Bill Gates & Steve Ballmer Night at the Roxbury theme

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navi kriss : Here after watching patriot act

Chris Katko : This is the greatest video I have ever seen. How did I not know about it until now? INTERNET, YOU HAVE FAILED ME.

thejobloshow : Man, what happened to Silicon Valley. Used to be fun and inspiring but now it seems to be flooded with obnoxious and smug hipsters.

Ricky Burgin : Bill Gates sounds like Kermit the Frog.

AppleTimeMachine : How is this not all over the internet?!

highspeedheadbanger : BRB buying 17 copies of windows 98

AreYouHappyYet : best CEO's ever

Zonbie : It's like concentrated 90's...

Tom Evans : Stephen Hawking and Young Frankenstein sure look like they're having fun.

James Richards : This is why i like Microsoft, the founder having a bit of fun.

ghsty : hahaha DID this really happen?

MeBeMat : I don't get it, why would Bill put in that other CD only to say "No WAY!"?

STH : Thanks Hassan Minhaj this Video is Everything i wanted and more

Tommy Hopps : back in the day when microsoft was AWESOME AND COOL but today... ahh... good old times

Josh Rey : There's actually a Windows '98 computer sitting right next to me right now!! XD

a nation built on greed : is that the real bill gates?

TheErciyaslar : TAKE THAT APPLE!

Kingtest : Hopefully Steve has seen this piece of art 😂

Jason Blooey : The 90's called, they want their videos back. DON'T GIVE THEM BACK!

Guy : Needs a HD remake

Mihir Gates : The best video, I have ever seen :D

Tom Riddle : How could you not love this man.

The Addiction 2 : Ballmer really did play his part when a camera started rolling, never saw Gates do any of this kinda stuff. Hope Satya will learn from his former about creating so much free marketing from memes.

phuturephunk : Honestly, this is the most amazing thing and all of you know it.

Balnazzardi : Ah, the good old times....really miss these days, the 90's. ;(

maugamer 2.0 : amo a bill gates y a steve ballmer porque fundaron una de la empresas mas importantes del mundo

Chukwuma Okonkwo : Swagger on 94.8 Billion! 😂😂😂

ZQMBGN : he is rich and we are not. hahahahahahahaha

Diegotheartist1 : We're Geeks bearing gifts

Imanualaha Shim’onwan : I wonder if Blake Griffin has seen his boss do this?


clarko95 : What is the song that starts playing once he puts the CD in? I've heard it so many times but I've never gotten the name

Tys Dasd : i wish Steve was MS Ceo still..

Александр Пермяков : Такого вы ещё не видели. You haven't seen anything like this before.

Ramix09 : This is the best video i've seen in my life

Carmen Constantinescu : Sometimes I wonder that for a person who has it all and beyond, Bill Gates, what more would you want to do, but be silly. I mean you've tried it all. He knows whats fun. :)

Vuk Knežević : WIN!

Jaskbi : id give up all swag for 50 billion dollors

Charlotte H : Lol

dg anonym : i miss the 90s


leo da vinchi : Малиновый пиджак, 90-е, ЗБС! 

NEO : This is amazing! Have been using internet since 1995 and never seen it :D

1l1j4 d4mn : *NO WAY!*

Giorgos Douk : This is like the youtube rewind of 1998 before youtube was even made

Обыкновенный Человек : Самая убогая реклама Windows 98)

Telepcanin 28 : Is this really them ?

MaximMate : when u have enough money to rid the world of starvation but your jam comes on

Gordon Snell : Lol, good one ☺☺☺

Vladislav : What is love? baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no more :D