How rich is Ninja?

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WatchGamesTV : Currently Googling: "How to be Jeff Bezos?"

EXCEPT : Ninja is so rich he could convince me with enough money to make vlogs

KENNY K.O. : Should be titled, "You want to be Jeff Bezos."

Raz : i hesitate when buying dollar drink days at mcdonalds

Isaac Beitzel : This whole video is literally what runs through my head when I try to sleep

1Tommy1 : So basically Ninja is irrelevant and Jeff Bezos will rule the world.

Savage Pepe : this video is hella depressing

Wheelie Hooligans : 1950 i bet there will be flying cars in the future 2018 people making millions by playing games

SNova : NEW TITLE: How inferior Ninja is compared to Jeff Bezos

Simply Sami : I forgot what the point of the video was halfway in lmao

Rocky Avalon : (checks bank account to make sure $200 is still there)

Fuzze Fuzze : Will you be able to help me with my math homework ?

LaxrUout : This should be called "How rich is Jeff Bezoz".

Travis Rezamand : Somebody should make sure Jeff Bezos sees this, i bet even he is shocked. Lol

Daniel. : All this money because he was good at a F2P video game

Rabitozoc Tuikalon : Ninja turned off his donation sound since there were too many. And all of them are at least 10$. He is sponsored by Uber eats and red bull. There is a red bull logo in front of 100k people all day everyday. they pay him a shitload. Just imagine if he had adds in his streams. Also, he has 100k subs every months but a couple months ago, he went up to 250k subs and gradually got to 100k

The Campfire : This really put a lot into perspective, and made me hate myself, simultaneously.

The Arbiter : You spent all of Jeff Bezos Money. Jeff Bezos would not do that

xSplayd : r/theydidthemath

JTsuits : Just Fade me

The Pro : DUDE WTF

GrizzlyClaws : And the streamers be like "My job is the hardest" when people who actually contribute to the world earn nothing compared to this.

FluBluBoy : The chat made this video ten times more entertaining

Samantha Smith : Good argument for why we dont need billionaries tbh :<

Flowmaster925 : i bet yall cant guess how much money i have? lol give ya a hint, it starts with a 0

mike scicluna : How can you do all that math but not figure out 11+4

Mr_DiLL • : Over 9 billion!! 😳 lol

Infinite YT : All this money and he still prefers to play a free game smh

Ruben de Jonge : Just realise that Amazon isn’t really big internationally yet, it can grow way more, that’ll be a lotta money

Kermit The Froggo : biggest clickbait thumbnail

Broc Hosteler : This video turned into how rich Jeff Bezos really is.

Dick Trickle : W OMEGALUL R K I N G

Sam Schell : I'd bet ninja won't see half that in 10 years

Bryceyg : 10 people with 10 kids each is 110 people your maths is wrong!

the illest : This is actually quality content, this dude's smart as hell ...

MrBoko1234 : Not surprised a jew is good at counting money forsenKek

Ovnite : 6:00 thats not how stocks work. He would have to sell the stocks to make that money

Harrison Jones : Reckful is my favourite jewish streamer

BARD : my brain turned stand-by

Andreas vedlog : I feel poor watching this

Carl karlsson : That's alot of V-Bucks :O

PLATINUM057GOAT : But the only thing you can't buy is my virginity...

Sythicol : How the hell man! How does one handle that much money lmao.

Zane : BABY NINJAS LUL Ninja will be irrelevant someday and be burnt out someday.

Justin Y. : This nibba a nerd.

ChocolateChip : Funny how ninja makes a mobile game promotion the day after this is uploaded

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : People will watch this video in 10 years and just laugh

Yungpoptarts : He’s a little kid scammer

abdirahman osman : Damn to make my hair blue and stream fornite

616 : 🤭🤭 can i sleep now?