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can we get to 10000 subscribers with no videos : And then, the legendary series was born...

Horvath Anton : This Movie is older than Most of the People playing Fortnite

Angie S. : I'm from the future... Here's proof... I LIKE TURTLES

upiMarit 64 : asdfmovie 1 Have 10 Years

Hanijan M : 0:55 t series activate😂

Diego Aracena : Happy 10th anniversary asdfmovie (August 10th 2008) :)

Mr. Plank : Happy Birthday Asdfmovie *IT’S A BOY* (like if you get the reference)

MrPomegranX [Matoi] : This is where it all began. When I was younger the teacher hated these and will ban kids from watching this. We didn’t listen, of course.

natalie is bored : *generic 10 year anniversary comment* But seriously, happy 10th year

Daniel Redman : t gay

codru : who watch asdfmovie 10 to 1? xD

Gåbsyy : He made this when I was 7 months old.. wow the time..

Zac Kennedy _ : Childhood

C Boi : 10 years going on 11 years ago

Isaac Ager : Now 10 years old

Oscar Viklund : This is 10 years old.. *10*

Birdie Chirps : hi you found my comment

Do it!!! just do it!!! : 10 years ago oh my

Recon 0326 : What happened to Marmite?

Coolguy 21 : Happy tenth anniversary for the movie and for me!

Eye 2k : Now this is gold.. even though I was like 8 when I found this and now I’m 15 it made me laugh so much. And it kind of does now.. I guess his content has changed in a bad way

Thunder LittleDog : Lol you made this when i was 4 years old DX

Yeet yeet Yeet : This came out when I was 2... I need to think about that

RoseBudpony1 : That tree looks... or I think it looks like a mushroom cloud... but I see the rest of the bark.

RockBoat Gaming : Happy 10 years of weidness lol

Tanisha Mollah : I was first 3 years old when I watched this and I laughed to death. It's been 10 years now and I'm still laughing.

Mordecai 38 : Happy anniversary asfdmovie 10 years in the making and it still makes me laugh

Weed Mario : this has been running longer than adventure time. wow

1000 subs no video Just comments : 10 years old Dam am old

Yasir MacDonald : 2018

ironwarrior1218 : I WAS 1 WHEN THIS CAME OUT

FartFaceBeast15 : Got your nose... watch out Hes got a nose...💥💥💥💥

ReviloYT : 0:54 anyone think t-series

TheDiscoTaco : “Like if you remember Flipnotes!” -People Desperate For Likes... Like If You Remember Flipnote!

VincentWeir : This was _THE_ dank meme back then. Oh, have the times changed...

Super Breeze2 : 2018 anyone

runningflame : 10 years ago.

Tamara Anne : I miss this type of humour somuch what has 2018 become

kelly flynn : This video is 8 days older than me 😐

LegendaryP0tat0 : This is 8 years old today :0

Bendy Ink : Is asdfmovie 12 comeing out tomska

Weep Gaming : Happy 1 week late anniversary asdf movie

Don't Talk To Me : Lol I remember watching this in 2nd grade and laughing my butt off... I’m in high school now

Jinx Y : I was 4 when this came out😂

Chiliax Studios : Who's watching this in 2018 NO one ok

SCARLXRD : This is older than me for 16 days

Ninja Phil swift’s brother boi : Level up!

Sound Wave : Still funny

ImmaBanana : 10 years of gold

Insp1r3 : My sense of humour was very different when I was 9.