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Diego Aracena : Happy 10th anniversary asdfmovie (August 10th 2008) :)

Raptor Boi : Now this is gold.. even though I was like 8 when I found this and now I’m 15 it made me laugh so much. And it kind of does now.. I guess his content has changed in a bad way

Jazzy’s Channel : HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASDF MOVIES!! (Its August 10th 2018)

1 Top 4 : 10 years. Wow

VincentWeir : This was _THE_ dank meme back then. Oh, have the times changed...

Racoon : 10 years ago from today, this was released.

João Neves : It's been 10 years today that this came out. Holy shit I feel old

_xEmerald : Just came from asdfmovie11. Happy 10th birthday, asdf!

I.Q killer : 10 year anniversary !

Sleeptight xd : And then, the legendary series was born...


Apple Juice : 10 years today

FocusPics : This video is exactly 10 year old today, damn time flies

arend321 : Whos here from asdf11?

Tanisha Mollah : I was first 3 years old when I watched this and I laughed to death. It's been 10 years now and I'm still laughing.

Bill Cosby : Damn this is funny he should make a sequel

Eric Zavala : Exactly 10 years today we were blessed with this

KleegaN : HAPPY 10 YEARS! i remember laughing at this with my friends for the first time when i was mad young... brings back memories

supernovaOwO : 16x9 in 2008? *Wow*

Oscar Viklund : This is 10 years old.. *10*

Donald Clinton : Happy Tenth Birthdayyyyyy

GrantasGamePlay : Today is the first decade of asdfmovie

Mordecai 18 : Happy anniversary asfdmovie 10 years in the making and it still makes me laugh

NickDoesStuff : its been 10 years and its been fun

Zary Eight : Who came here from asdfmovie11?

Yakasov : Happy 10th Anniversary

Matthew Miller : Happy 10 years

Birdie Chirps : hi you found my comment

LegendaryP0tat0 : This is 8 years old today :0

Rqkt : I just watched this whole series backwards at 3am. What a day.

What Am I Doing With My Life : One decade old

HYPE JUICE : Who came back from asdf 11 to witness how far this has come.

Alexplosion : And today asdf movie officially turns a whole decade

codru : who watch asdfmovie 10 to 1? xD

kVito : Only 90s kids will remember

Parker Zimmermann : Who watched this 10 years later with a completely straight face

Kau AMVs™ : 10 years old today!Baby!

Grace Hosanna Márquez Carranco : Memories OMGGGGGGG I WAS 12 when this came out

Nightpelt :3 and silver with his fam *oh dear :P* : Why did tree guy only have one arm???

RyanHiggins19 : Anybody come here 10 years later and watch the whole thing with a straight face?

El Trozo El Trozo : Anita perrrosss ??? Pinshiii DROSS

Radical Ken ツ : Today marks the day that this video becomes one decade old. Compared to the humor we have today, the 2000's was clearly a much simpler time.

Jehx : 10 YEARS OLD TODAY!!!!!!

Marlon XGamer : Just me or the sound is delayed?

Isaac Ager : Now 10 years old

Computer Nerd 128 : ASDF movie 10th anniversary

Iker Pelcastre : On this day, this was born

alex s : WoW this video is 10 years old today That’s absolutely insane 8/10/18

DCAM : Who came back to this after watching asdf movie 10?

Chinmay K : ten years today!!!