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Diego Aracena : Happy 10th anniversary asdfmovie (August 10th 2008) :)

Raptor Boi : Now this is gold.. even though I was like 8 when I found this and now I’m 15 it made me laugh so much. And it kind of does now.. I guess his content has changed in a bad way

Jazzy’s Channel : HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASDF MOVIES!! (Its August 10th 2018)

upiMarit 64 : asdfmovie 1 Have 10 Years

corrupt soul : And then, the legendary series was born...

arend321 : Whos here from asdf11?

Rqkt : I just watched this whole series backwards at 3am. What a day.

Mr. Plank : Happy Birthday Asdfmovie *IT’S A BOY* (like if you get the reference)

Zary Eight : Who came here from asdfmovie11?

codru : who watch asdfmovie 10 to 1? xD

Gamer Bro : Wow, ASDFmovies have progressed since 2008, ES-PECIALLY in terms of animation style!

RyanHiggins19 : Anybody come here 10 years later and watch the whole thing with a straight face?

Iker Pelcastre : On this day, this was born

Recon 0326 : What happened to Marmite?

Oscar Viklund : This is 10 years old.. *10*

L.A .W.L : And then it started

JayvIEr tHe nOOd 35 : 2018?

Weep Gaming : Happy 1 week late anniversary asdf movie

natalie is bored : *generic 10 year anniversary comment* But seriously, happy 10th year

RockBoat Gaming : Happy 10 years of weidness lol

runningflame : 10 years ago.

Edson L. Costa P. : happy birthday

Caynuh : Anyone 2018?

LegendaryP0tat0 : This is 8 years old today :0

ironwarrior1218 : I WAS 1 WHEN THIS CAME OUT

Antonio Palomino Moyano : this has been alive for ten years and videos are still being made of this, it is incredible

BramyCrazy : I just watched all these videos from 1-11 and quoted everything as it happened. I HAVE SEEN THIS A FEW TIMES TOO MANY.

drawcomic company : I was a month old when this came out

Tanisha Mollah : I was first 3 years old when I watched this and I laughed to death. It's been 10 years now and I'm still laughing.

Birdie Chirps : hi you found my comment

Deathslay123 : Now i know how bad qaulity this is

alex s : WoW this video is 10 years old today That’s absolutely insane 8/10/18

Mordecai 38 : Happy anniversary asfdmovie 10 years in the making and it still makes me laugh

VincentWeir : This was _THE_ dank meme back then. Oh, have the times changed...

tom malone : 2018?

Luchiini : 10 years ago. Where has the time gone?

Satan Will rise : Im here ten years later and this still hasn’t become old

Farbeen Ahmed : This was made 6 days after I was born lol

Insp1r3 : My sense of humour was very different when I was 9.

NomadSpeed : Watching this 10 years later brings back memories..

Random Guy : This is before I was born!!

Lach Cool : anyone come from asdfmovie11 because i think its twice as better (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

Isaac Ager : Now 10 years old

Chiliax Studios : Who's watching this in 2018 NO one ok

Scoutgaming & other : 10 years and it’s the best

Warm Iced Tea : Remember them days were you would finish up playing old minecraft and then watching ASDF movies

None Added : 1:02 Boy:Die potato. Potato:Nuuu!! *He stomp his toe*

Robert Foley : This came out right before I went into third grade, and I'm watching all these again as I'm about to move out for college... holy shit.

xxxNxDs : *How 9/11 was made* Edd: _I like planes_ *Plane flys through a building*

MrPomegranX [Matoi] : This is where it all began. When I was younger the teacher hated these and will ban kids from watching this. We didn’t listen, of course.