Monkeys Riding a Wild Boar - Donkey Kong Country

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Ban Hammer : I'll never get tired of watching this.

GatoEpico : this is the most perfect version of all of them Thank for the video my man i remember it like "USA saves two brazilians to scape the argentinian army" im from argentina and i laugh every time

Vincent Lécuyer : I watch this one time every day!

Guzmansolrac : Donkey Kong Country - Island Swing ;)

Biggus Dickus : The music lines up perfectly with the video

Qsdfgjkllj : 18-25

Blinata McBlyat : The song couldn't be more fitting

ActRaiser : I laughed unnaturally loud when watching this

MrRastaFreeze : IM DEAD

Gabriel Dimitrov : When she says her parents are away

KFC dodo : monkeys: can we ride ya wild boar: yes monkeys: yaaaay

Aeon Shaker : Ayayayaya kolossal

Ulfhednar : In tears still.

ole nausene : Come on guys get away from the humans!

god of RAGE : Love it!

lochmarFiendhiem : best version yet

xNet Plays : Lol

Ruh Pture : It's beautiful.

Anon_A_Mouse : SONG?

Very FRESH And Unsuspicious MEMES : I am sure this is stolen but I appreciate it.

Jean Pierre : Hello, Can someone tell me where music come from ?