!

Bacon Boy : where's Kurupt fm?

Stephen Lord : loads of sick mcs!... and big h was there too.

Blake Carr : This set was live until Big H started flapping his gums.