Kollektivet: Music video - Don't be slappin' my p**** - music video

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Se Kollektivet hver fredag kl. 17:30 på TV 2! Programmet ser du også gratis på TV 2 SUMO: http://webtv.tv2.no/webtv/sumo/?treeId=3457 www.tv2.no/kollektivet Written by: Fridtjof Stensæth Josefsen, Jakob Schøyen Andersen and Marit Støre Valeur Music composed and produced by: Fridtjof Stensæth Josefsen and Jakob Schøyen Andersen Camera/Direction: Lars Kristian Flemmen

Comments from Youtube

TheKuKuBananaz : just a few billion are missing this experience

Bjørn : I typed in ÆØÅ via google and it just took me here.... I was looking to forward to learning Norsk

Maarten Moonen : That's right, You're the man. Who's the man? You're the man. No, you're the man. Am I the man? Yes. Thank you, man. Best part

Rachel Beals : I freaking LOVE this video! One you guys looks like a younger Tom Hiddlston!

Anne Marie Olsen : 0:27 I've just discovered the Norwegian Tom Hiddleston 😳

ahr332 Ram Vepsen : Kollektivet was the best Norwegian comedians

Sebastián Solís : Catch mothef**** , here's a beer for your face!!!

Herman Tryggve Irgens : Welcome to Norway.

Xsais25 : one reminds me of loki , a lot

GeneralArse : Spotify pls

JENS AERTS : This is too underrated

Johnny Vim : Very well arranged and composed, I enjoy the music like it were a billboard hit.. And the lyrics are amazing! specially the bass comparison...

Duncan Cook : Lol love the use of falsetto when singing about testosterone, a great and hilarious song on many levels :)

Lars G. S. Larsen : 45 people got slapped on their penis

Dimitris Filippas : I'm going to miss these guys.

Crusage : 0:24 - 0:31 my favorite part

LunaRenSelene : Just came across this channel and I am loving it. Music videos remind me of NSP and Lonely Island rolled into one. Lol.

Sean Morgan : why have I never seen this before


lani : The blonde guy is kinda hot

AnythingKindaCool : How the fuck did they sing that with a straight face?

Fahim ahmed : he kinda looks like tom hiddlestone. anyone?

jace_89 : Anyone else thought it was Pussy instead of Penis? Why sensor Penis?! xD

Laatansa bin Ali Imroni : Good to see Tom Hiddleston and Wojciech Szczesny in a music video together

spookyplay : "Girl, don't be talking like a baby to me. I don't like that cuz I meh mi mi me." I ROFLED. Best part 😆

Arda Gökçe : respect from Turkey! this guys are perfecttt!! :D

HELLSTER : his face😂😂😂😂😂 1:42

When Grapes Pop : And these, folks, are modern day Vikings.

Poefeathyr : If I'm being honest, these two are the best looking members

Surevival : The Norwegian Tom Hiddleston and Cole Sprouse

Melissa Jeanbaptiste : Girl don't be talking like a baby to me. I don't like that because I'm meh mi mi me. XD

Yolojesus 420 : My favorite part is 1:42

Partizanas LT : this song would go great with fifa 17 soundtrack

Ben Jamil Reed : What is that?.. are you flirting with me?! 😂😂😂

Le fancy Puddington : These guys are legends

retard绝对他妈的白痴 : Norway is amaze

Compscilaw : Step aside Hall and Oates.

Henrik Persson : Need this on Spotify

RustyTuell : The sweet life of zack and loki

Sheelac : That lady doctor is a fine hunk of meat. ;)

yocefoce : At 2:14 you spelled "Machine" wrong. : )

Meng Hao : of course :D ;)

fishflavoredicecream : the girl in the club looks like Alicia Vikander

Monica Mandana Fouladi : yes.

MrNithogger : and I just wanted to make a joke with reference to the video. But sorry if I offended you in anyway.

Tha Pika : i can really relate to this video

Tha Pika : yes, u didnt know?

MrNithogger : It seems you can't seem to get enough... right??

dubbelnetolk : and what's wrong with that?